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3 Hero Late Game Mobile Legends Who Can Give Hope To Win

You should know that here are 3 late game heroes in Mobile Legends who can give you hope to win when you are in a losing state.

Surely all of you have experienced a situation where your team was left behind, losing badly to your opponent in the early game. Of course it is very annoying, makes your mood bad and finally loses.

Regarding that, there are several heroes who can turn things around, there are 3 heroes according to SPIN Esports who can give hope to win in the late game even though you have been slaughtered since the early game.

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Aldous ml

Aldous was the first and most effective to reverse the situation left behind in the early game. Because when in the late game where the stack is full, Aldous will be very deadly.

He can even kill any opponent in front of him in just 1 attack.


Wanwan mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

Having a long attack speed and not much damage is Wanwan’s main weakness in the early game.

But all that will change when in the late game, Wanwan will become a very deadly marksman hero, hard to catch, high attack speed, and terrible damage all on this one hero.


Cecilion MLBB
Photo via Wallpaper Access

Lastly is Cecilion, if the stack is over 200 then be prepared you will be killed in just one or two attacks.

Not to mention Cecilion is a very high-quality high ground hero so it’s very difficult for your team’s defense to penetrate if you have this hero.

Those are some late game Mobile Legends heroes who can give you hope to win even if you lose badly in the early game.

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