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4 Best PUBG Mobile AKM Attachments & Tips for Using 2022

PUBG Mobile AKM Attachments – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is a Battle Royale genre game that has a more serious style of play and excellent weapon details. Although many players experience difficulties in choosing weapons and components because there are too many attachments. This time, Ulingame will share the best attachments and tips for using AKM weapons.

Weapons are the most important part of a battle strategy that must be prepared by PUBG Mobile players when choosing the right weapon to maximize player performance in the game. Therefore, knowing the weapon statistics and some of them is an important basic knowledge that PUBG Mobile players must have.

The problem when playing PUBG Mobile is that it provides various types of rifles and various types of attachments as well. This makes it difficult for PUBG mobile players to choose which attachmant can be used for the weapon being used. Finding out which one can be used is quite difficult, let alone determining which is the best attachment for the AKM.

Now for those of you who like to use the AKM, this time Ulingame will share tips on choosing which attachments are suitable for AKM weapons as follows.

PUBG Mobile AKM Stats

AKM Attachment AKM Stats PUBG Mobile

The AKM is one of the most widely used and popular rifles in the PUBG Mobile game. Players prefer to use the AKM Assault Rifle because it can land a fatal blow to the opponent, thanks to the 7.62mm ammo. At first, players will find it difficult to use it due to its very high recoil, but over time, it will become a great firearm for close combat. The details of the AKM statistics are below.

Rate Of Fire61

PUBG Mobile AKM Attachments

As an AKM weapon user when playing PUBG Mobile, it is mandatory for players to complete with attachments that must be met. Here, Ulingame has fully summarized some of the best attachments for AKM.

Attachment Compensator

Compensator 1

In the muzzle, there is 1 that is suitable for AKM weapons, namely the Compensator Attachment, this is the first thing that players must look for when using AKM weapons. Because the function of the compensator itself is very over power.

The compensator aims to reduce shot recoil from weapons that use attachments and make it easier for you to control the recoil pattern of the weapons used. Compensator will make it easier for players to do Full Auto using AKM.

Attachment Scope

Scope 4 Attachment AKM PUBG Mobile

For Attachment scope, there are 2 interesting options for AKM to use. The two are Holo Sight and Red Dot Sight. Both options are used for close combat. Why only two scopes? Because the function of the AKM weapon is for close combat only.

The maximum potential of AKM is only achieved if the players are in close to medium range. So there are only 2 scopes that can accommodate this potential. Alternatively, players can use the X2 scope for medium range.

Attachment Extended Quickdraw Magazine

Extended Quickdraw Magazine

This last attachment has an important role, namely the Extended Quickdraw Magazine for AR-type weapons, although it does not have much effect on maximizing the potential of the weapon. However, Extended Quickdraw will certainly be useful both when doing battle. The number of bullets that can be fired increases and reloads or reloads faster.

Tips for Using AKM

Tips for Using AKM Attachment AKM PUBG Mobile

For PUBG Mobile players who are still confused about how to use the AKM Assault Rifle weapon, here Ulingame will share some tips that you can follow. Just take a look at the tips for using AKM weapons in PUBG Mobile below.

  1. Use the AKM for close and mid-range combat.
  2. Use Burst Controlled system.
  3. Complete the attachment as above.
  4. Often practice in Training Mode.

The final word

That’s how to choose the best attachments that you can use on AKM weapons. By fulfilling the Ulingame version of the attachments above, your game performance will be maximized. So many articles that can be shared may be useful for readers.