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7 Ways to Play Sakura School Simulator & Tips for Beginners 2022

How to Play Sakura School Simulator – Sakura School Simulator is a game that can be played online with a gameplay style similar to that of GTA games. Sakura School Simulator tells the story of a high school student at a school called Sakura Town.

In the game Sakura School Simulator there are many things that can be done. For example, investigating Sakura Town, being able to communicate with other people and being able to get married in the game.

In this article, Ulingame will discuss how to play Sakura School Simulator starting from how to change characters, change clothes and go to other places. But to be able to do these three things, you must already have ID SAKURA SCHOOL SIMULATOR.

Players can also be diligent students, the way is quite easy, namely increasing the top rank so that they can become the best students. Want to know more about Sakura School Simulator game? Check out the review of how to play below.

How to Play Sakura School Simulator Game

The Sakura School Simulator game has a fairly broad storyline and you can decide, even this game can get married with a date you like as in real life. For players who are interested in playing this cool game, you can download it for free on Android or iOS devices.

Ulingame will also explain how to play the Sakura School Simulator game which is currently trending. So for new users or still curious about Sakura School Simulator and still don’t understand how to play it, you just have to see how to play below.

How to Change Character

From the start of the Sakura School Simulator game, you will automatically become a female character. If you want to change the character into a male character, you can see the method below.

  1. Open the game Sakura School Simulator
    Open Sakura School Simulator Game
  2. Then enter the Select Costume menu
    Change Character 1
  3. After that there is an image on the bottom left that says “Character Change”
    Change Character 3 How To Play Sakura School Simulator
  4. Character change is complete.

How to Change Clothes

In this Sakura School Simulator game, players have been provided with lots of clothes and accessories that players can use freely for free. There are school clothes, ninja clothes and fairy clothes.

Although free, this shirt can only be used if it has been unlocked or the player has unlocked the clothes and accessories that have been provided. For how to change clothes, you just see the method below.

  1. Open the game Sakura School Simulator
    Open Game How to Play Sakura School Simulator 1
  2. Then in the menu section in the lobby you select Select Costume
  3. After that, players can choose the clothes or costumes that will be used
    Change Clothes 1 Way to Play Sakura School Simulator
  4. To open a costume that is still locked, all you have to do is click on the costume and then wait until the ad is over, then the costume is the property of the player for free.
    Change clothes
  5. Done, then back to return to the lobby, then select load game to continue the game.

How To Go Elsewhere

Go Somewhere Else How To Play Sakura School Simulator

In order to go elsewhere you can walk or use a jetpack vehicle by pressing the jetpack button. Sakura School Simulator players can also go to other places quickly, by pressing the menu button, after that in the move area you can choose which place you want to visit.

How to Beat Other Characters

How to Beat Other Characters How to Play Sakura School Simulator

For Sakura School Simulator players who like criminal things, you can also fight in the Sakura School game. The trick is to press the button with the picture of the hand in your hand or press the attack button.

Sakura School Simulator is not familiar with the term death, if the player hits another character, the character will not be able to die. It’s just that it can faint and then wake up with hatred towards the player.

How to Talk to Other Characters

How to talk to other people? The method is quite easy, by approaching another character you want to talk to, then pressing the talk button. Choose which sentence you want to say to the character.

Talk How to Play Sakura School Simulator
Choose Speak

How to Complete the Mission

Completing Missions

In the Sakura School Simulator game, apart from doing school activities, in Sakura School Simulator there are also missions that you can complete. In order to see the mission, the way is by pressing the button with the trophy icon with the words mission.

Then you will see a list of missions that you have to complete and there will be several missions, for example, learning ballet, playing roller coasters and most importantly, defeating the leader of the Yakuza. In addition, there are many other playing missions.

How to Go to School

Go to school

According to the theme of this game, you can go to school in the morning to take lessons and can communicate with your classmates.

Make friends with other Characters

Making friends with classmates is a very natural thing, because by establishing a good relationship, of course you can ask for help from friends you already know. Players can manage relationships that will be lived with other people such as making a lover.

When having a conversation with other people, other people can also respond to your conversation or you can be ignored. Having these conversations can make other people feel attracted to or like other people in players for example “that’s funny” or “that’s beautiful” it can increase likes for players or vice versa, when mocking other characters “don’t get close” and “you suck” it will make the atmosphere of liking decrease.

Tips for Playing Sakura School Simulator

  • Learn English
    For now, there is no Indonesian game setting in the Sakura School Simulator game. This means that you can only use English or Japanese. So Ulingame recommends learning English or Japanese, so that players can really understand how to play Sakura School Simulator.
  • Pay Attention to Specifications
    When playing Sakura School Simulator so as not to experience problems while playing, Ulingame recommends that Sakura School Simulator players use Android or iPhone with specifications with more than 3GB RAM and more than Snepdragon 820. The goal is to avoid having problems when playing Sakura School Simulator. DOWNLOAD SAKURA SCHOOL SIMULATOR and play.
  • Connection
    In addition to device specifications, players also need to pay attention to the network connection when playing Sakura School Simulator so that they don’t experience problems while playing.


When playing the Sakura School game, players can not only play to make friends or complete missions.

But players can also get married and have families. For players who don’t understand how to get married in Sakura School Simulator, Ulingame has previously made an article about HOW TO GET MARRIED IN SAKURA SCHOOL SIMULATOR.

Thus a review of how to play Sakura School Simulator. Hopefully, the discussion above that can share can help novice players to better understand playing in the Sakura School Simulator game. Hopefully it can be useful.