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24 Best PUBG Mobile Weapon Combinations Auto WWCD 2022

PUBG Mobile Weapon Combination – Playing games is definitely just for entertainment, but there is a special strategy that is right if you want to win a battle, one of which is the PUBG Mobile game.

Talking about weapons, Ulingame will share a combination of the best weapons in PUBG Mobile that is suitable for players to use in all maps in PUBG Mobile according to their respective map characters.

Game made by Tencent themed Battle Royale which requires players to how to survive until the end and finish off all enemies in order to get victory or Chicken Dinner.

The use of a combination of weapons can make players get a Chicken Dinner. This time Ulingame will present several combinations of weapons that you can use when playing PUBG Mobile which is adjusted to the following playing style.

PUBG Mobile Weapon Combination

Of the many weapons in PUBG Mobile, surely some of you are still confused in determining the best combination of weapons in PUBG Mobile. No need to worry, because Ulingame has prepared several recommendations for weapons that you can use when doing push rank easily.

Just take a look at the complete information about the best long, medium and long range weapon combinations below.

Combination of melee weapons

At close range

If you are the type of PUBG Mobile player who often plays at close range, it’s a good idea to try a combination of weapons that are light, agile and have a large magazine size.

Here are some of the best barbarian-type weapons as follows.

  1. Uzi (Submachine Gun) + M416 (Asault Rifle)
  2. AKM (Asault Rifle) + Thomson (Submachine Gun)
  3. M762 (Asault Rifle) + Bizon (Submachine Gun)
  4. SCAR-L (Asault Rifle) + UMP9 (Submachine Gun)
  5. MG3 (Submachine Gun) + S12K (Shotgun)
  6. Groza (AR) + MK14 (DMR) Auto

Combination of Long Range Weapons

PUBG Mobile Weapon Combination Long Range

For players who prefer to play in long-range combat or sniper players, you can use Long Range Loadout type weapons. The best goal of the PUBG rifle combination is to kill all opponents from a distance using a large damage weapon like the one below.

  1. AWM (Sniper) + M416 (Assault Rifle)
  2. M24 (Sniper) + AUG (Assault Rifle)
  3. Kar98K (Sniper) + SCAR-L (AR)
  4. Mosin Nagant (Sniper) + UMP9 (SMG)
  5. Mini14 (DMR) + AKM (AR)

Medium Range Weapon Combination

Medium Range Combination of PUBG Mobile Weapons

For medium-range weapon combinations, players need weapons that have great damage, which can knock out opponents with only 1 to 3 bullets. Especially for the Sanhok map in the opponent’s forest area, it’s easy to disappear.

If the indirect shot makes the opponent paralyzed on the spot, it is certain that the opponent will disappear easily. Situations like this can actually make your position vulnerable to being counterattacked.

The following is the recommended medium range weapon for the Ulingame version.

  1. MK14 (DMR) + M416 (AR)
  2. QBZ (AR) + SKS (DMR)
  3. M249 (Submachine Gun) + SLR (DMR)
  4. AUG (AR) + QBU (DMR)
  5. DP-28 (Submachine Gun) + SCAR-L (AR)

Pro Player’s Favorite Weapon Combination

Pro Player's Favorite Weapon Combination of PUBG Mobile Weapons

There are some of the best weapons that are favorites to be used by PUBG Mobile Indonesia pro players during National or International tournaments and when streaming.

  1. M416 (AR) + DP-28 (LMR)
  2. SCAR-L (AR) + M16A4 (AR)
  3. AUG (AR) + Mini14 (DMR)
  4. MG3 (LMR) + UMP9 (SMG)
  5. Uzi (SMG) + M416 (AR)
  6. M416 (AR) + UMP9 (SMG)

The final word

Those are some of the best combinations of weapons in PUBG Mobile for close, medium, long range and the Ulingame version of the favorite pro-player weapon that you can try while playing classic. Hopefully it can help for players who are still confused about using the combination of weapons above and good luck.