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8 Rankings of Valorant Mobile & PC 2022

Valorant Rank Order – Valorant is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game developed by Riot Games. The Valorant game was released in June 2022, which until now has become one of the best games with the FPS genre and until now the number of users continues to increase.

There is one reason the game Valorant has become popular, namely because Varolant has a ranked mode like competitive games, this game also has a Valorant Rank order system or better known as tier.

The order in which the Valorant rank is the users are triggered to play and reach the highest rank in the Valorant game. Discussing the ranked mode, of course, every game has a rank order in the game.

For those of you who play the game Valorant PC or Mobile. It is mandatory to know what the Valorant rank order is. The goal when doing push rank, you have a rank goal what you want to achieve.

How to Unlock Competitive Mode

How to Unlock Valorant Rank Mode

Especially for the novice players of the Valorant game, the ranked mode at the beginning will be locked. Then how to open ranked mode? the players have to play unrated mode 10 Win times a game. The goal, so that later you can understand the characters, skills and gameplay of Valorant.

Valorant Rank Order

After you have won 10 matches in unrated mode, later rank mode will open automatically according to your game performance. The better the performance you have, the higher the rank you will achieve. Here, Ulingame has fully summarized the Valorant rank order below.

1. Rank Iron

Iron Rank

The first rank in Valorant is Iron rank. Rank Iron will actually open when new players play Valorant and are usually occupied by new players who are trying to play Valorant. At the Iron rank there are 3 tiers. You must collect 100 Rank Ratings in each tier in order to proceed to the next rank.

2. Rank Bronze

Bronze Rank 1

After successfully passing the Iron rank, players must pass 3 Bronze tiers in order to reach the next rank order again, namely Silver. Rank Bronze is arguably still easy to pass for novice players. However, quite a lot of new Valorant players are stuck only at Bronze rank.

3. Silver Rank

Silver Rank 1 Valorant Rank Order Valorant Rank Order

At silver rank, many players are starting to understand AIM and Placement Crosshair. Playing in the order of Silver rank can be said to be difficult and easy. The reason is that if your MMR account is already high, then you will meet other players who are already Gold rank more often.

4. Rank Gold

Gold Rank 1

Based on a statistical data survey by Riot Games, Gold rank is the rank that has the most players. At this middle rank position, players have started to master Agent Skill and AIM. In addition to mastering these skills, players are also good at using several strategies, such as during Side Plants or during Side Defender.

5. Platinum Rank

Platinum Rank 1 Valorant Rank Order

Another middle rank Valorant is Platinum. The characteristics of players at this rank are similar to players in the Gold rank order, with neater differences in terms of aim. However, if the player has reached Platinum 3 in terms of AIM, it is usually very much better than below.

6. Diamond Rank

Diamond Rank 1

Diamond is still one of the highest ranks of Valorant. The Diamond rank players are very neat in terms of aim, and have gamesense which is said to be quite far compared to the rank order players below. Unfortunately, at Diamond rank, the maximum stack for a party of five is only up to Diamond 2, at Diamond 3 and above, only two for the maximum party.

7. Immortal Rank

Immortal Rank Valorant Rank Order

In this rank order, players are used to playing FPS games, such as CSGO games, or others. There are more than 10,000 immortal players in 1 server region. At this rank, players will often encounter other players who are considered pro players.

8. Radiant Rank

Radiant Rank

Radiant is the highest rank in the Valorant game. Only pro players are able to reach this rank. In addition to the gathering place for pro players, at this rank, streamers with high skills are also often found. The prestigious value of the Radiant rank can be seen in its cute logo.

How to Quickly Increase Valorant Rank

How to Quickly Increase Valorant Rank Order of Valorant Rank

Each rank has three levels or tiers, you can increase the next rank if you have reached the highest tier. Well, for those of you who want to increase the Valorant rank quickly, you can do the following ways.

  1. Memorize the Best Spots and Master the Map.
  2. Aim Training and Team Coordination.
  3. Controller and Initiator Mandatory Setup.
  4. Don’t force use of Duelist.
  5. Don’t play solo.
  6. Smooth communication with teammates.
  7. Warm up before ranking.

The final word

That’s the discussion from Ulingame this time about the Valorant rank order and how to quickly increase the rank and unlock the Competitive mode. Maybe that’s all Ulingame can convey, hopefully with the information above it can help novice players find out the Valorant rank order.