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5 Best Battle Spell Hero Miya Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends has released a lot of good updates that you can’t just miss. Even with 5 Battle Spell Hero Miya Best Mobile Legends (ML), it will indeed help him in the match. Because this will support several things, so that Miya is not invincible when competing.

Especially with the Marksman hero with very high damage, Miya is definitely good for you to use later. Of course, with the ability of the Hero itself, it can certainly help you, even easy to face many enemies when fighting.

Then for Tips for Using Hero Miya Mobile Legends, it’s really good, especially after getting a new Revamp. It is very strong and impenetrable by the enemy when competing, because the ultimate protects, passively adds attacks and very deadly Critical Skills.

In order to become stronger, try 5 Battle Spell Hero Miya Best Mobile Legends (ML), this will really help. Because of the use of the Spell, we can slowly start playing and it will not reduce the chances of winning when fighting.

Best Battle Spell Hero Miya Mobile Legends (ML)


5 Best Battle Spell Hero Miya Mobile Legends (ML)

The first Battle Spell that is suitable for Hero Miya is Inspire, because this has become the most recommended Spell for you to use. Because by using the Battle Spell, players will increase their Attack Speed ​​and Life Steal for the next normal attack.

It’s no wonder Miya is really annoying to use this Spell, because Inspire itself supports the play of each skill as well. So when you use Ultimate and Inspire, then the attack will definitely be very fast.

Best Battle Spell Hero Miya in Mobile Legends is Flicker

If you want to run away or approach the enemy quickly, then using Flicker is also a good choice. Because my Esports also uses Miya, sometimes I use Flicker, if for example the enemy can actually counter the Ultimate from Hero Miya herself.

So that you will become safer, even trying to escape in battle. Remember Flicker in the right direction and if you want Outplay maybe you can use it better, so that when you use Miya it won’t feel very difficult.


5 Best Battle Spell Hero Miya Mobile Legends (ML)

If you understand how to play Miya Hyper, then Retribution is also suitable for you to use later. Because it speeds up doing builds and leveling up, it looks like a very helpful spell to become more lethal at first.

Only you can only depend on the Ultimate, so you have to stay alert when it’s like this. Especially now that there are plenty of Jungle Mobile Legends Riot Heroes, don’t be surprised if you guys will be playing in difficult conditions too.

The Best Battle Spell Hero Miya in Mobile Legends is Aegis

If the enemy deals large damage, then you can equip Miya with only the Aegis Spell. So that later it will bring up a large amount of White HP, if that’s the case, the damage from the enemy will be restrained and won’t hurt too much.

So even in doing war, you don’t need to be afraid, because Magic and Physical don’t hurt too much. But you have to be able to use it properly, so that later there won’t be a little white cellphone.


5 Best Battle Spell Hero Miya Mobile Legends (ML)

Even though as a Marksman whose attack range is far, you can also use Execute on the hero in matches. Because the Execute ability which will deal a large amount of True Damage, can kill opponents easily.

Because there are some conditions where Miya can’t kill a dying enemy, this spell is of course very helpful. It just depends on the situation, if it fits, it’s okay but if the opponent is difficult, don’t force it.

Direct use of the 5 Best Miya Battle Spell Heroes in Mobile Legends (ML), so that later it won’t be too difficult for you to kill your opponent. It even supports Miya to be faster and easier against enemies, depending on the existing citations as well.

Directly understanding Counter Hero Miya Mobile Legends, this will definitely have a big impact. No wonder the Hero will definitely become more difficult, as much as possible you avoid direct battles with the Counter.