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8 Ways to Change Lyto 2022 Account Email: Easy & Fast

How to Change Lyto Account Email – As a Lyto user, you must know that when registering an account it is mandatory to include an active email as a security requirement. Previously, ulingame will explain the function of email security on a Lyto account.

Later, the email linked to your Lyto account will serve to receive OTP codes, Lyto IDs, and other functions. So, the confidentiality of your Lyto email must be maintained.

When you have successfully registered a Lyto account using email, some players sometimes have to change their Lyto account email. Maybe many of the players don’t know how to change Lyto account data.

The confidentiality and security of your account needs to be maintained, so the curiosity of Lyto users needs to know how to change the email on the player account. Maybe some of you don’t know how to change the email on your Lyto account. Check out the tutorial below.

What is Lyto Email Account Security

What is Lyto

Before discussing how to change your Lyto account email, Ulingame will give a little explanation about Email Security. Every Lyto account player must have an active email account.

Why is it called email security? because, the email connected to the Lyto data will later be useful for receiving the OTP code verification code or activation link in the process of changing passwords, emails, IDs and others related to Lyto accounts.

Terms of Change Lyto Account Email

The way to change your Lyto account email must meet some of the terms and conditions that have been applied to Lyto. The following are the conditions that you must meet to change the email below.

1. Login Data

The first condition that must be met is to make sure you don’t forget your Lyto account data. Because, the change email feature is only available when you have logged into the Lyto game data.

2. Smooth Internet Connection

The second requirement is to have a smooth internet connection so that the email change process can run smoothly. Later there will also be a command to enter a confirmation code, where the code will be sent via Gmail.

How to Change Lyto Email

How to change Lyto email is very easy, if you don’t have problems with the two conditions above. For more details about changing email, see the review below.

1. Login Lyto

Lyto Account Login

The first step, open a browser and visit the official Lyto website. Fill in the login data that you have.

2. Select Change Email

Select Change Email

The second step after logging in, click the “change email” button in the email security column. and click “carry on” after understanding the terms of the email change process.

3. Check Gmail Inbox

Email Verification 1

Open the inbox on the old email that you registered, there is an email from Lyto containing a confirmation code to change email. Copy the code.

4. Enter the Confirmation Code

Enter the Verification Code How to Change Lyto Account Email

Return to the Lyto site on the change email page and enter the confirmation code. Then click “carry on“.

5. Enter New Email

Enter New Email How to Change Lyto Account Email

The last step is to enter a new email that will be used as your Lyto ID security email and click “carry on“. Later, a notification will appear that the process of changing your email has been successful.

The final word

The Lyto game requires you to change the security email that will be used for MAKE A LYTO ACCOUNT. You can do the above method if the email has problems logging in, is hacked or hacked by an irresponsible party.

That’s how to change the version of the email that you can try or are having problems with your account. Hopefully it can be useful and don’t forget to keep visiting Ulingame because there will be updated information about other online games.