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16 Ways to Overcome Lag When Recording PC Games 2022 : Apk Recommendations

How to Overcome Lag When Recording PC Games – It is undeniable that playing PC games has its own fun and convenience compared to games on smartphones.

One of the advantages is that there are various kinds of HD games that you can play. For example GTA V, Need for Speed ​​and many other games. Another plus is that the PC or computer the player is using can be easier to upgrade. So that his ability can continue to increase. But sometimes when playing games on PC you can’t escape the lag and crashes.

Maybe you are interested in becoming a YouTuber or live streaming, but you are still confused about which application to use to record your games. Especially with the PC in use that has mediocre specifications or low specifications.

But don’t worry, this time Ulingame will provide a solution for players who are looking for the best game record software and tips on how to overcome lag when recording PC games.

How to Overcome Game Lag

There are 8 ways you can do when dealing with game lag and crashes on PC. For example, upgrading hardware to overclock the PC. For more details, see the full explanation as follows:

1. PC Hardware Upgrade


The first way you can do to overcome game lag is by upgrading the PC hardware that you are using. It could be because the lag occurs because the PC specifications do not support it.

After upgrading later, the PC used will increase and can play games smoothly. Here are some of the most important hardware you can upgrade so that there is no lag when playing the game below.

  1. Hard drive upgrade to SSD
  2. Graphics card can be upgraded more sophisticated
  3. Processor is upgraded higher than the version

To upgrade a PC, of ​​course, it costs money and if you don’t have money to upgrade, that’s okay. You can still use other methods as below.

2. Game Graphic Settings

Graphic Settings

Every PC game must have graphics settings. Where players can choose whether they want to use low quality graphics, standard, or high quality graphics. Every graphic a player chooses can certainly have an impact on the gaming experience. there are advantages and there are also disadvantages.

For example, if you choose the highest graphic quality, the player’s eyes can be spoiled during the game. But players really need to have a high-spec PC to use those settings.

To overcome lag, you can use low-quality graphics settings. Even though the graphics are not as beautiful as on high graphics settings, at least you can play the game smoothly.

3. Use Game Booster

Use Game Booster App

The third way you can do to overcome lag when playing games on a PC is to install a game booster application.

The game booster application itself is an application that will help players get maximum performance when used to play games. Here are some game booster applications for PC below.

  1. Razer Cortex
  2. Advanced System Optimizer
  3. Boost Games
  4. Toolwiz Gane Boost
  5. SpeedltUp Free
  6. MSI Afterburner

4. Disable the Vsync Feature

Disable Vsync Feature

On every PC, the Vsync feature is usually installed automatically. Vsync is a default program from VGA that serves to add quality graphics.

But if the PC specs used are not too high, it’s better to just disable the feature.

5. High Performance Mode

High Performance Mode

On PCs using Windows, there will be a choice of modes from battery to high performance. These two settings will determine the performance of your computer. If you choose battery mode, the computer will not be as fast, but instead the PC will be more power efficient.

Vice versa, when using high performance mode, the PC will be in its best performance so it is very suitable for playing games. But there is a side effect that the PC will consume more electrical resistance.

6. Disable Apps

Disable Unused Apps

The sixth solution is when playing games on a PC, try to disable unnecessary applications first. Starting from antivirus, music and others.

Because if they are not disabled then they will use the CPU and RAM. Of course this will make the game lag and broken.

7. Use a Water Cooler

Use Water Cooler

The heating of PC components such as processors, RAM chips and hard drives can also result in decreased performance on the PC. The way to fix it so that the PC is not hot is to use a Water Cooler.

8. Overclock


Overclock is forcing the PC to work with a higher portion. Previously the PC had a speed of 1.86GHz when overclocked it would be 2.4GHz. With the performance of your PC increases. This method makes it very easy to overcome lag while playing, it will avoid cracks or lag.

Recommended Recording Software

The most effective solution for players who want to share gameplay while playing with others is to HOW TO RECORD. Immediately, for more details, the game software below is the Ulingame version.

1. OBS Studio


OBS is the most widely used game recording application because of its excellent video quality and various features. This software is very multifunctional for live streaming or content creators.

OBS can record through MP4 and FLV formats with unquestionable quality. In addition, OBS also utilizes the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) so that the graphics quality is better and if you experience lag problems while recording, you can check HOW TO SET UP OBS SO NO LAG which Ulingame has made before.

2. Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs Obs How to Overcome Lag When Recording PC Games

Streamlabs OBS is arguably the twin of OBS. Streamlabs OBS if abbreviated as SLOBS has features that are almost similar to OBS but are not as complete as OBS.

This software is also multi-functional like OBS because it can be used for recording as well as live streaming. If you want to use this easy and practical software, you can choose it. Safe for sure, especially to overcome lag when recording games.

3. Nvidia GeForce Experience

Nvidia Geforce Experience How to Overcome Lag When Recording PC Games

If using an Nvidia GPU, players will automatically install Nvidia GeForce Experience for the purposes of updating the latest GPU drivers and optimizing games on PCs.

It turns out that this software can also be used to record gameplay while playing. because it no longer requires installing other programs on the PC.

The feature to record games in this software is commonly called ShadowPlay. ShadowPlay uses the GPU to do the encoding so it doesn’t burden the CPU or processor and is safe to overcome lag when recording.

This software will record games with the same resolution as the monitor. If the player uses a 4K monitor, the record will also have a 4K resolution.

4. AMD ReLive

Amd Relive How to Overcome Lag When Recording PC Games

Not only Nvidia has game record software, AMD ReLive also has AMD, AMD is the default game record software from AMD/Radeon GPUs. AMD ReLive uses the GPU for encoding so the CPU can do other things and work faster.

Players will experience an FPS drop of 5 to 10% when recording games via the AMD app. This application has 1 advantage over software owned by Nvidia. Through upscaling support can increase the resolution of the recording is greater than the resolution of the PC screen. For example 2K resolution, AMD can increase the recording to 4K. Definitely Bandicam

Bandicam How to Overcome Lag When Recording PC Games

Bandicam screen record is the most popular application in terms of screen recording. When used for screen recording in windows, this application will record with high framerate and bitrate.

This application is also capable of recording videos with high resolution up to 4K Ultra HD. Although the results of the record are smaller, the recording quality is not reduced at all. This is due to the compression feature that is already built into the software and it is easy to overcome lag when recording games.

6. XSplit Gamecaster

Xsplit Gamecaster

XSplit Gamecaster is the easiest game record application to use. The method is quite easy, only, by pressing one button, players can record game play.

The recording method is also very simple because all you have to do is press the record button and XSplit will configure the best settings on your PC. In the application there are features such as watermark mode, picture-in, video annotation, and social media integration.

The final word

That’s how to overcome lag when recording PC games while playing and recommendations for the best game software version of By using the methods above, your experience when playing PC games will definitely be more exciting and don’t forget to visit other Ulingame articles about information and how to overcome or also how to set up online games.