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5 Best Iron Man Armor with the Most Advanced Technology

These 5 best Iron Man armors have very advanced technology, you guys! With this armor, the strength possessed by Tony Stark also increases and is increasingly difficult to defeat by his enemies.

Iron Man aka Tony Stark is a superhero character from Marvel Comics whose story was first adapted to the big screen in the film titled Iron Man in 2008 ago. Iron Man is known as a fierce superhero, thanks to the strength he has.

In every action, Tony Stark always uses his homemade armor to protect his body, and attacks his enemies with the technology that has been embedded in the armor.

Actually, there are a lot of armor that has been used by Iron Man. However, SPIN will generalize it to 5 the best and you really need to know. So, this is it!

5 of the Best and Most Advanced Iron Man Armor of All Time

1. Mark LXXXV

Best Iron Man Armor
Photo: a Home in Words

In the first position, there is Iron Man’s armor named Mark LXXXV. This armor is the most advanced, because Tony Stark has fixed all the flaws in the previous armor.

Not to forget, he also implanted nanotech into the armor. Thanks to that technology, Iron Man managed to take the Infinity Stones from Thanos’ hands.

2. Mark L

Photo: Amino Apps

Mark L or Mark 50 is the Iron Man armor that you can find in Avengers: Infinity War. Mark L is the first armor that uses nanotech on the chest.

Don’t get me wrong guys, this nanotech really works to help Iron Man in defeating his enemies, you know! In fact, Thanos was injured because of the nanotech in Iron Man’s armor.

3. Best Iron Man Armor: Mark XLIV Hulkbuster

Photo: Polygon

Yep, Mark XLIV is a special armor used against the Hulk. Therefore, this armor has a very large size to be able to withstand the onslaught of the Hulk.

With all the available power, coupled with a satellite made by Tony Stark named Veronica, the Hulk was finally defeated by the Mark XLIV armor. Cool right guys?

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4. Mark XLV

Photo: USA Today

Then, there is Mark XLVI whose form you can find in Captain America: Civil War. Tony Stark uses the power in this armor to defeat Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

Although the results are not very optimal, the Mark XLVI deserves the title as one of Tony Stark’s best armors.

5. Mark XLV

Best Iron Man Armor
Photo: YouTube/TopMovieClips

If you’ve ever watched Avengers: Age of Ultron, surely you’ve seen the scene where Mark XLV is shown by Marvel. In this scene, there is a fact that Iron Man’s Repulsor has a very significant increase.

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Those are the 5 best Iron Man suits of all time. Of the five armors above, is there your favorite armor?