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8 Ways to Find out the Region of the 2022 PS4 Cassette

How to Know PS4 Cassette Region – Maybe some PlayStation game fans are familiar with the term cassette region. However, do users know the function of the region and how to find out? Certainly not.

The region code for cassette games is very important, especially when you plan to travel abroad, in order to get maximum game performance, it will be easier if your console and PlayStation cassette are in the same region. Plus if you create a PSN ID online, usually your PSN account will be linked to the region of your PlayStation console that you have.

If you are in the Indonesian region but use a cassette game region code from another country that is different from the PS4 machine console region, there will most likely be problems. It would be better to buy PlayStation Network Indonesia and create an Indonesian PSN ID too. At this time there are many online game stores that sell PSN Indonesia.

In order to find out the region of the cassette, you can check the region code listed on the side of the cassette. Or another way is to look at the rating code which is usually located in front of the cassette. On the back of the cassette, there is a 1 in 5 possible code that you will find as below.

How to Know PS4 Cassette Region

PS4 lovers need to know how important Region is on the PS4 console before buying these items, because PS4 machines and cassettes have been divided into 6 regions or countries. Although not too affected, far above all that, usually the region can be an obstacle for users when playing games on PS4.

Although some users don’t care about this problem and there are also users who care about the cassette region, they don’t know about the regional problem on the PS4.

A few days ago, a reader asked how to find out the region of a PS4 cassette. Therefore, Ulingame will provide an easy way to find out the latest PS4 cassette region, which is very important for readers to know below.

Before going to the topic of discussion, it is mandatory for users to know if the region of your cassette account will be the same as the PlayStation Store and the Region on a cassette or PS 4 machine has 6 regional sections. If you can’t remember the region of the selected cassette when creating an account, please read how to find out the region of the PS4 cassette below.

1. Region 1 (United States of America)

Region 2 PS4

The first way to find out the region of the PlayStation 4 cassette is by looking at the front cover of the game cassette to see if the rating system is being used.

For the United States, they use the ESRB rating system which does not use an age number, only the usual categories that read Teen, Everyone and Adult only.

The code on the side of the game says CUSA or none, but only in the form of numbers and the back cover of the cassette reads number one (All).

2. Region 2 (Europe)

Region 1 PS4 1

To find out, this region 2 cassette game uses the PEGI rating system which reads the appropriate age for playing the cassette game.

On the side of the cassette, you can see the European region with the initials code CUSA and the numbers below it.

Region 2 uses game cassettes distributed from Japan and has a difference, namely for these cassette games to use Japanese, it can be seen from the cover and the language in the games.

3. Region 3 (asia)

Region 1

The next Region 3 is Asia, more precisely the State of Indonesia. The Indonesian region is marked with the number 3 on the back cover of the PS4 game cassette.

However, region 3 does not have a symbol and becomes an initial benchmark for determining a region in the game.

There are several problems in the case of regional 3 cassette games having covers like region 1 cassette games aka America.

To overcome this and find out, the way is to look at the side of the game cassette cover.

There is a code that reads PCAS and PLAS which indicates the code has the final letter AS, it can be ascertained that it is a region from Asia.

4. Region 4 (Others)

There are many cassette games with other regions outside the country, but rarely in Indonesia.

These include the following.

R4 – Australia, Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Oceania, South America.

R5 – Africa, Former Soviet Union, India, Mongolia, North Korea.

R6 – Mainland China.

The final word

What distinguishes the region from other regions? Considering that the devices on the PS4 use a region free system and can play cassette games in any region.

The difference you can see is that the PSN ID must be created by the owner to buy or download DLC (Download Content) games from the games being played. DLC can only be downloaded and used in games that match the region in the games.

That’s the discussion from Ulingame about how to find out the Region of the PS4 cassette above. Hopefully it can be useful for readers to know how important regions are on PS4.