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5 Strongest Mobile Legends Heroes in 2022 that are Easy to Use, Must Pick!

5 Strongest Mobile Legends Heroes in 2022 that are Easy to Use, Must Pick!

Entering the middle of 2022, of course, there have been many adjustments that have occurred in Mobile Legends which are often released every month.

Starting from buffs to even nerfs, of course, making the heroes in Mobile Legends change, either become strong or weak.

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Therefore, here is a list of the strongest heroes in 2022 that are easy to use to help you reach the Mythic rank.

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Lancelot Skin

The first strongest hero that is easy for you to use to reach the Mythic rank is Lancelot, who recently received an adjustment.

Because, he can now easily use puncture (skill 1) so it doesn’t really need hand speed.

Even so, he himself is still a very deadly assassin hero in Mobile Legends.


franco mlbb's latest look

The next hero that you can easily use to reach Myrhic rank is Franco who is indeed a pretty annoying hero in Mobile Legends.

Franco is also one of the heroes who is quite chaotic and can even make it difficult for opponents from the start of the game by using his hook.

His Ultimate also makes sure the opponent doesn’t move so it can be ascertained that every opponent who is hit by his grip will be killed.


Mobile legends hero tanks

Of course, Uranus is still the best option for offlaner players who don’t want to compete with mechanics in the exp lane.

You yourself only need to play Uranus’s skill 1 and skill 2 without having to be afraid of being killed because the hero has a fairly high regeneration.

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build cecilion mobile legends
Photo via Mobile Legends

Playing Cecilion is also actually not too difficult but he has very deadly damage when his stack has accumulated a lot.

To play this hero, of course, maintaining position is an important point considering that he does not have an escape mechanism like Pharsa.


Price Brody Collector Skin
source: Mobile Legends

Although it looks difficult because he has a quite different playing style from marksman in general who relies on attack speed, Brody is actually quite easy to use.

You yourself only need to play the hero’s stack to be able to produce enormous damage to be able to finish off your opponent easily.

So, that’s the list of the strongest Mobile Legends heroes in 2022, the SPIN Esports version. Interested in trying Spinners?

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