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20 Most Expensive & Most Special Mobile Legends Hero Skins 2022

The Most Expensive Mobile Legends Hero Skin – Mobile Legends online games are games that are still booming in Indonesia. Because there are some interesting things that players can get when playing Mobile Legends.

There is one skin that players can get, with the most expensive skin in Mobile Legends, it can display the coolest hero skin compared to regular hero skins.

In order to get the skin you want, players have to spend quite a lot of money to buy it. Talking about skins, what are the most expensive skins in Mobile Legends? Now on this occasion, Ulingame will review some of the Mobile Legends heroes with the most expensive skins.

In the following, Ulingame will share a list of the most expensive skins currently in Mobile Legends. Now for players who want to get the skin, prepare a lot of diamonds so they can get the COOLEST SKIN in Mobile Legends as below.

The Most Expensive Mobile Legend Hero Skin

Of the many serial skins available in Mobile Legends, the most expensive, with very special animation effects and special background sounds, makes this skin worthy of being a Legend skin series.

1. Hero Gusion – Cosmic Gleam

Cosmic Gleam

The first most expensive skin of the Assassin Gusion hero is Cosmic Gleam. To get the Cosmic Gleam Legend skin, players can go through the Draw Magic Wheel event for 12,000 Diamonds or convert it to 3 million.

Certainly not a cheap price to get this special skin in Mobile Legends, of course players must be really sure if they want to get the Gusion hero skin in Mobile Legends.

2. Hero Alucard – Obsidian Blade

The Most Expensive Obsidian Blade Skin Hero Mobile Legend

The most expensive hero skin in the next Mobile Legends is certainly no stranger to skipping Alucard Obsidian. The Obsidian Blade skin being the target of many players does make Alucard’s hero more special and very unfortunately, to get this skin you have to spend around 3 million more or use 12,000 the same as Gusion Cosmic Gleam through the Magic Wheel.

3. Hero Gord – Conqueror


The most expensive Mobile Legends hero skin on this one is the hero Gord the Conqueror. Skin Conqueror shows Gord with a robotic theme from the future This special skin is only available in the Draw Magic Wheel. Players have to risk their luck or luck in order to get the Conqueor skin. You must have 12,000 diamonds to get this rare skin.

4. Hero Saber – Codename Storm

Codename Storm

Codoname Storm is the best Saber hero skin in Mobile Legends Skin. This saber skin resembles a gundam character, this skin is also only available in the Draw Magic Wheel. In order to get it, players must be willing to spend around 12,000 diamonds or the equivalent of more than 3 million. If you are a sultan, of course you are interested in buying this special skin.

5. Hero Miya – Modena Butterfly

Modena Butterfly Skin Hero Mobile Legend Most Expensive

The last most expensive Mobile Legends skin is Miya Modena Butterfly. Just like some other Legend skins, you can only get them through the Draw Magic Wheel. This means that players have to really rely on luck in order to get these skins. For the same price as other Legend skins.

6. All the Most Expensive KOF Skins


The next most expensive hero skin is in great demand by Mobile Legends players, namely King Of Fighters (KOF). Players have to spend money worth 2 to 5 million more to get 1 KOF skin, if you are lucky in just one draw 10 times you can get a KOF skin.

By using the KOF skin, the appearance of the hero you are using will be cooler and more special. However, the King Of Fighters skin only applies to certain types of heroes. Here are the KOF heroes and skin names below.

  1. Gusion – K’
  2. Chou – Lori Yagami
  3. Aurora – Kula Diamond
  4. Dyrroth – Orochi Chris
  5. Guinevere – Athena Asamiya
  6. Karina – Leona

7. All the Most Expensive Super Hero Skins

The Most Expensive Skin Super Hero Skin Hero Mobile Legend

All Super Hero skins are the most expensive hero skins in Mobile Legends. Players can get skins through certain events, in order to get them, players must prepare quite a lot of money.

Regarding Super Hero skins, players must pocket around 1,700,000 million. That way, players can get one of the Super Hero skins. For sure, Super hero skins are the most expensive skins in Mobile Legends.

There are 5 Super Hero skins that you can buy, including the following.

  1. Esmeralda – The Foreseer
  2. Vale – Blizzard Storm
  3. Chou – Thunderfist
  4. Lancelot – Swordmaster
  5. Bruno – Firebolt

It’s a shame, to get the Super Hero skin, players have to wait for the draw event. Super Hero skins are in the limited skin category and you can’t buy them anytime in the Mobile Legends game.

8. All Skin Collector’s Most Expensive

The Most Expensive Mobile Legend Hero Skin Collector

Skin Collector is a new caste in the Mobile Legends game. Which all Collector skins players can get at the Epic Showcase event. Epic Showcase is a replacement event for Lucky Box which was previously present to provide Epic Limite skins in Mobile Legends. In order to get one of the Collector skins, players must spend around 1,000,000 million more.

The price of the Collector skin is in accordance with its name, namely Collection. Players can collect all Collector skins by buying them at the Mobile Legends event. The following is a list of the current Mobile Legends Collector skins.

  1. Badang – Fist of Zen
  2. Pharsa – Empress Phoenix
  3. Granger – Agent Z
  4. Yi Sun Shin – Lone Destructor
  5. Valir – Demon Lord
  6. Jawhead – Samurai Mech
  7. Wanwan – Pixel Blast
  8. Gusion – Night Owl
  9. Angela – Floral Elf
  10. Yu Zhong – Blood Serpent
  11. Ling – Serene Plume
  12. Benedetta – Death Oath
  13. Balmond – God of Mountains

9. Moonton Exclusive Skin

The Most Expensive Ml Skin Hero Mobile Legend Skin

The last most expensive skin is the Exclusive skin given from Moonton. What are the Exclusive skins and what heroes have gotten the Exclusive skin? The skin in question is a skin that has been sold during a limited event and can only be obtained at a certain time.

For example, Harith Evos Legends skin, Clint M2, Aldous M1 and Lancelot Bren Esport which are exclusive skins in Mobile Legends. For the price of the skin, it is quite expensive, which is around 700 thousand for one skin.

The final word

So much information about the most expensive hero skins in the Ulingame version of Mobile Legends. How? Are any of you interested in collecting all the most expensive skins in Mobile Legends above? If so, don’t forget to write in the comments column below.