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7 Examples of Esports Sponsorship Proposals

Example of an Esports Sponsorship Proposal – In recent years, Esports has become a special game that is increasingly in demand and has received a lot of attention with the inclusion of various game series and new nuances.

The form of Esports games that were previously limited to one, two to three types, namely FPS, Strategy and Arcade or Fighting is now growing with the arrival of new types of games.

Even in terms of the components of Esports games, which were originally only limited to using PCs to Consoles, they are now available on Mobile. With the development of esports, as new esports teams appear to show their presence.

However, new esports teams often face difficult things, namely finding sponsors to support operations and breathe in the continuity of the esports team. The following is an example of an Esports Sponsorship proposal below.

1. Example of an Esports Proposal Management Structure

As a well-organized company, Esports must also have a written and clear management structure. The absence of a clear structure, surely this indicates the lack of seriousness of Esports in managing a team.

There will be no prospective Sponsor who wants to continue if the Esports team from the start did not have a clear management structure.

2. Sample Esports Proposal Target

In Esports, of course, it is mandatory to have a VISION and MISSION, the goal is to be able to explain the views of Esports.

What goals will Esports achieve in a month, a year, 5 years and in the future?

Why should Esports exist? What changes will be made? Is Ruling the World?

With Esports attaching a target to be achieved, it can certainly be seen from the seriousness in managing Esports.

From the Prospective Sponsorship, it will certainly be happy to see the target of an Optimistic and Realistic Esport.

3. Example of an Esports Name Proposal

As many gamers meet, professional esports teams, both national and international, must have meaningful team names, not random.

In order to attract the attention of potential sponsors, define the name of your esports team with a serious meaning and the reason for using that name. This makes an impressive symbol for your own esports team.

Choosing the right name will make your esports team’s branding easier to form and easier for the public to recognize.

Establishing a good brand is a determining factor that must be maintained by the Esports team.

The name and branding are one of the assets for the Esports team, because potential sponsors will also consider this aspect.

4. Example of an Esports Proposal Goal

When Esports gamers are formed, don’t be in a hurry to apply or offer yourself to a potential Sponsorship. Collect in advance the awards or achievements that have been achieved and as many as possible in Esports.

The award of an Esports victory is an undeniable proof of hard work and this factor is very important to become the bargaining power of Esports.

To apply to sponsors, there is no minimum award limit. However, if you have many achievements, of course, it is very good and increases the chances of being accepted by the sponsor.

5. Example of Esports Attitude Proposal

It can be said that the Esports gamers team is well known to the public and has a number of achievements everywhere.

However, the attitude of one or three of the five players or members of esports is so toxic that it has become an open secret and has several problems, whether it’s drama or other cases.

This will be a serious concern for prospective Sponsors to be able to accept and support Esports gamers.

It is not uncommon for problems from Sponsorships that have given Sponsors from Esports that have lasted one to two years and then revoked their contracts midway because one or three Esport members had problems.

A negative attitude will more or less have a bad impact on one and both parties as well as on the fans of the esports.

Make sure Esports has discipline and good attitude to build a strong integrity.

6. Example of an Esports Manager Proposal

Make sure Esports has one or two people in charge of the business department to collaborate with various parties.

Although athletes focus on playing games and focus on business people looking for ways to optimize the profile, achievements and team activities for potential Sponsorships.

It is also considered by potential sponsors is how you contact them. Contact potential sponsors in accordance with the provisions, such as submitting a proposal, etc. If by chance you get information such as a phone number, don’t just call the number directly.

Start by introducing yourself via SMS or Whatsapp, or usually via email before contacting via phone.

If you have sent a proposal, don’t forget to always follow up with each potential sponsor/partnership. Because the interaction process is also an important point of success.

Hours when replying to emails also need to be considered, try to reply to emails during business hours. Don’t do it at 6pm to respect privacy and professionalism.

You can also take part in every event to find out which potential sponsors you can work with.

Observe your idol esport team as a reference in creating your own esports. Try to develop it to be better.

Find out the activities carried out by your Esports. As social media is used for interaction with fans, competitions have been entered, content is created, etc. from the way they brand their team.

This helps you not to run out of ways in the initial steps of building an Esports team.

Download Example of an eSports Sponsorship Proposal

The final word

That’s all the discussion about the example of an Esport Sponsorship proposal, hopefully the information above can help you understand more about the example of a Sponsorship proposal that Ulingame has shared.