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2 Ways to Exchange Mobile Legends Heroes in Ranked & Exchange Battle Points

How to Exchange Hero Mobile Legends – Mobile Legends is currently one of the favorite games played by many people. To increase rank in the Mobile Legends game.

The Mobile Legends game is one of the most exciting battle genre games, especially when you play with your friends to become a push ranked friend for a higher tier or rank.

In this Mobile Legends game, there is also a way to exchange heroes, for example swapping heroes in ranked mode and being able to exchange heroes to become points. This will certainly make you happy because you don’t need to buy a hero with diamonds.

This time Ulingame will discuss articles about how to exchange Hero Mobile Legends in rank mode and get free battle points that you must know, Check out the methods below.

Draft pick mode in ranked Mobile Legends starting from tier epic to mythical glory gets a system update in tier epic to mythical glory that can switch positions in the game during draft pick, more details about swapping heroes in ranked mode. Here’s how to swap heroes below.

1. Draft pick slot position

Players can change positions, only players who are in the top position, namely players 1,2,3,4 for the 5th player can type a request to the player above it if they want to change positions.

How to Exchange Mobile Legends Heroes in Ranked mode

2. Select the Ask for Help icon

To change positions, players to 2,3,4,5 must provide information on wanting to use the hero you want by selecting the I want to use button or asking for help so that players above it can turn to choose the hero that has been selected and navigate to swap positions.

3. Press the navigation key

When the player will change the position then you just press the navigation button so the information will appear as below.

How to exchange heroes in Ranked

4. Done

Press the OK button, it will automatically switch.

How to get free battle points in the Mobile Legends game? Ulingame will explain how to easily get battle points, see the explanation below.

How to change heroes into Battle Points

The first step is to enter the Backpack menu at the bottom right.

2. Select Hero Icon Point

How to become a Battle Point

Look for all heroes that have a logo icon like the one below.

3. Select the Sell Icon

Select a hero, then click the sell icon at the bottom right. Then your battle points will increase quickly according to the trial heroes that are exchanged.

Actually, you can also sell skins and other Mobile Legends items. The method is almost the same, the difference lies in the options that have been selected. Here you are required to choose a skin or item in the trial card menu.

In addition, recently Mobile Legends gamers can transfer heroes or skins to each other’s accounts.

How to share is very easy and useful for those of you who want a new hero or skin for free from your friends. Previously, Ulingame had made an article on sending hero skins to Mobile Legends friends without diamonds

The benefit of exchanging heroes is to make your battle points a lot. If you have a lot of heroes, the more hero trials. This will make even more battle points that you will get in this Mobile Legends game.

The final word

That’s the review about Swapping Mobile Legends heroes in the Ranked mode above and becoming a battle point. Hopefully this article can help those of you who don’t understand about swapping in the Mobile Legends game.