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51 Most Complete Rankings of Point Blank 2022

Point Blank Rank Order – Game Point Blank is a computer game that is much liked by gamers or better known as Troopers. This South Korean game has been developed by Zepetto since 2022 after his separation from Garena.

Point Blank carries the First-person Shooter (FPS) theme, which is no longer as vibrant or busy as it used to be. However, there are still many PB lovers who play this Point Blank game. The order of the rank of Point Blank is also quite a lot, starting from Trainee or better known as Skull to Commander (5 Stars).

Of course, with this rank, it is certainly very difficult for you to reach the highest rank, namely 5 Star / Commander. In order to get through the Point Blank rank order quickly, you need a very long time, even years to reach the highest rank.

Now for Troopers who are curious as to what the rank order is in Point Blank. Ulingame will share a complete and up-to-date list of ranks in Point Blank Zeppeto below.

Rank Function In Point Blank

Power Function In Pb

In the Point Blank game, players will be represented by an account or char. When a new game progresses, char has a low rank. You have to play a lot and win often, because you will get additional points that can increase your char rank. Interestingly, the higher the rank you have, the more comfortable the rifle will be when used. This is affected because the title can later produce shot accuracy.

You could say, the rank order system in Point Blank is similar to the rank order in the Military. Beginner players usually have the rank of Newbie. In order to get promoted, you can buy a mission card and then complete it. Then you will get EXP (experience) which can increase the rank. In essence, the more EXP you get, the faster the rank you can get.

However, players who are lazy to do missions can do GB or buy an account that already has a high rank. But you have to spend quite a lot of money.

Complete Point Blank Rank Order

List of Ranks of Pb

For the rank order list, you can say very much. More than twenty ranks that you have to pass to reach Commander are only owned by 1% of PB players. Which means it takes a lot of time. Here, Ulingame has prepared a complete list of Point Blank sequences below.

General Rank NameOfficial RankEXP
1 . stripSenior Trainee2,000
2 stripPrivate5,000
3 stripCorporal9,000
4 . stripSergeant14,000
Tick ​​One – 1Staff Sgt. – 121,000
Tick ​​One – 2Staff Sgt. – 230,000
Tick ​​One GoldStaff Sgt. – 341,000
Tick ​​Two – 1Sgt. 1st Class – 154,000
Tick ​​Two – 2Sgt. 1st Class – 270,500
Tick ​​Two – 3Sgt. 1st Class – 389,000
Tick ​​Two – GoldSgt. 1st Class – 4110,000
Tick ​​Three – 1Master Sgt. – 1134,000
Tick ​​Three – 2Master Sgt. – 2161,000
Tick ​​Three – 3Master Sgt. – 3191,000
Tick ​​Three – 4Master Sgt. – 4224,000
Tick ​​Three Gold Master Sgt. – 5260,000
Diamond One – 12nd Lt. – 1301,000
Diamond One – 22nd Lt. – 2347,000
Diamond One – 32nd Lt. – 3398,000
Diamond One – Gold2nd Lt. – 4454,000
Diamond Two – 11st Lt. – 1516,000
Diamond Two – 21st Lt. – 2584,000
Diamond Two – 31st Lt. – 3658,000
Diamond Two – 41st Lt. – 4738,000
Diamond Two – Gold1st Lt. – 5824,000
Diamond Three – 1Captain – 1917,000
Diamond Three – 2Captain – 21,017,000
Diamond Three – 3Captain – 31,124,000
Diamond Three – 4Captain – 41,238,000
Diamond Tiga – GoldCaptain – 51,359,000
Major One – 1Major – 11,150,000
Major One – 2Major – 21,691,000
Major One – 3Major – 31,902,000
Major One – 4Major – 42,143,000
Major One – GoldMajor – 52,414,000
Major Two – 1lt. Colonel – 12,725,000
Major Two – 2lt. Colonel – 23,076,000
Major Two – 3lt. Colonel – 33,467,000
Major Two – 4lt. Colonel – 43,898,000
Major Two – Goldlt. Colonel – 54,369,000
Major Three – 1Colonel – 14,890,000
Major Three – 2Colonel – 25,461,000
Major Three – 3Colonel – 36,082,000
Major Three – 4Colonel – 46,753,000
Major Three – GoldColonel – 57,474,000
1 starBrigadier8,255,000 – Top 5% Rank
2 starMajor General12,834,000 – Top 4% Rank
3 starslt. General17,059,000 – Top 3% Rank
4 starsGeneral36,150,000 – Top 3% Rank
5 starCommander124,000,000 – Top 1% Rank

Actually there is an easy way to increase your rank. The easiest way is to find GB EXP room. Players must use EXP Boost and follow the room, usually the room is on the Demolition map or can also follow GB bundir using a script.

The final word

So the most complete Point Blank rank order version of Ulingame above. The players have to reach if they want to get high rank. Quite a number of sequences and rank options available. But don’t worry, if you play diligently, you will quickly get promoted.