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15 Mysterious Places In Sakura School Simulator 2022 : Creepy Ghosts

Mysterious Places In Sakura School Simulator – Sakura School Simulator is an anime-themed offline and online game with an attractive and unique appearance. Sakura School Simulator themed school children by doing various missions. Players can also take advantage of many features and very high freedom for their players.

In addition to providing interesting features, it turns out that in Sakura School Simulator there are also mysterious places that you can visit. For Sakura School Simulator players, of course, it is mandatory to listen to this mysterious place article to the end.

To visit a mysterious place in Sakura School Simulator, players don’t need to prepare any special equipment. But some places require players to come to a mysterious place at midnight.

Without further ado, in the following, Ulingame will share the mysterious places in Sakura School Simulator as follows.

Mysterious Places In Sakura School Simulator

Sakura School Simulator is a game that carries the concept of a simulator. Sakura School game play offers fun like everyday life, starting from going to school, making friends and even being able to MARRY and have children.

Besides being able to get married and go to school, players can also travel in the game Sakura School Simulator and encounter mysterious places. As discussed above, here Ulingame has prepared complete information on every mysterious place in Sakura School Simulator.

1. Dwarf House Sakura School Simulator

Dwarf House

Have you ever played Sakura School Simulator when you saw a very small house? The location where this house is above the bear show building is in an amusement park.

The house is shaped like a mushroom and is very small, in order to enter it you need to change the size of the body to be small.

2. Sakura School Principal’s Room

Principal's Room

The second place is the principal’s luxurious room. To enter the principal’s office is located on the 1F floor of the school and is located next to the teacher’s room. The principal’s room is locked, but you can still enter by shrinking your body and passing through the door gap to enter the principal’s room.

3. Sakura School’s Mysterious Golden Statue

Golden Statue

The third place is a room in which there is a golden statue with a dancing pose. The room is very strange because the room is locked and inside there is a gold statue, if you touch it the gold statue will attack, so be careful when entering that room.

In order to visit the place, you just go to the 3F floor of the school near the art room. To enter it also have to shrink the body first to pass through the gap in the door.

4. Empty House Near U-Mart

Empty House Near U Mart

Fourth, there is an empty house full of mystery. This house is similar to a house in general, but it is quite mysterious because there is no one in the house that lives in it. For players who want to visit the empty house, you just go to the U-Mart area, precisely at the T-junction after U-Mart.

5. Mysterious Skull Behind The School

Skull Behind The School

The next location is the skull behind the school. To meet him, players just need to go to the back of the school, now at that location there is a ditch or sewer, you just go inside and the skull will appear.

6. Mysterious White Statue Painting Place

White Statue

The place for the white statue is in the school area, on the 3F floor there is a white statue, the white statue can move by itself at night.

7. Tunnel In Mysterious Cave

Tunnel In Haunted Cave

This haunted cave tunnel is ordinary during the day, but when you pass through it at night around 12:30 pm you will usually see the appearance of a female ghost figure in the tunnel.

8. Dangerous Mountain Crater

Dangerous Mountain Crater

Seventh, there is a mysterious place located in the crater of the mountain, precisely in the middle of the mountain. On the mountain there are iron plates that are very dangerous. The round iron is a mine, if you step on it your character will explode with the mine.

9. Small Island in the middle of the Ocean

Small Island in the Middle of the Ocean Mysterious Places in Sakura School Simulator

A mysterious little island located in the middle of the ocean. The island is very beautiful and very suitable for hanging out or even dating. In order to reach the small island, you have to fly using a jetpack.

10. Sakura School’s Archery Practice Site

Archery Training Ground

The next mysterious place is located in the school, right at the archery training ground. Come to the training ground above 11 pm then you will find a female ghost flying.

But in order to see the female figure you need to shoot arrows into the air first three times. After that a female figure will appear flying above and you can shoot the ghost until it falls to the floor.

11. Mysterious Mermaid Place On The Beach

Mermaid On The Beach Mysterious Place In Sakura School Simulator

Sakura School Simulator players should know that this game has a mysterious appearance where a mermaid-like figure appears. The place is around the pier.

To make it easier to go to the pier quickly, you can use the teleport feature to go to Wangyu Restaurant. If you are at Wangyu Restaurant, use a jetpack to look for the whereabouts of a mysterious mermaid figure around the pier.

12. Sakura School’s Mysterious Red Bridge

Red Bridge Mysterious Place In Sakura School Simulator

The next mysterious place is the red bridge around the hill. There is a giant female ghost figure right in the middle of the bridge. According to Sakura School Simulator players, the figure is the back of the red bridge.

Just like the ghost figure before, this bridge guard also only appears at night. Besides being tall, the figure of the bridge guard also has a very scary face.

13. School Swimming Pool

Mysterious Place School Pool In Sakura School Simulator

In the school swimming pool there is also a female ghost figure floating in the pool. If any of you are brave, try coming to the swimming pool at 12 o’clock at night, then players will see a female ghost.

The story of the female figure is the curious spirit of one of the students who has died in the school swimming pool. Whether the rumor is true or not, what is certain is that the appearance of the figure is very scary.

14. Mysterious Tax Office

At the Tax Office Mysterious Place In Sakura School Simulator

If you want to get 500.00 Yen in a short time, please go to a mysterious place in the Sakura School Simulator tax office. The tax room is not far from the detention room.

But there is a guard that the player must defeat first in order to enter the secret room. After successfully defeating the guard, then you approach the bookshelf behind and open the safe. In the safe there are gold bars of fantastic value.

15. Krasue Sakura School’s Ghost Place

Krasue Ghost Mysterious Place In Sakura School Simulator

The last mysterious place is behind the Kyubi’s house. When you come to the back of the house around 11 pm, you will see a tomb and beside it there is the ghost of Krasue.

The final word

That’s the discussion about some of the mysterious places in Sakura School Simulator that can convey above. Hopefully the article above can be useful and don’t forget to try to come to the mysterious locations above.