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4 Best PUBG Mobile SCAR-L Attachments 2022

PUBG Mobile SCAR-L Attachment – PUBG Mobile game has about 10 Scar-L type weapons. However, of the several types of weapons, not all of them are good to use. The Scar-L type of weapon is a weapon that is often used in the PUBG Mobile game.

Scar-L is more often used because it is considered to have consistent performance and is easy to find, as well as flexible. This weapon is widely used in short-range to mid-range combat.

As a player who loves Scar-L rifles, of course you must know what are the Attachments of this Scar-L PUBG Mobile. Of course, if you install a supporting Attachment item, the quality of your L-Scar gun fire will increase.

Some Attachments are compatible with Scar-L weapons. In this article, Ulingame will recommend an attachment that is suitable for your PUBG Mobile Scar-L weapon. Listen to the end.

PUBG Mobile SCAR-L Attachment

Scar L . Attachment

There are many choices of all types of rifles in PUBG Mobile that you can use. Each rifle has its own advantages and disadvantages. This sometimes confuses players to choose what attachments are suitable for PUBG Mobile’s Scar-L rifle.

Well, for those of you who are confused about determining the best attachment for Scar-L, here Ulingame will recommend attachments that are suitable for Scar-L as follows.

Flash Hider

Flash Hider 1

Flash Hider is a muzzle that is widely used for various weapons in PUBG Mobile. This muzzle has a function that can hide the sparks of light or fire that have been released from the weapon when shooting.

This muzzle flash hider is available for Scar-L weapon types, so this attachment is suitable for pairing. In addition, the advantage of using a flash hider is also because of its function that can reduce recoil even though it is less than the maximum compared to the Compensator.

Laser Sight

Laser Sight 1 Attachment SCAR-L PUBG Mobile

The second is Laser Sight, according to the information Ulingame got, Laser Sight is a reliable attachment. This attachment is very useful for those of you who will do close combat.

The function of this Laser Sight is that it will give you a visual aid effect in the form of a laser point, so it is very suitable for use on Scar-L weapons, especially if you are going to fight indoors.

Quick Extended Magazine

Quick Extended Magazine

The function of this Quick Extended Magazine for your Scar-L weapon is to maximize re-load speed. In addition, this attachment can also increase the bullet capacity of your Scar-L weapon.


Scope 3 Attachment SCAR-L PUBG Mobile

And, the last attachment is scope. Use the Attachment scope Red Dot, X2, or X4. You can use this attachment to be right on target in aiming at the enemy.

Attachment Scope is very suitable to be combined with your Scar-L Weapon. Because, if you put a scope on your weapon, the sight of the shot will look clearer. In addition, Scope also helps you in doing close combat to the maximum.

SCAR-L . stats

After knowing some of the attachments that must be completed in Scar-L PUBG Mobile, players also need to know the statistics of the Scar-L rifle. This information about damage, types of bullets, weapon categories and the duration of Scar-L reloading has been prepared by Ulingame as follows.

Recoil Rate35
Firing Rate75
Ammunition Type5.56mm
Weapon CategoryAssault Rifle

Scar-L Kelebihan Advantages & Disadvantages

Pros and Cons of Scar L Attachment SCAR-L PUBG Mobile

Of the many weapons in PUBG Mobile, there must be advantages and disadvantages that must be considered before using. This is intended to make it easier to use Scar-L PUBG Mobile later.

The advantages of Scar-L

  1. Has a large damage power.
  2. Easy to find.
  3. Flexible.

Scar-L . Disadvantages

  1. The range is quite low.
  2. The Rate of Fire is different from the M416.
  3. Iron Sight interferes with the view.

The final word

Here are some recommendations for PUBG Mobile Scar-L weapon attachments that Ulingame has delivered. You can use all the suggestions above, or adjust it according to your needs and convenience. Good luck.