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15 Best Mobile Legends Heroes for Ranked Solo 2022

The Best Mobile Legends Hero For Ranked Solo – For some Mobile Legends game players, solo ranking is something that is often feared when playing. However, several other players have made solo ranked their favorite game.

Solo ranked is important to do so that you can quickly get ranked. To do a solo rank, of course the player must choose the right hero to increase the battle.

You need the best Mobile Legends hero to do push rank solo. We will recommend that the list of Mobile Legends heroes is suitable for solo rankings.

Immediately, here is a list of the best Ulingame Mobile Legends heroes, recommended below.

Best Hero Mobile Legends for Ranked Solo

1. Yi Sun Shin

Yi Sun Shin Hero Mobile Legends Best For Ranked Solo

One of the heroes that is currently popular in season 19, this hero with the Assassin/Marksman role is very suitable to be played when Solo Ranked to reach the Mythic Tier.

Having a fairly complete ability in the form of Immune, Brust Damage 100%, Critical Damage and Ultimate can give Open Map to become one of the mainstay heroes armed with swords and bows.

2. Brody

Best Brody Hero Mobile Legends For Ranked Solo

Brody is a Marksman hero who has enormous damage in the early game. And this is a distinct advantage for you to have Brody on the team because he can dominate well since the early game. Hero Brody is a hero who is often feared by Epic, Legend, Mythic tier players who become Banned subscriptions.

3. Pharsa


You can rely on Pharsa the Mage hero for solo ranking in Season 19 of Mobile Legends. Because Pharsa can be used as a semi-support when you play meta hyper carry. With fairly fast mobility, Pharsa also has a combination of deadly attacks.

4. Chou

Chou Hero Mobile Legends Best For Ranked Solo

Chou is the best Fighter hero in meta season 19. Has insane damage and Chou is a hero that is difficult to kill.

When you play Chou in solo ranked, you have to rotate and open maps to help your friends to get kills quite easily with skills made annoying.

5. Selena


The fifth hero is Selena with High Damage in the early game as a Support/Mage hero and her traps can help see enemy movements on the map. Makes Selena’s hero worthy when playing Ranked solo in Mobile Legends.

6. Esmeralda

Esmeralda Hero Mobile Legends Best For Ranked Solo

Esmeralda is the best hero that you deserve to play solo Ranked in Mobile Legends season 19.

Because Esmeralda’s Shield is still high and her flexibility can be played anywhere, Esmeralda’s hero is superior

7. Karrie

Best Karrie Hero Mobile Legends for Ranked Solo

Karrie is a Marksman hero very suitable for those of you who play Solo Ranked in Mobile Legends. One of the heroes who has the most feared advantage over Karrie’s hero is his passive skill (Lightwheel Mark). This skill can make Karrie capable of true damage to the opponent on the 5th attack. This makes Karrie the sickest Marksman hero and able to kill enemy tank heroes quickly.

8. X-Borg

Best Xborg Hero Mobile Legends For Ranked Solo

Being a Fighter role is still a mainstay because skill one can give true fire damage overtime to the opponent. The ultimate skill is capable of exploding and inflicting great damage and has two HP which makes X-Borg very difficult to lock or kill.

9. Claude


Claude is probably the best Marksman for solo Ranked in season 19 because he has great damage and supports skills that can make it easier for him to rotate properly. This is a top pick subscription in ranked or in Mobile Legends tournaments. In addition, Claude has a skill with the ability to increase his attack speed and movement speed by 2% if he is fully stuck.

10. Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong is a Fighter hero who can be said to be overpowered (OP) because he has a fairly high HP regeneration and large Brust Damage. Yu Zhong also has many skills, crowd control on the second, third and ultimate skills.

11. Natalia

Natalia Hero Mobile Legends Best For Ranked Solo

Natalia is one of the most deadly Assassin heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero also gets a revamp as the best Assassin in season 19. This hero is often a top pick subscription and banned because it can disappear easily to infiltrate the opponent’s defense easily and disrupt the opponent’s core which is annoying.

12. Jawhead


Jawhead hero is really troublesome as a Tanker compared to Fighter thanks to his high defense and ability to interfere and lock enemy cores easily. Jawhead became one of the subscriptions to play solo Ranked.

13. Lancelot


Lancelot is the best Assassin role that is often used as a hyper carry because it has high damage and is consistent in early game and lategame and is very agile when attacking or escaping. One of the recommendations for playing solo Ranked in this 19 season.

14. Uranus

Best Uranus Hero Mobile Legends For Ranked Solo

Hero Uranus has received a nerf in the patch update in season 19. But Uranus is one of the heroes that is often feared by players because his shield is still thick and his movement ability is still fast.

15. Silvanna


Silvanna, one of Figter’s best heroes, who is often used as a Tanker in season 19, has become a top pick subscription in ranked or tournament mode because she is very strong and her crowd control skills are very deadly.

The final word

For those of you solo push ranked fighters in Mobile Legends, it’s better to prioritize the Marksman hero who has a large enough brust damage and can carry a teammate if someone gets afk or feeds while playing. Because marksman 100% hope of victory in Mobile Legends.

Don’t forget to try the recommendations for the best Mobile Legends heroes for solo rankings above.