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8 Fast Ways to Increase Valorant Rank 100% Auto Radiant 2022

How to Quickly Increase Valorant Rank – With the launch of Riot Games this year, a PC game called Valorant has become one of the best and most popular First Person Shooter (FPS) games this year.

Not a few players are reluctant to raise the rank in Valorant for certain reasons. On this occasion, Ulingame will discuss how to quickly increase the rank in Valorant, so that readers can quickly raise the level.

How to quickly raise Valorant’s rank can sometimes make the players feel bored and it’s possible that you can get bored quickly because you keep playing Valorant in a row until you can reach your destination rank.

Valorant has ORDER OF RANK ranging from Iron to highest Radiant. Rank can be said to reflect the skill level of each player. Competitiveness in the Valorant game makes all players eager to reach the top rank to feel satisfied. Then how to quickly increase the rank of Valorant? You don’t need to worry, because Ulingame has prepared several quick ways to increase the rank below.

How to Quickly Increase Valorant Rank

1. Mastering the Map

Mastering the Map

Until now the map in the Valorant game is still 4 maps in competitive mode and then each map has its own uniqueness. Among them, Bind has a Teleporter, Split is quite narrow and full of invisible corners, Haven has 3 bomb sites and Ascent is very wide.

If you want to play consistently in every competitive match, you must understand each map more deeply. Players have to know where the opponent will usually be waiting for you or the names of several map locations are usually mentioned and the skills that must be used in each location.

You can see some frequently used spots through the Youtube pro player tutorial.

2. Warm up Aim

Aim . Warm Up

Before playing competitively in Valorant, careful preparation is a very important key in order to win the match and is one way to quickly increase the rank for sure.

Just a few seconds can determine whether you will live or die in the match. Therefore, you have to warm up to keep your AIM sharp and focused during the match.

3. Not Playing Solo Rank

Don't Play Solo

If you want to quickly increase your rank, playing competitive mode solo is something to avoid. Valorant is a game that relies heavily on strategy and teamwork, therefore Ulingame recommends not playing solo. It is better to play with players who are already known to play a style that can improve team performance.

However, there may be times when you can meet a good team, but from the many players who have experience playing solo ranks it will make it difficult to increase the rank.

4. Pay Attention to the Economy

Pay Attention to the Economy How to Quickly Increase Valorant Rank

Players need to know, the economy is something that should not be ignored. Talking about the economy during the preparation phase to buy weapons and utilities can help balance each round. The time that has been given to discuss when to buy and not to buy.

Actually, there are no rules of thumb to follow when it comes to how to quickly increase rank in Valorant. Each player has a different way to quickly increase the rank of Valorant.

5. Avoid Toxic Behavior

Don't Be Toxic

Having a toxic attitude is a behavior that players should avoid playing any online game, especially in Valorant. When you play competitive mode, you have made a commitment to play seriously with a time of 30-45 minutes.

If you’re toxic throughout the match, you’re not only ruining your teammates’ playing conditions, you’re also ruining your victory and failing to quickly rank up.

6. Smooth Communication

Communication Must Be Smooth How To Quickly Increase Valorant Rank

In competitive shooter games, especially those that carry the feel of tactical shooters, communication is of course the most important key. Therefore, players must communicate smoothly with members of the same team with HOW TO OPEN MIC VALORANT. If you’re playing competitive solo, try to listen to team members’ instructions.

Good communication is certainly a quick way to increase Valorant’s rank, because it can help get accurate and actual information from teammates about opposing attacks and marking minimized locations.

7. Mastering More Than 1 Agent

Mastering Agent 1

If you are a solo player, Ulingame recommends that players master at least 1 agent duelist. During the holidays, there is a high chance of meeting new players with the same goal. Selection of a duelist agent can be one quick way to win the game quickly. How to control personal abilities. Duelist agents like Phoenix or Reyna can be an option, because they can survive quite a lot.

8. Controller & Initiator Mandatory Setup

Controller And Initiator How To Quickly Increase Valorant Rank

Both Initiator and Controller are two classes that can be considered quite flexible in Valorant. In general, players with basic controllers and initiators have the function of initiating to open a path so that it can be used to survive. Therefore, these two classes are really needed to do the setup.

For Controller and Initiatot players, both abilities must be used throughout the match. Whether it’s when opening a path or just attracting the opponent’s attention. Smoke must be used at the beginning of the round so that opponents who defend or attack must use another approach strategy.

The final word

Here are some quick ways to easily increase Valorant’s rank in the Ulingame version. Hopefully the information above can help Valorant players reach the highest rank.