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15 Coolest Offline Android Sniper Games 2022

The Coolest Offline Android Sniper Game – Playing games is one of the best ways to get rid of boredom or fill your spare time. By playing games, you not only get entertainment, but can get several benefits such as sharpening the brain, venting emotions, practicing patience and others.

As you already know, Android smart smartphones are one of the most widely used cellphones for playing games today. Besides being easy to use, you can also find various games with different genres, one of which is the coolest offline android sniper game.

With so many enthusiasts and gamers interested in playing games through Android, well-known developers or developers are competing with each other to make the best games. One of the genres that are very much in demand is the coolest offline android sniper game or shooter.

For players who like to play sniper or sniper shooting games, here Ulingame will share a list of the coolest offline android sniper game recommendations that you can play below.

List of Coolest Offline Android Sniper Games

1. Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper 1

The first coolest offline Android sniper game is Modern Sniper, where later players will act as snipers with sniper weapons. In this Sniper game, players are required to complete several missions that are quite challenging.

The mission is fairly easy, which is to just kill as many opponents as possible by relying on sniper shooting speed and high accuracy. Not only that, the players will become victims of a very cruel opponent’s crime.

Even with the light specs of the Modern Sniper game, Candy Mobile also offers various advantages that can attract the attention of its players. With realistic 3D graphics, this coolest sniper game will not make you bored while playing it. Here are the specifications and the download link.

Download LinkHere
File Size11 MB
Minimum Android Version2.1

2.King Of Shooter

King Of Shooter

The next coolest offline android sniper game is King Of Shooter with a war theme that you can play.

When you play the game King Of Shooter, you will definitely remember a popular game on PS 2, namely Call Of Duty. In terms of adventure, cool graphics and an exciting storyline. Surely this coolest offline game will make you addicted.

Download LinkHere
File Size80 MB
Minimum Android Version5.1

3. Blazing Sniper

Blazing Sniper

Blazing Sniper is also one of the coolest offline games on Android to date. Game made by Happy Fish requires users to protect the country from the attack of a very deadly zombie virus.

In addition to protecting themselves, players are also asked to protect those around them with sophisticated weapons.

The missions that you have to complete are more than 60 tasks. Where, the player can determine the level of difficulty of the mission that needs to be completed.

Download LinkHere
File Size59 MB
Minimum Android Version4.1

4. Last Hope Sniper

Last Hope Sniper The Coolest Offline Android Sniper Game

The next coolest offline sniper android game is similar to Blazing Sniper with a Zombie theme as the mission needs to be completed.

The difference with the previous game is that in the Last Hope Sniper game, players cannot get freedom of movement, you only need to stay in one place and blindly kill zombies that will come your way.

With limited movement, the sensation of playing this Last Hope game will be very stressful. With light specs, but Last Hope Sniper has offered the coolest graphics and visual effects.

Download LinkHere
File Size97 MB
Minimum Android Version4.3

5. Jungle Sniper Hunting 3D

Jungle Sniper Hunting 3d

The next coolest sniper android game is very different from the previous list of games. Because, the task of this game is not to fight or kill, but to hunt animals in the forest. In the Jungle Sniper Hunting 3D game, the player’s mission is actually not too difficult. Players only hunt wild animals that roam the forest.

The weapon you must use when hunting is a sniper. You can kill several animals such as wild boars, deer, bears and many more. Although the graphics offered are not too indulgent, the fun of hunting animals will entertain you.

Download LinkHere
File Size45MB
Minimum Android Version4.2


Sniper X With Jason Statham Coolest Offline Android Sniper Game

If you’ve ever watched an action genre film from the famous cool actor Jason Statham. You will be lucky if you find the coolest offline game, the player character is Jason Statham. This game made by Glu is one of the Shooter games with a Sniper theme, it’s a shame if you miss it.

It’s the same with sniper games in general, the mission you need to complete is to finish off the existing opponent. The weapon you must use to kill your opponent is a sniper. In order to make it easier for players, they can zoom in, activate slow motion and various other features

The most important thing players need to know is graphics. In addition, there are updated weapons features and some visual sound effects that make this game very special.

Download LinkHere
File Size51MB
Minimum Android Version3.0 and up

7. Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury

Each game certainly has a different coolest graphic presentation or above average visual effects. This only exists in the Sniper Fury game.

