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15 Ways to Lock Enemies in PUBG Mobile 2022: Strengths & Weaknesses

How to Lock Enemies in PUBG Mobile – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is the epitome of success in the video game field. Players will land on an island filled with weapons and eliminate enemies one by one and make you the last person standing on the map.

In this battle royale genre game, the most important thing is knowing the location of the enemy to increase your chances of surviving in the game. Players can plan attacks against enemies or choose to defend.

This also happens when the player manages to master a weapon, not necessarily the player can master other weapons in the same way. If you know the various professional PUBG Mobile players in Indonesia, of course you are often amazed by how to lock enemies quickly and precisely. The enemy seems to have understood his movements by the pro player.

However, behind it all, there are actually several special ways to lock enemies that you should use to practice sharp Aim.

How to Lock Enemies in PUBG Mobile

Here’s how to lock enemies in PUBG Mobile that you can learn and use while playing PUBG Mobile below.

Activate Aim Assist

Activate Aim Assist

The first way to make it easier to lock enemies is ACTIVATE AIM ASSIST you can apply to fix Aim on PUBG Mobile. Aim Assist can help you to aim your weapon at the enemy automatically. That way, players will also not make mistakes too often that run out of stock of bullets.

Control Settings


The second way to lock the enemy is the convenience in setting control determines the quality of the fire you have. There are many players who prefer a low screen sensitivity, but there are also players who are more comfortable with a high screen sensitivity. In addition, you also need to take into account the buttons found in PUBG Mobile. It all comes back to your preferences as a player, because everyone has a different definition of settings and their own comfort cannot be the same.

TPP mode


TPP or third-person perspective is a game mode that allows you to see your own character on the screen in the form of a third-person view in the PUBG Mobile game. That way, the player can see all the activities of enemy or friend characters while moving and shooting in PUBG Mobile.

In the PUBG Mobile game, the TPP mode display will provide a very wide range of vision, so it can help you to see the enemy from behind the objective, for example walls, trees, compounds, and rocks.

Advantages of TPP Mode

  1. The range of vision is quite wide. Players can see the surrounding area up to 180 degrees when playing TPP mode.
  2. It’s easier to see enemies from behind objects (walls, trees, compounds and rocks).
  3. Close combat just got easier.
  4. Suitable for casual players and beginners playing PUBG Mobile.
  5. It’s easier to lock enemies.

Disadvantages of TPP Mode

  1. There are no special skills required when playing TPP.
  2. TPP mode can make players play defensively and become boring because they hide more.
  3. Peeking at the enemy is less useful.

Use Scope

Use Scope How to Lock Enemies in PUBG Mobile

When shooting to make it more comfortable and more accurate, don’t forget to use a scope. When using a scope, of course, players will find it easier to target their opponents. Moreover, by using the scope of the zoom feature X2, X3, X4, X6 and X8. Players can also be more accurate when aiming at enemies from a distance.

Controlling Recoil

Controlling Recoil

Recoil is one of the beats issued by the weapon when shooting so that the more players shoot, the more the direction of the bullet will go up and less regular.

When the player shoots, surely each weapon has a different recoil. When shooting at the opponent’s target, the player must use the right shooting tempo so that the weapon’s aim remains in the target and does not fall apart, due to the recoil. In the following, Ulingame will show you how to hold back recoil SO THAT IT DOESN’T SHAKE.

1. How to Set the Shot

Recoil How to Lock Enemies in PUBG Mobile

Now the way is that the player must pay attention to the tempo when shooting, when shooting the crosshair the weapon must point upwards. Now when the crosshair of the weapon has gone up to exceed the enemy’s head, then stop shooting to reload then shoot again until the crosshair rises to the top, then stop shooting and shoot again. Repeat continuously until the enemy dies.

2. Spraydown method

Spraydown How to Lock Enemies in PUBG Mobile

The second way to control recoil is the spraydown technique. This technique is a very famous shooting technique and is always used by PUBG Mobile players, especially Pro players.

The method is quite easy, players only shoot at the enemy by pressing and holding the fire button, then by directing it downwards. This method can also be said to be the way to lock the enemy without the auto Aim cheat.

The effect of the recoil of the weapon is that the direction of the shot will be increasingly directed upwards, now players can outsmart it by shooting while directing the crosshair down. So that the results of the bullet will direct to the opponent.

3. How to Use the Gyroscope

Gyroscope 1 Way to Lock Enemies in PUBG Mobile

Gyroscope is a feature on smartphones where players can feel the tilt. Now this can be used and is often used to play PUBG Mobile.

Almost all pro players must use the gyroscope feature because this technique produces neat, straight aims and even rivals the auto aim feature and of course it is very easy to lock enemies. The player only tilts the smartphone forward, later the aim will remain straight even though he shoots using an AKM weapon.

How to control recoil in this way is very easy and powerful. If players want to explore these methods, they may immediately become pro when they are used to using them and dealing with enemies will be much easier to kill.

The final word

Those are some reviews of ways that you can try to lock enemies in PUBG Mobile. Hopefully the information above can improve the ability of PUBG Mobile players in enemy locks. Wait for the latest information about online games.