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5 Ways to Hide Characters in PUBG (Clothes, Weapons & Helmets)

How to Hide Characters in PUBG – As is known, PUBG Mobile is one of the genre games battle royale with millions of active players worldwide. The game gives the players the flexibility to set the options in it.

One of the features in the PUBG game that can be set at will by the players is regarding the appearance of the character. Where this feature can be used by players to set the status of profiles and characters in the PUBG game.

However, there are still most PUBG players who are still confused about how to access the character display feature. Broadly speaking, the steps for not showing characters in the PUBG game are almost the same as when HIDE ROYALE PASS.

However, there are some terms and conditions that must be met by players when they want to hide the appearance of the character. Well, to help him on this occasion the author will provide an explanation regarding the procedure for hiding characters in PUBG, be it on Android or iOS.

Terms of Hiding Characters in PUBG

Terms of Hiding Characters in Pubg

Before the main discussion on how to hide characters in PUBG continues, it’s a good idea to first understand some of its objectives. Maybe the purpose of PUBG players disabling the character display feature is because they feel uncomfortable if other players see it.

As explained earlier, there are several terms and conditions that must be met by PUBG players when they want to cover characters. Where one of the main requirements is that players must have updated or updated the PUBG application on their smartphone.

In addition, another requirement for the process of hiding characters in PUBG to be successful is that the device must have a smooth and stable internet network connection. As is known, an internet network connection is also the main requirement for the PUBG game to run smoothly.

How to Hide Characters in PUBG

Please note, at this time the PUBG developer has provided a feature that frees players regarding setting the appearance of characters in the game. Hiding the appearance of the character in this case is that players do not want to show clothes, weapons or other attributes on their profile.

So, basically when someone deactivates a PUBG character, other people will not be able to see the detailed player profile. Instead of being curious, just pay close attention to the procedures for hiding characters in the following PUBG Mobile, whether it’s on Android or iOS.

1. Open PUBG Mobile

Open Pubg Mobile 2

First step, open the PUBG Mobile app on your smartphone. Before proceeding to the next step, make sure that the internet network connection on the device is stable and smooth.

Enter More Menu

After being on the main page or PUBG lobby, please go to menu More. Usually the Other menu is in the lower right corner of the smartphone screen.

3. Tap Settings Options

Tap Settings Options

If you have entered the Other menu, several PUBG game options will appear. Next way, please tap Settings option or Settings.

4. Press Privacy and Social

Press Privacy And Social

Then you will automatically be taken to the PUBG basic settings menu. In the basic settings menu there are also several child options. Then select Privacy and Social.

5. Hiding Characters

Hiding Character

The last step is to just disable the player character display in PUBG Mobile. The way is with disable the Show Clothes feature. If you have reached this stage, then the procedure for hiding characters in PUBG has been successfully carried out.

Cause of Failed to Hide Player Character

Cause of Failed to Hide Player Character

The above has been explained in full on how to disable the display of player characters in the PUBG game. Even though the tutorial looks easy to do, there are still some players who complain that they fail to hide their characters.

Of course, the failure to disable the character display in the PUBG game can be caused by a number of factors, either due to technical errors or due to player negligence. To be clear, below are some of the causes of failing to hide characters in PUBG.

  • Bad internet network connection.
  • Haven’t updated the PUBG Mobile application to the latest version.
  • The PUBG game is experiencing problems on the device (crash).
  • PUBG servers are down.
  • PUBG is currently under maintenance.


So if the information from about the procedure for hiding characters in PUBG is equipped with terms and conditions. The above has also explained some of the reasons why players fail to hide their characters. Hopefully the information above can be used as a reference when you don’t want to show characters in PUBG Mobile.