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15 Ways to Download Free Fire Max 5.0 Apk : Easy & 100% Powerful

How to Download Free Fire Max – Garena Free Fire is an online game that already has many fans in Indonesia and the world. Free Fire presents quite interesting gameplay with mediocre graphic quality, making Free Fire run on low-spec smartphones.

However, recently Garena has released its latest update, Free Fire Max for Free Fire players who crave high-quality graphics. The beta mode update has some interesting additional features and super HD graphics.

The latest update that was launched is indeed quite tempting. However, it’s a shame that not all Free Fire players can experience the Free Fire Max beta version update, according to news from Free Fire Max players it will be beta tested in Malaysia and Brazil. This is because Garena limits the number of IDs that can play Free Fire Max.

If you are lucky, you will get an invitation to enjoy the Free Fire Max game with super HD graphics.

Differences Free Fire Max & Standard

The difference between Free Fire Max and Standard

Actually Free Fire Max has been released recently and is still absent for the Indonesian server, all players really want to play on Free Fire Max because it is considered to be far more advanced than the regular version of Free Fire.

1. Higher Graphics Quality

Players must have heard the mockery of Free Fire having an 8-bit screen display, lacking HD and less realistic details. But players will get a sensation that is less similar to some of its competitors such as PUBG MOBILE or also COD Mobile.

The image quality is further improved, the developer provides tools to activate HD resolution at the same time in battle royale mode. These improvements include smoother, more responsive and stable movements.

2. Improved Draw Distance

For players who do not understand the draw distance, which means the maximum distance the player can see in a three-dimensional object. So that you can monitor small objects in the game’s visual display more clearly.
For example, the position distance when playing is at home, while the opponent is on a hill, thanks to an increase in draw distance, objects on the hill can be seen clearly.

3. Game Size Capacity Increase

In conjunction with the graphics that increase automatically the refinement adds a system of internal programs available in the application.

The result is that the game size becomes bigger and heavier. Just for comparison, the standard version of Free Fire is 700MB in size and the Free Fire Max version reaches more than 1.5GB.

4. New Features

As you develop the game, of course, more and more features will continue to be improved. Maybe Garena will provide interesting events around Free Fire to support game performance.

How to Download Free Fire Max

In order to feel the sensation of playing the Free Fire Max game, you have to make sure the smartphone has high specifications.

Because Free Fire Max has super HD graphics that require a high-spec smartphone to work smoothly and optimally. Here’s how to download Free Fire Max below.

  1. Enter the standard Free Fire application and log in using the account you are using.
  2. After that, enter the game’s in-mail menu, then a notification will appear in the registration menu section that says Join Free Fire Max Closed Beta.
  3. Select the link in the message. The link is a file to download the beta version of Free Fire Max. However, if there is no link or notification message from Garena, then you may not get to play on Free Fire Max.
  4. The link will direct you to the playstore. If you try to search for Free Fire Max in the playstore, you will never find it, then you most likely don’t get an invitation.
  5. After you have been directed to the Playstore, then you have to download Free Fire and wait until the download process is complete.
  6. Open Free Fire then log in with a personal account.

The final word

That’s the easy way to download the version of Free Fire Max. Make sure you have followed the steps above correctly. Hopefully it can be useful and enjoy the super duper HD Free Fire Max graphics.