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8 Ways to Activate AIM Assist PUBG Mobile 2022 : Tips & Settings

How to Activate AIM Assist PUBG Mobile – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile game is a very popular game and many people play it too. PUBG Mobile has been worldwide since Tencent has decided to make a Mobile version of PUBG. You can use a lot of features to help players be the last on the map or get a Chicken Dinner win and.

One of them is the Aim Assist feature that has been provided by Tencent for players, especially novice players or you can say newbies who are just trying PUBG Mobile.

Should players who are already good at playing FPS mobile, Aim Assist is not an obligation for pro players in particular. This Aim Assist feature can help you while in the game. To find out how to use the Aim Assist feature?

For players who don’t know, this is very appropriate for those of you who don’t understand how to use it and there are lots of features that you can use to help players be the last to be on the map (Chicken Dinner) and other factors are also in this section. HOW TO SETTING THE SCOPE X6 & BEST SENSITIVITY SETTINGS. For more details, see the review below the Ulingame version.

What is Aim Assist

Aim Assist PUBG Mobile is a new feature in PUBG Mobile to help aim PUBG Mobile, especially to help novice players when playing. The purpose of Aim Assist is to make it easier for players to target opponents in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile into a battle royale genre game that is complicated to control. Especially with novice players who gave up because they failed after trying many times to play PUBG Mobile. Mastering PUBG Mobile is indeed quite difficult and requires serious practice. Especially master all the weapons provided.

By activating the Aim Assist feature, your shots will follow the enemy’s direction automatically. The Aim Assist feature was created for novice players, especially those who still have difficulty controlling shots.

Aim Assist is very effective when using a small scope. For example scope X2, red dot sight, holographic sight and others. But when using a large scope, Aim Assist is not very effective when used. Here Ulingame will share how to activate Aim Assist PUBG Mobile below.

How to Activate PUBG Mobile Aim Assist

How to activate the Aim Assist feature is very easy. Here’s how to do it below.

1. Open PUBG Mobile

Open the PUBG Mobile Game Application then enter the settings menu at the bottom right of the mobile screen

Open the App

Open the Menu How to activate Aim Assist Pubg Mobile

Select the Basic menu or Basic Settings then look for Aim Assist or Shot Assist

Tap Basic

4. Enable Aim Assist

Then Enable Aim Assist located in the upper left corner by changing it to Enable.

Check How to Activate PUBG Mobile Aim Assist

After activating Aim Assist, you can return to play PUBG Mobile. You will feel a distinctly different sensation when shooting. Shooting will be easier than ever when you don’t have Aim Assist on.

Tips for Using Aim Assist

After you have finished activate Aim Assist. The next step, try to play with Aim Assist. How to use Aim Assist, among others, as below.

1. Enemies are visible in the scope shot

When it is visible, the shot will immediately follow the direction of the opponent’s movement as you press the shoot button.

2. Shooting distance and shooting time

The most important thing to note is that Aim Assist can be activated. if you are too far from the enemy then Aim Assist will activate optimally.

Aim Assist will work in close or medium range. Also, make sure you don’t take too long to shoot. If you have locked the target, immediately shoot with a weapon.

3. Enemies are in the open

If you want Aim Assist to work effectively, first make sure that there are no objects blocking your view when aiming and shooting at your opponent.

The open area is the right place to use Aim Assist, because there are no obstacles when shooting.

The final word

Aim Assist is one of the most profitable features for PUBG Mobile players. Because Aim Assist cannot be used in training mode, it is the only way to practice in classic mode. Keep practicing using Aim Assist to become a Pro player. That’s the article that found, hopefully it can be useful about how to activate Aim Assist PUBG Mobile and don’t forget to always follow Ulingame to get important information about Online Games.