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7 Quick Ways to Increase Rank Thetan Arena Auto Bronze 2022

How to Quickly Raise Thetan Arena Rank – Thetan Arena is an online game that allows you to earn real money when playing games made by WolfFun which are currently very popular on all social media.

There is a special currency that uses Blockchain and Crypto technology called gTHC. Later gHTC coins can be exchanged for real money, like bitcoin. In addition, it requires a quick way to increase the rank of Thetan Arena in order to get the coin.

Requires individual skills when playing Thetan Arerna, but you can use a quick way to increase the rank of Thetan Arena which Ulingame will share in this article.

Players are required to understand how to quickly increase the rank of Thetan Arena to make it easier to win matches. The most important thing is to reach Bronze rank so you can EXCHANGE COIN. Here, Ulingame has summarized how to quickly increase the rank below.

How to Quickly Raise Thetan Arena Rank

Before knowing how to quickly increase your rank in Thetan Arena, it’s better for you to understand every difference in the heroes in Thetan Arena, because it will be easier for you to quickly rank up if you understand the heroes being played.

Understanding Role Hero In Thetan Arena

There are 3 parts of the hero role in Thetan Arena game, namely Tank, Assassin and Marksman. If you have ever played MOBA games such as Mobile Legends, League of Legends and AOV, of course you are already familiar with the roles in the game.

For novice players who don’t know the usefulness of the Tank role, it is the task of reducing damage and protecting friends from enemy attacks. Assassin has a duty to act and kill all opponents with low HP (life). Marksman continues to follow Tank’s directions to be safe and can kill all opponents easily without reducing HP.

Tier List Thetan Arena

There are various lists of modes in this Thetan Arena game, including Battle Royale, Death Match, Tower and Superstar. Each mode has different rules. For example, solo rank specialist heroes will perform better in Battle Royale mode, but will not be effective if played in Death Match mode, then for conditions and enemies that require certain heroes.

So all the Tier Lists in Thetan Arena are not all true and valid, you must be able to adjust all conditions in the MOBA game, because all MOBA themes are created with strategy and counters.

Then how to quickly increase the rank of Thetan Arena so that you can quickly finish the Bronze rank so that you can melt the coins into original money. To find out how to quickly raise it, Ulingame has prepared several ways or tips to quickly increase the rank below.

1. Choose the Right Hero

Hero Selection

How to quickly increase the first rank in the Battle Royale solo mode, players have to fight alone, therefore make sure you have chosen the right hero and have good performance.

This fast method will certainly make it easier for players to quickly rank up, players can use Raidon or Breaker heroes. If you choose Destoroid or Bathos, you will have difficulty.

Because, these 2 heroes only show their best games with team work and are not recommended for solo. In addition to selecting heroes, you also need to know the selection of hero skills. Because every hero can be changed all skills.

2. Destroy GiftBox

Destroy Giftbox

When a new match starts, just go straight to the gift box and destroy it. If you break the Giftbox, you will get a power-up item that will increase your HP and Skill. Collecting power-ups at the beginning of the match will make players stronger than opponents, so that they will win matches faster and become a quick way to increase rank.

3. Hide and Attack


If you want to quickly increase your rank, players must play defensively. Because this way you can get some power ups and hide in the bushes to wait for the opponent’s target to be killed. If you are looking for an opponent, the enemy hiding in the bushes will use the best combination of skills and then kill you.

4. Evade and Survive


If you have been eliminated at the beginning of the game, you will lose a lot of trophies, but when you lose, but are at the top of the game, you will get a lot of trophies. Therefore, a quick way to increase rank in Thetan Arena, the main goal of which is to last longer and be the best way to avoid multiple eliminations.

5. Mabar With Friends

Mabar Thetan Arena

The most effective way to increase rank quickly in Thetan Arena is to play with friends. Not only in Thetan Arena games, such as Mobile Legends, AOV and PUBG Mobile also require team work. Of course, mabar with friends is the fastest way to increase rank.

The final word

Thus the discussion on how to quickly increase the rank of Thetan Arena version of Ulingame. By applying the method above, hopefully you can raise the rank easily. May be useful.