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15 Ways to Shoot While Moving in PUBG Mobile 2022

How to Shoot While Moving in PUBG Mobile – PUBG Mobile players must have seen other players or enemies shooting while moving. Meanwhile, it is very difficult to do. Especially with PUBG Mobile novice players.

Sometimes when shooting to get right at the enemy is quite difficult. How to shoot yourself can not always be done by standing still without moving. But it should be more able to move even in running, squatting, proning though.

Would it be harder to shoot while moving in PUBG Mobile? Maybe for those of you who want to feel about this latest feature, namely how to move while shooting.

This time Ulingame will share information on how to do this along with tips on how to shoot while moving. For more details, see the review below.

How to Shoot While Moving in PUBG Mobile

Originally this can be said to be a fairly difficult thing (moving while moving). Given that in shooting, players will start to be busy with recoil settings first. Not to mention to direct the Aim Assist crosshair in a shooting position.

Of course it really requires a high skill in doing this. However, there’s no need to worry about that because Ulingame has previously made an article about RECOIL and ACTIVATE AIM ASSIST which you can learn from.

Tips on how to shoot while moving

Here are tips on how to shoot while moving below.


Setting How to Shoot While moving in PUBG Mobile

In order to be able to make shooting movements while moving, the first way is that the player must pay attention first to the setting. Next, the player must be able to position the shot button and move the button to the right position with the finger so as not to press the wrong button.

It doesn’t matter if you are used to being left-handed, because this shouldn’t have any effect. As long as you use 4 FINGER CONTROL SETTINGS.

Finger Position

How to Shoot While moving in PUBG Mobile Finger Position

After you have done the settings, the next step is about the finger position. The position of the finger is none other than the left thumb to move, left index finger to shoot and right thumb to control recoil.

But to be even more effective, you can use the 4 finger setting to add the right index finger as an open scope. Actually there is also a way that makes it easier, namely by adding a Gyro scope, the goal is to help control recoil more easily when shooting.

Triangle Move and Shoot

Triangle Then Shoot

Next is the triangle movement and shoot. Movements like this will be more effective when you are behind a hill. This movement will certainly make you more flexible in terms of going up and down as freely as possible while launching attacks, then reloading safely and immediately attacking again to shoot.

Rotating Movement

Spinning How to Shoot While moving in PUBG Mobile

When it comes to spinning, it’s more effective when you’re out in the open. When you are facing an enemy or you are indeed at war, then immediately do this circular motion. Remembering this movement will make you more capable than having to always shoot by moving left and right.

Oblique Movement

Pushing Movement

When attacking in PUBG Mobile, don’t focus on only one-way movements. Of course, you also have to get used to walking obliquely in order to avoid some shots from the enemy and the rest, this oblique movement can also be said as a form of player analysis of the situation while positioning yourself in a safe place.

The final word

That’s how to shoot while moving in PUBG Mobile. by following the method above, players can face the enemy in an easy and precise way for sure.

The more you practice, the more accustomed you will be to shoot while moving and directing Aim or lock the enemy in PUBG on target until you get a victory (Chicken Dinner)

That’s the review that can provide, hopefully it can be useful and make sure you don’t forget to keep visiting the latest Ulingame articles about online games.