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7 Ways to Get Out of Locked PUBG Crew 100% Work!!

How to Quit PUBG Crew – As is known, PUBG is a genre game battle royale which can be played with friends online. Where by playing together (mabar) in the form of a team or squad can make the PUBG game more exciting.

One of the features in the PUBG game that players can use to gather friends into one container, namely the crew or team crew. As an old or senior PUBG player, of course you already know the difference between a crew and a clan.

Although the presence of this feature makes it easier for players when they want to play together, there are some of them who want to leave the crew. The reasons are also quite varied, one of which is because they want to get into a new crew.

Maybe the steps out of the crew will be a bit more complicated when compared to DELETING FRIENDS. Well, to help him on this occasion the author will explain how to get out of the PUBG crew with terms and conditions.

Requirements to leave the PUBG Crew

Like when you want to HIDE CHARACTERS IN PUBG, players who want to leave the crew also need to fulfill several terms and conditions. One of the main requirements is that players already have the latest version of the PUBG Mobile application or game.

If not, please update the PUBG Mobile application first on the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS. In addition, the device’s internet network connection must also be in a stable condition so that the stages can run smoothly.

How to Quit PUBG Crew

After fulfilling all the terms and conditions above, then you also have to understand how to do it. It should be noted, in fact, that this method can be done by all players, whether in the Android or iOS version of the PUBG Mobile game.

However, this method can only be done for players who are already part of a crew or crew. Instead of being curious, without further ado, just pay close attention to how to get out of the following PUBG crew.

1. Run PUBG

Run Pubg

First of all, please open and run the PUBG app on smartphones. Before proceeding with the steps, make sure the smartphone internet network connection is stable and smooth.

Enter Other Menu 1

After entering the main page or PUBG Mobile lobby, please go to menu More. Generally, the Other menu button is located in the lower right corner of the smartphone screen.

3. Select Battle Options

Choose Battle Option

Then a number of options or features offered by PUBG will appear. Next way, please select Battle option.

Go To Crew Menu

In this menu, players will be presented with several views such as Crew, Esport Center to ongoing PUBG events. To continue, please go to Crew menu on the left of the screen.

5. Tap Player Profile

Tap Player Profile

Then basic information about the PUBG Mobile crew of players will appear, starting from the crew name, biodata to members. For your information, the difference between a crew and a clan can be seen from the number of members.

Where the PUBG clan can contain a total of 60 members if they are at level 7 and above, while the crew can only contain 6 members. If it’s ripe to leave the crew, please tap or tap player profile.

6. Leave the PUBG Crew

Leave PUBG Crew

After tapping the profile of a player or crew member, several options will appear. The next step is select Leave Crew.

7. Confirm Log Out of PUBG Crew

Confirm Quit Pubg Crew

Finally, a page will appear containing an announcement or notification of the PUBG crew’s legacy. If you are sure, please confirm with press OK button. If you have reached this stage, the player will automatically leave the previous PUBG crew.

Causes of Failed to Sign Out of PUBG Crew

Although the ordinances out of the crew or crew PUBG Mobile locked above looks easy to do, but there are still some players complaining that they fail to do it. Of course, this usually happens due to a number of factors, whether it’s due to technical errors or due to player negligence.

The problem of failing or not being able to get out of this crew is also usually experienced by players when they want to HIDE PUBG POPULARITY. Therefore, in order to avoid this failure, you should know some of the causes below.

  • Internet network connection is bad or unstable.
  • Haven’t updated the PUBG application to the latest version.
  • The PUBG game is having problems on the device (crash).
  • PUBG servers are down.
  • PUBG developers are doing maintenance or maintenance of the application (maintenance).


So if the explanation from about how to leave the PUBG crew is complete with terms and conditions, both on Android and iOS. Hopefully the information above can be used as a reference when leaving the PUBG crew.