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5 Annoying Ultimate Skills in Mobile Legends (ML) – My Esports

Mobile Legends has released a lot of good and cool updates for you to try playing too. Then with 5 Ultimate Skill Sucks in Mobile Legends (ML)), because from there it looks very clear his ability. Because there is no way a hero can easily escape, if it has been hit by the Skill attack.

It’s no wonder that there are quite a lot of skills in this match, you have to be careful when playing so it’s even easier. Because with good abilities, so that you are not so difficult to go forward and provide attacks when competing.

Even for the presence of 12 Skills Providing Crowd Control in Mobile Legends, they have very diverse abilities in the match later. Of course, with the ability to play like that, it will change the playing situation and it will also make it difficult for you to compete.

Especially when you have found 5 Annoying Ultimate Skills in Mobile Legends (ML), it feels like you really want to slam your HP if you always get hit. Because Ultimate is annoying, it will definitely make you unable to move at all when competing.

Ultimate Skill Sucks in Mobile Legends (ML)


5 Annoying Ultimate Skills in Mobile Legends (ML)

For example, if you have been hit by the Ultimate Skill from Chou’s hero, the possibility of escaping from him will become increasingly difficult. Even with Chou’s ability with very high CC, it’s clear to make players very annoyed when they get hit by the Ultimate.

No wonder even my Esports who use Tanks, when hit by Ultimate Chou must feel annoyed. Because we can’t take part in the war at all, especially if the Hero is thin HP will definitely be food for Chou to get Kill right away.

Ultimate Skill Sucks in Mobile Legends is Melissa

It’s really annoying for some heroes who have such low attack range, because Melissa is safe from those who get close. That’s why the Ultimate is suitable against Fighter heroes with low attack distances, because Melissa will give a slight knockback while the ultimate is active.

Even my Esports who used Alucard’s hero against Melissa were still a little annoyed, because they couldn’t be hit easily. It’s obvious that his HP is dying, but because of Ultimate we can’t attack, because it’s blocked by it. It’s annoying, but if the opponent is a Mage or Marksman, it will definitely be a different story.


5 Annoying Ultimate Skills in Mobile Legends (ML)

Even for Tigreal itself, it is quite annoying, because his Ultimate Skill can be a change of circumstances in a match. Because now Ultimate Tigreal can combo using Spell Flicker too, so catching opponents is easier.

So with Counter Hero Tigreal Mobile Legends, this will make things easier than ever. So that later it won’t be too difficult for you to fight the enemy, it’s just that we need to pay attention to the circumstances for that.

Ultimate Skill Sucks in Mobile Legends is Aldous

Why does my Esports say this is an annoying Ultimate Skill? imagine dying and recalling, suddenly Aldous is ultimate and is after you. Yes, if for example there are still friends who help, maybe they can be helped, but if you are really dying once you get hit, you will die.

Even Ultimate Aldous himself will thwart the opponent’s Recall, so he can’t return to Base. That’s what makes it very annoying, even this Ultimate player can use to open the Map to know the position of all enemies.


5 Annoying Ultimate Skills in Mobile Legends (ML)

Even though Johnson’s ultimate hero needs good control, it’s still something very annoying. Because of the speed in moving places, high damage and even a long stun with a slow effect.

My Esports experience when I was hit by Johnson’s Ultimate Skill was really bad, especially when Combo brought a hero to attack. Of course, it’s very clear that this way you will find it difficult to move, especially if it has become a Dead Combo from the hero himself.

That’s why the 5 Annoying Ultimate Skills in Mobile Legends (ML), you have to be careful and don’t underestimate them too. Because with the ability of a Hero who has an Ultimate Skill like this, it will have a different effect in the match.

Then understand every ultimate from Hero Update Game Mobile Legends now, so you don’t get confused with the usage now. Because it shows attack abilities that are also quite deadly, we must always be aware of the ultimate in the match later.