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13 Ways to Make Money In Thetan Arena Millions of Rupiah 2022

How To Make Money In Thetan Arena – Thetan Arena is a very fun NFT game to play and one of the most popular games today. In Thetan Arena game, NFT is the type of crypto technology that you need to acquire, you often hear as play games make money. The players will be asked to collect assets and then convert them into cryptocurrencies.

Thetan Arena has the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre which has recently become a viral game in all social media circles. The game has been developed by WolfFun. You can play Thetan Arena for free and let the players know how to make money in Thetan Arena.

Thetan Arena application has reached 1,000,000 users on Playstore. It is proven that the application is effective and interesting to play for sure. How to make money in Thetan Arena is fairly easy. Players only play games similar to Mobile Legends.

You can make hundreds of millions with the prizes that have been provided for the players. For more details on how to make money at Thetan Arena, please read the information below.

What is Thetan Arena

What is Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is one of the first NFT games with the MOBA and Battle Royale genres into the Thetan Arena game. Thetan Arena you can play for free and can make a lot of money. With an increasingly popular blockchain base.

Blockchain technology is constantly evolving, especially in finance and investment programs, as it can handle large amounts of peer-to-peer data in serverless databases.

This is an option for game developers or games that don’t require a lot of support resources. The Thetan Arena game itself has been developed by a team called WolfFun and the Thetan Arena application has a file size of 135 MB on the Playstore.

How to Download Thetan Arena

How to Download

Everyone can play Thetan Arena game without having to spend capital. Instead, players can make money by playing games at Thetan Arena. If you don’t believe it, you can try to download it directly.

Thetan Arena is available on Android, iOS and Computer devices. You can download the Thetan Arena application directly through the Playstore, App Store or the official website of Thetan Arena. Here’s a download link that you can click on to go to download.

DetailsThetan Arena
Minimal Android5.0
App Size135 MB

For players who want to download the most viral crypto game right now, you can download the link below.

Features of Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena has offered additional features that are very interesting for MOBA game fans. So what are the best features of Thetan Arena? Please follow some of the following reviews.

1. Multiplayer

As the developer of Thetan Arena game, WolfFUn has brought multiplayer game features. Where players can fight in one area. Players can also earn income by participating in competitions or events held by Thetan Arena.

2. Best Blockchain Games

Thetan Arena is the first blockchain game to have two genres of game modes, namely MOBA and Battle Royale. This is a very unique experience, of course, to attract the attention of gamers to play the Thetan Arena game because it can make money.

3. Daily Missions

Thetan Arena, you can find various daily missions that you can complete. Certainly very fun, from this daily mission players can get gTHC coins. Later you can use these coins to buy heroes, skins or exchange them for cryto money.

How to Register a Thetan Arena Account

How to register

You should know that Thetan Arena is a game with the NFT or Non-Fungible Token genre. This means that this game uses Crypto Currency asset technology, aka crypto currency.

So that users can collect coins that will be exchanged into crypto money. Although this Thetan Arena game can be played for free or free. Of course, there are some premium features that users have the right to buy so that they can be used.

  1. The first way, please open and run the Thetan Arena application that you downloaded earlier via Playstore nor App Store.
  2. After that, press the button Registration to register an account.
  3. Next, the players are asked to fill in an active Email address then press Send Code.
  4. From Thetan Arena’s side will send a OTP Code which contains 6 numbers randomly passing through E-mail. Then enter it into the column provided.
  5. Finally, press the button Create. Congratulations, you have successfully registered for a Thetan Arena account.

How To Make Money In Thetan Arena

How To Make Money In Thetan Arena 2

How to make money in Thetan Arena is one of the easiest ways to make big money. Players are required to collect Thetan Coin (gTHC). You can sell these coins or exchange them into other crypto assets. You can also use GTHC to buy a hero and skin in the game.

If you want to make a lot of money playing Thetan, players must collect as much gTHC as possible. To get gTHC is quite difficult. Because the players must raise the rank and then will produce a gift in the form of gTHC as a reward.

The following is a list of ranks that you must take to get a lot of gTHC.

  1. Tutorials
  2. Recruit
  3. Private
  4. Bronze
  5. silver
  6. Gold
  7. Platinum
  8. Diamonds
  9. Master
  10. Champion
  11. Super Champion

Thetan Arena players need to know, in order to make real money players must raise the rank up to Bronze to be able to exchange gTHC coins through Trust Wallet.

How to Exchange Gthc Coins Via Trust Wallet

Thetan Arena users are required to have a crypto wallet. So you don’t need to register first if you don’t have one. You can register via Trust Wallet.

Then you must reach a minimum rank of Bronze in order to be able to exchange into cryptocurrency. For players who are still confused about how to exchange or withdraw, please see the method below.

  1. The first step, please download the Trust Wallet application first and then run the application.
  2. After that open the page Dapps.
  3. You copy the page link link that appears on your Thetan Arena account.
  4. Then change ETH icon Becomes Smart Chain.
  5. Press the 3 dots in the upper right corner then connect it with Connect E-Wallet.
  6. Login With Metamask then refresh, after that it is continued by logging in.
  7. Please press Link To Existing Games.
  8. Done, please log back into the Thetan Arena account.

The final word

That’s information from Ulingame on how to make money at Thetan Arena along with how to download, register an account and exchange gTHC coins. Hopefully, the article above can help readers to make money by playing the game Thetan Arena.