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5 Interesting Facts about Doctor Strange 2, Marvel Lovers Must Know!

The following 5 interesting facts about the Doctor Strange 2 film are too bad if you just miss it. You really need to know this, especially if you are a lover Marvelhaha.

Yep, the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has just been released on May 4, 2022. The release of this film was also warmly welcomed by movie geeks, who had been waiting for it for a long time.

In Doctor Strange 2, you will be presented with an interesting storyline that focuses on the destruction of the Multiverse due to the actions of Doctor Strange. In addition, this film also presents a series of interesting facts that were unexpected.

What are you? Curious? Here SPIN provides a row of interesting facts for you. Check this out!

5 Interesting Facts about Doctor Strange 2

1. The First MCU Movie with the Horror Genre

Doctor Strange 2 Interesting Facts
Photo: Screenrant

The first interesting fact is that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is a horror genre, you know! In fact, the first film also uses the horror genre and has been confirmed directly by the director.

For the rating is PG-13 with the caption, “Rated PG-13 for scenes of intense violence and action, scary images, and multiple languages,”

2. America Chavez Debuts

In this film, you will meet a female superhero character named America Chavez, which so far you can only meet in Marvel Comics.

America Chavez is said to be helping Strange who is trapped in the Multiverse’s destruction due to his own actions. In essence, Chavez will lead Strange to find a way out of his problem.

3. Interesting Facts about Doctor Strange 2: Still Related to the WandaVision Series

Photo: The Direct

Who would have thought, Doctor Strange 2 still has a relationship with the WandaVision series. This is evidenced when one of the variants of Wanda Maximoff appears and searches for her two missing children.

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4. Doctor Strange Tried For Disrupting The Multiverse

You must be wondering, “Why did Strange have to be caught by armed gangs and put on trial by Professor X?”

The answer is simple guys, he was arrested because he opened and disrupted the Multiverse, which caused the universe he lived in to be visited by gangs of villains from other universes.

5. Doctor Strange Has Another Variant

Doctor Strange 2 Interesting Facts
Photo: IndiaTV News

Then, it was revealed that Doctor Strange had other variants with different characteristics. In total, Marvel Studios will present three variants of Doctor Strange, they are Sinister Strange, Defender Strange, Zombie Strange.

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Those are 5 interesting facts about Doctor Strange 2. From the five points above, which number points impressed you the most? Write in the comments column yaa