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3000+ ID Sakura School Simulator 2022: Mansion, BTS, Plane

ID Sakura School Simulator – Sakura School Simulator is an online game that is currently popular. At Sakura School players will be given a fairly special simulator gameplay that you can play on Android phones.

In the game Sakura School Simulator, it will tell a player who becomes a student at a Sakura Town high school. In the game players can also construct buildings using their respective properties.

As players know that in the latest update of Sakura School Simulator, players have provided cool characteristics that really help you various props or your buildings to others.

Well, considering the Sakura School game can be played online and players can also share properties with each other. For those of you who still don’t know what Sakura School ID is.

The following is an explanation of the Sakura School ID below.

What is ID Sakura School Simulator

The Sakura School game is currently booming. Especially with the update now there are Sakura School IDs for example Home ID, School ID, Mosque ID, airplane ID, Upin & Ipin ID and others so that you can add a cool and unique gameplay. In addition, you can also get buildings with a rural atmosphere.

If you are looking for Sakura School ID, this is the right place for you to visit. Of course you will be confused if you can’t get the ID. But don’t worry Ulingame will provide information about ID Sakura School.

For that, just refer to the information below regarding the Sakura School ID. Hopefully after you read this article, you can immediately use it and can enjoy the atmosphere like real life just like humans in general. Starting from MARRY, HAVE CHILDREN and BECOME A TEACHER.

ID Sakura School Arena Squid Game

Squid Arena Name Game Sakura School SimulatorRegister ID Sakura School SimulatorLocation Display
Arena Squid Game8716 3270 0662 10Arena Squid Gamee
Squid Game Headquarters5516 3237 991 65Squid Game Headquarters
Parkour6216 1622 1155 019Parkour

ID Sakura School Simulator

Home Girl Decoration

Following this, Ulingame has prepared a list of Sakura School IDs that you can visit and save in the game.

ID Sakura School Home

Simple house

For players who are looking for a home Sakura School ID, Here Ulingame will share some IDs that players can apply below.

ID Sakura School School

Senior high school

Not only houses, players can also design schools in the style of Indonesian schools below.

School Name Sakura School SimulatorRegister ID Sakura School Simulator Location Display
Sakura State High School ID 9616 1559 7130 23 Senior high school
Sakura State Elementary School ID4216 1685 0042 29 elementary school
Upin and Ipin Kindergarten ID85161531232912

ID Sakura School Airplane

Garuda Indonesia

Not only using cars, motorbikes and bicycles, at Sakura School you can also use planes. The following is the Sakura School Airplane ID that you can use to play below.

Sakura School Airplane NameRegister ID Sakura School Location Display
SAKURA AIRLINES3716 1633 1436 15 Airlienes
Lion Air plane 6316 1569 2749 16 sea ​​lion
Sriwijaya Air plane 569 2505 13 Sriwijaya
Garuda Indonesia planes 9516 1492 3182 15 Garuda Indonesia

ID Sakura School Mosque

Cianjur Square ID Sakura School Simlator

For Sakura School game lovers, you are really obliged to use the Sakura School Mosque ID in your account. Well for those who are curious, see the reviews below.

ID Sakura School Upin Ipin

Upin And Ipin

The following is a collection of Upin Ipin Sakura School IDs that you can use below.

That’s a collection of cool and unique Sakura School Simulator IDs that you can try while playing.

How to Use ID Sakura School Simulator

How to use the Sakura School Simulator ID is very easy. See below for the steps.

1. Open the game Sakura School Simulator

Method 1 Id Sakura School Simulator

3. After logging in first or registering

2. If you have, open the menu and select Chara & edit item.


4. Open the props menu then all you have to do is select save 1

Way 3 Id sakura school Simulator

5. Next select Search by Props ID

Method 4 Id Sakura School Simulator

6. Enter the ID and select OK

Fill Id Sakura School Simulator

7. Follow the direction of the arrow to the building that the player has been looking for

Method 5 Sakura School Simulator ID

8. Done, now the place is in your move area menu.

How to ID Sakura School Simulator

The final word

That’s a review of the Sakura School Simulator ID that you can use. Don’t forget to visit so you get the latest information about online games for sure.