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25 Ways to Win Close-range PUBG Mobile 2022: Tips & Recommendations

How to Win Close Range PUBG Mobile – For fans of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile game, of course, you will always wonder how you can increase your Crosshair, especially during close combat or you could say Close Combat in order to win.

In this case, Aim is arguably not the only way to do everything. Although you can’t deny that the existence of Aim is also very important for PUBG Mobile players.

PUBG Mobile always presents various combat features, one of which is close combat, here are explanations and tips for winning when doing this. PUBG is one of the most popular FPS genre games that offers realistic gameplay.

Then how to win at close range PUBG Mobile? For more details, see the review below the Ulingame version.

How to Win Close Range PUBG Mobile

The following is the most important way to win at close range in PUBG Mobile because you can say there are various ways that can be done so that every player has a great opportunity to win close combat as follows.

1. Reflex

Reflection on how to win at close range in PUBG Mobile

Reflex is the way you respond from one object to another quickly, responding and reacting suddenly if an opponent appears. You quickly retaliate or avoid attacks from enemies.

2. Jiggle Movement

Jiggle Movement

Jingle Movement is an analog game. Players must be able to practice finger speed to move the analog left and right. Even though it can be said that the bullets will be issued undirected, but this is quite a powerful way to win close combat because the enemy will find it difficult to shoot the player.

3. Aim Accuracy

Aim Accuracy How to Win PUBG Mobile Close Range

Aim Acuracy or can be called with shooting accuracy. Aim Acuracy is something you can do next if you have a good understanding of reflexes. For example, if you meet an enemy, then Aim Accuracy will be the last thing you can win when fighting.

An example of how acuraccy does well.

  • If you use AKM weapons with 7.6 bullets (brown) and if the enemy uses a helmet. All you have to do is disable it with one shot to the head.
  • If you are face to face with the enemy in a closer position, then use the scope to attack him directly. Because basically, using a scope will make it easier for you to direct your aim at your head.
  • The last way, if you meet an enemy in a room. Try to point the cursor down first, not towards the head first, the goal is to make it easier to kill.

4. Step


Step is certainly needed in close combat. Every enemy movement the player must know and the player must understand about hearing the step when playing, so you can’t be fooled by the opponent’s movement even though the opponent is on the left, right, up, and down you can’t be missed if you understand the steps.

5. Confidence


Confidence is sometimes always taken for granted by PUBG Mobile players. Actually, this confidence is the main thing that you must have before jumping directly into the game to take part in the battle.

Players must motivate themselves and never be afraid when facing enemies that you will face later. If you don’t believe in yourself or panic, then all the skills players have of course will just disappear and worse, they will be killed easily by the enemy.

6. Unique Moves

Unique Moves How to Win Close Range PUBG Mobile

In addition to Jiggle Movement, players can also make unique random moves that are very difficult for the enemy to guess. When playing PUBG Mobile, of course, you will subconsciously be aware of the movements of PUBG Mobile players.

Then you can combine all movements such as Jiggle Movement, Jump, Prone, squatting by paying attention to the crosshair.

7. Utilize Buildings, Trees, Rocks

Utilizing Buildings How to Win PUBG Mobile Close Range

Close combat of course requires a variety of existing protection such as buildings, trees, cars, rocks and many others.

In addition, if the circumstances are not possible, for example, the number of players lost to the enemy, there is no harm in running away from the place.

Tips for Winning Close-range PUBG Mobile

Combat in close range areas requires players to play quite smart and agile. Of course, it takes really mature skills to be able to win close combat.

Here are some tips for winning close range PUBG Mobile below.

1. Make sure the enemy’s position is correct

Make Sure The Enemy Position Is Correct How To Win PUBG Mobile At Close Range

Before shooting at close range, make sure the player is in a position ready to shoot. If you have found the position and the player’s position is visible, then immediately change the player’s position so that the enemy is confused about detecting your position.

2. Aim Crosshair and Open Scope

Scope How to Win Close Range PUBG Mobile

Before opening the scope, the most important thing is to direct the crosshair first at the enemy, if the player opens it then directs it to the enemy, the player will take time and slow down the movement so that the enemy will have time to shoot the player. Aim first or slam the crosshair at the enemy and then the player opens the scope and shoots.

If the shooting player does not open the scope or only relies on the crosshair feature, the bullets shot will automatically be scattered and messy. It’s normal to keep aiming and opening the scope when shooting at close range, SCOPE SO IT DOESN’T SHAKE then the bullet will be neater and can penetrate the enemy perfectly.

3. Graphic Settings According to Specs

Graphic Settings How to Win PUBG Mobile Close Range

Make sure the smartphone is able to play PUBG Mobile, because the smartphone does not meet the requirements, there may be problems and in the end you can’t win (Chicken Dinner). Players who have low or standard spec smartphones can see GRAPH SETTINGS which Ulingame has previously summarized.

Recommended melee weapons

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is a game that is quite large in size, because it has an 8×8 map of which there are two, namely Erangel and Miramar. The playing style of the players also has to adapt, because some people prefer to play close combat.

So even though in PUBG Mobile sniper weapons are more effective but not effective at close range and close range weapons you have to pay attention to. The following are recommendations from Ulingame for PUBG players who like to do close combat.

  1. Uzi (SMG)
  2. PP-Bizon (SMG)
  3. UMP9 (SMG)
  4. Thomson (SMG)
  5. Vector (SMG)
  6. AKM (AR)
  7. Groza (AR)
  8. M762 (AR)
  9. AUG (AR)
  10. M416 (AR)
  11. SCAR-L (AR)
  12. M249
  13. S12K (Shotguns)
  14. S1897 (Shotguns)
  15. S686 (Shotguns)
  16. DBS (Shotguns)

Those are the 15 recommended weapons of the Ulingame version for battles to win at close range that you can use while playing.

The final word

Maybe that’s all can share about how to win at close range PUBG Mobile, starting from How to, Tips and Recommendations for melee weapons. Hopefully it can be useful for PUBG Mobile players and Ulingame still has many more online game articles for players. Don’t forget to visit other articles so that you can get the latest and certainly updated information about games.