Sniper Fury, you can start the mission with the easiest level to complete. Well as time goes by, the tasks players need to complete, of course, the farther away the more difficult. It takes concentration and high accuracy so that you can kill dangerous opponents.

While playing, the level increase will depend on the amount of experience you have earned while playing. In this Sniper game, players actually have to be able to use all the available weapon options. Not only using Sniper type weapons, you can also use other types of weapons for close combat such as knives.

Download LinkHere
File Size55MB
Minimum Android Version4.3

8. Sniper Arena: PvP Army Shooter

Sniper Arena Pvp Army Shooter Coolest Offline Android Sniper Game

The next coolest offline and online android sniper game is Sniper Arena: PvP Army Shooter. PvP (Player vs Player) has been developed by Bad Santas Inc. This requires players to be connected to the internet when playing Sniper Arena.

In this game, you will fight against enemies from all over the world. Players can also join a squad to fight other squads. The graphics in the Sniper Arena game are also quite indulgent.

Download LinkHere
File Size86 MB
Minimum Android Version

9. American Sniper Assassin

American Sniper Assassin

The coolest offline android game is an FPS game about assigning elite American troops or better known as SWAT to find crime syndicates. There are thrilling missions where you have to shootout with terrorists to save the hostages.

In accordance with the name of this game, American Sniper Assassin uses snipers as weapons. This sniper has the ability to shoot long distances which can certainly be relied on to finish off terrorists from afar in hidden spots.

Download LinkHere
File Size68 MB
Minimum Android Version4.5

10. Sniper Shooter

Sniper Shooter The Coolest Offline Android Sniper Game

The next coolest android game is a game that has a mission as a Hitman to clean the city from various crimes. When completing the task, you rely on a sophisticated weapon that has the ability to subvert the opponent with one bullet, namely the type of sniper weapon.

Each task has its own puzzle. Where players are not only asked to shoot with good aim, but must be observant to see the situation so that it can run smoothly.

Download LinkHere
File Size64 MB
Minimum Android Version4.1

11. Army Sniper

Army Sniper

For players who have low-spec android phones, Army Sniper is the coolest choice for players to play. Even with light specs, players can still feel the excitement of fighting against enemies from a distance using sniper weapons.

Download LinkHere
File Size76 MB
Minimum Android Version5.1

12. Kill Shot

Kill Shot Coolest Offline Android Sniper Game

This coolest offline sniper game is called Kill Shot. The story of this game is about special members of the military. Where the special forces will undergo various missions, one of which is shooting the enemy.

In the offline sniper game, you play the role of a member of the military special forces who have shooting skills.

Interesting superior features in this game are having more than 800 shooting missions, more than 100 weapons, 50 types of maps, and graphics that spoil the eyes of the users.

Download LinkHere
File Size64MB
Minimum Android Version4.1

13. Sniper Master: City Hunter

Sniper Master City Hunter The Coolest Offline Android Sniper Game

The coolest offline sniper android game can be considered by players, namely Sniper Master. For the Sniper Master game, the user will follow several stages in order to become a reliable sniper.

The difference from other games, this Master Sniper game has provided offline and online features. Players can enjoy this coolest android game online or offline.

Download LinkHere
File Size68 MB
Minimum Android Version4.1

14. ClearVision 4

Clear Vision 4 Coolest Offline Android Sniper Game

Clear Vision 4 is the coolest game that can be played offline on Android and iOS. To make this game interesting and exciting, you can choose the role of being a soldier, fugitive or mafia.

Each character, the player can choose will put on the situation and the various missions make the heart flutter. These missions are also very diverse, making players not easily bored.

The features of this game are also very interesting, ranging from cool animations, gunshots sound like real and there are more than 40 missions to complete.

Download LinkHere
File Size69 MB
Minimum Android Version4.6

15. Desert Sniper 3D

Desert Sniper 3d Coolest Offline Android Sniper Game

Desert Sniper 3D has provided the coolest HD graphics, which is sure to spoil the eyes of the players. The player will become a sniper who must solve various disturbing crimes.

In addition to providing offline mode, players can also enjoy the online Desert Sniper 3D game, which certainly has exciting gameplay.

Download LinkHere
File Size67 MB
Minimum Android Version4.1


So, those are some of the list of the Coolest Offline Android Sniper game recommendations that Ulingame has shared. Hopefully, with the information above, readers can find their dream game with a Sniper theme offline via Android.