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25 Ways to Top Up Point Blank All 2022 Methods: Cheapest & Discounts

How to Top Up Point Blank – Point Blank (PB) is a Legendary FPS game that has been around since 2009. Until 2022 it is still a favorite game on PC or computer.

Point Blank games starting from Gemscool, Garena and now Point Blank are operated by Zeppeto to become one of the games that are very popular with Indonesian Troppers and several other countries.

Do you know how to top up the game? in the game there is a microtransactions feature that has been made by the developer which allows the game to buy virtual weapons or items that they want.

This time Ulingame will discuss several ways how to top up Point Blank easily. For more details, just refer to the method below.

How to Top Up Point Blank

To buy Point Blank Indonesia cash top up, you must MAKE A POINT BLANK ACCOUNT first before buying. If you already have a Point Blank account, then fill in the balance and then choose the marketplace to buy.

Price of Cash Point Blank

Point Blank cash prices in several marketplaces have prices that vary depending on the nominal cash. for example, 1,200 cash is valued at Rp. 10,000, which is equivalent to cash of 1,200 Rp. 12,000, so troppers can save a few rupiahs by buying Zeppeto Cash Point Blanks at several sellers.

For clearer information about prices, you can choose several marketplaces through applications or websites such as Top Up Center, Unipin, Codashop, Tokopedia and others.

How to Top Up Cash Point Blank

Ulingame will inform Troppers about how to top up Point Blank Beyond Limits, there are several ways to top up.

1. How to Top Up Cash via top up center

You no longer need to transfer to a bank or to an internet cafe to buy vouchers. Top Up Cash Point Blank Beyond Limit can already use Telkomsel credit, Smartfren, XL, Three and online Marketplace. Here are some ways to Top Up via credit and the online marketplace below.
Via Top Up Center 1

  1. Visit the website
    Via Top Up Center 2
  2. Login to your PB account first
    How to Top Up Cash Via Top Up Center
  3. Click Top Up Center
    How to Top Up Cash Via Top Up Center 4
  4. Choose the provider to use
    How to Top Up Cash Via Top Up Center 5
  5. Choose the nominal you want to buy
  6. Then click Continue to Payment.
    How to Top Up Cash Via Top Up Center 6
  7. Enter your phone number, then wait for the verification code.
  8. Cash will go directly to the account.

2. How to Top Up Point Blank via unipin

Via Unipin

  1. Visit the Unipin PB website
    Via Unipin
  2. Enter the user ID to be filled in
    Via Unipin
  3. Choose the denomination or nominal that you want to buy
    Via Unipin
  4. Choose Voucher Payment Channel, Online Payment, Virtual Account Transfer, Credit Card, Indomaret/Alfamart, Internet/SMS Banking or Credit Card.
    Via Unipin
  5. Complete the transaction and the cash will go directly to your account

3. How to Top Up Cash Via Codashop
Via Codashop

4. How to Top Up Point Blank Via Tokopedia

How to Buy a Point Blank Beyond Limits Voucher

Via Tokopedia

  1. Open the Tokopedia website
    Via Tokopedia 2
  2. In the Top Up & Bills section then enter the Phone Number and select the nominal to be purchased
    Via Tokopedia 3
  3. After that, click the “More” menu on the right
  4. Click “Game Voucher”
    Via Tokopedia 4
  5. Click “Point Blank Beyond Limits”
    Via Tokopedia 5
  6. Select the amount you want to buy, then click “Buy”
    Via Tokopedia 6
  7. Confirm the payment amount, then click “Continue”
    Via Tokopedia 7
  8. Choose Online Payment, Virtual Account or other method
    Via Tokopedia 8
  9. When the transaction is complete, you will get a voucher code

How to enter a Point Blank Beyond Limits Redeem Voucher

Via Tokopedia

  1. Open the Point Blank Beyond Limits website
    via Tokopedia
  2. Click Top Up Center
    Via Top Up Center 2
  3. Then login, enter ID & Password
    Via Tokopedia 10
  4. Choose Point Blank Voucher
    Via Tokopedia 111
  5. Fill in the voucher code. After that, continue the payment and the cash will be directly entered into the account.

the final word

Those are some ways can make it easier to fill in Point Blank cash. If you want to fill cash easily, you can try the method above and troopers who want to top up to buy weapons AUG and SG (Shoutguns), Ulingame will recommend weapon titles for those of you who are very sick and powerful. Hopefully it can help and be useful.