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14 Ways to Complete Missions in Sakura School Simulator 2022

How to Complete Missions in Sakura School Simulator – Of the many Android games currently making players confused about which game to play, most of the players prefer online games to play such as PUBG Mobile or Mobile Legends. But offline games are no less exciting if you play them seriously. Moreover, the simulator game is currently popular and the talk of many people.

The simulator game is Sakura School Simulator, a simulator game that tells the life atmosphere of the Sakura Town high school students. Of course, this story is offered by many people with very different backgrounds. Sakura School also requires players to complete all existing missions, so that players can complete missions smoothly.

The Sakura School Simulator game also offers very interesting characters and players can also adapt to the environment within the school. Players will later get a mission to complete all the obstacles in the game, this time Ulingame will share how to complete the Sakura School Simulator mission below.

But before you play Sakura School, Ulingame will also provide all the information related to this Sakura School Simulator, not only completing missions. But HOW TO DOWNLOAD, HOW TO PLAY and many more are already available in the Ulingame article, therefore see the full review as follows.

How To Complete Missions In Sakura School Simulator

Since there are too many missions in the Sakura School Simulator game for players to complete while playing, there are several ways for you to complete as below.

Momo Gumi Inside Misi Mission

Momo gumi inside is one of the mafia headquarters. Prizes will be obtained if you beat the Momo Gumi Inside, namely beam weapons, missions/exploration trophies inside Momo Gumi, 20k points and rockets.

Momo Gumi
  1. The first step is to buy food first to restore blood. Buy a cake or other food that adds a lot of life.
  2. Then the character will become invulnerable. You can do this invulnerability by turning the character into a giant then reducing its size in the circle to the right of the cake shop and behind the kindergarten.
  3. Provide stock of rocket and shotgun ammunition.
  4. Then enter the momo gumi inside.
  5. Rocket fire does not need to hit the body of the opponent, but simply shoot the rocket down near the enemy and the enemy will bounce.
  6. Don’t forget to use a jetpak so you don’t get caught in the opponent’s trap.
  7. Before entering the boss room of momo gumi, it would be nice to defeat his men first.
  8. When shooting rockets, don’t forget to use a jetpak so that the player’s character is not hit by the basoka, if it is hit it will fall for a few seconds.

Changing Character

Change Characters 1 Way To Complete Missions In Sakura School Simulator

When playing Sakura School Simulator you will use a female character, the name is also a simulator game, so the task is almost the same as a student when attending school in real life.

Sometimes there are problems that require players to act like a male student and the advantage of Sakura School Simulator is that players can change characters anytime and anywhere. In fact, this method is one way to complete the Sakura School mission by changing the character in the right situation and conditions.

Watch Other Places

Moving Places How To Complete Missions In Sakura School Simulator

You can also go to other places so that you can read the situation at the Sakura Town school or outside of school, so that the missions that are being carried out can be carried out easily.

Beat Other Players

When the player changes the character to a male, it will be assigned to defeat all the characters in the simulator game. By defeating other players, you will quickly complete missions in Sakura School Simulator.

Communication With Other Players

Communicating With Others How To Complete Missions In Sakura School Simulator

Players also have to establish communication with all the characters in Sakura School Simulator, because it turns out to be able to complete missions in the Sakura School Simulator game.

The final word

That’s how to complete the mission in the version of Sakura School Simulator above. For fans of simulator games, you can try the Ulingame methods and tricks that have been made like this HOW TO MABAR and MARRY hopefully it can be useful and you can see it to make it easier when playing Sakura School.