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12 Interesting and Sad Facts about Mobile Legends Heroes

Mobile Legends Hero Facts – Mobile Legends game is very popular today because it has quite challenging, exciting, and competitive gameplay. Not only that, this gameplay is also interesting because of the many hero characters with their own uniqueness and background.

Considered trivial and many of the players don’t know yet, it turns out that the heroes in the Mobile Legends game have interesting facts for you to see.

Mobile Legends now has many heroes. Of all these numbers, each hero has a background story and facts about Mobile Legends heroes that are not widely known.

For those of you who are curious about interesting facts about Mobile Legends heroes, let’s just read this article until it runs out below.

Mobile Legends Hero Facts

1. Aurora

Aurora Mobile Legends Hero Facts

The fact that the Mobile Legends hero Aurora is a queen of the 4 protectors of the Land of Dawn, Aurora has the power to control snow, freeze anyone trapped in her reach, and ice since Aurora was born. But unfortunately, in a fierce battle, Aurora had to lose one of her organs, namely her own hand.

Not only Aurora, her guardian knight also had to sacrifice herself. It turns Aurora into arrogant, quiet and full of sadness. Who will be Aurora’s next guardian knight? Is a knight who helps in the Battle of the Land of Dawn after defeating the Dark Lord.

2. Gord


The fact that the Mobile Legends hero Gord has amazing magical powers has to wrestle with his own dependence on mystical knowledge, Gord is getting older like Aurra. At one point, the Mystic Emblems entered Gord’s body.

3. Vexana

Vexana Mobile Legends Hero Facts

The fact that the Mobile Legends hero Vexana is a good queen and cares about the people of the Necrokeep palace. The queen Vexana with her people had a very peaceful life. Making her and her husband in high esteem by the Necrokeep community. Over time, who would have thought that the peaceful life in Necrokeep would change. Change begins with the figure of the leader of the Necrokeep kingdom starting to be tempted by the arrival of a mysterious woman named Alice.

Alice had been sent by The Dark Lord of the Abyss to attack slowly with her enchanting tricks to seduce the Necrokeep king. Makes Vexana burn with jealousy. Finally Vexana made a deal with the Dark Lord, but in return, the queen Vexana had to sacrifice beautiful girls to the leader of the dark nation. Vexana has obtained supernatural powers, but this is even worse for Vexana. Vexana turned wrinkled and very scary. It was because there was no more sacrifice to give because the kingdom had been destroyed.

4. Bruno


The fact that Bruno’s hero originally lived in a slum settlement made Bruno an unlucky man because he was always accompanied by shortcomings. One day, Bruno had an unforgettable accident in his life.

When Bruno saves a friend from an accident, then Bruno must be willing to lose both his legs. However, Bruno’s unlucky circumstances made the scientist Eruiditio admire Bruno with his sacrifice. Until finally the scientist used very advanced technology to create a pair of mechanical legs to make Bruno able to walk.

5. X-Borg

X Borg Mobile Legends Hero Facts

The fact that the Hero Mobile Legends X-Borg is a farmer as the main job to find his livelihood near the City of Technology. Every day X-borg does hard work in order to live the next life.

But one day there was a test conducted by Eruditio scientists near the X-Borg residence resulting in a great explosion. The explosion and burned his residence.

Then all the residents in the village none of them survived. Except X-Borg. But X-borg has burns all over his body and all his organs are damaged.

Eruditio’s scientists and medics are working hard to replace X-Borg’s body with the help of technology. Then they implant a mechanical body into the X-Borg in order to continue his life.

6. Yu Zhong

Yuzhong 1

The fact that Yu Zhong’s hero is a warrior is very thirsty for strength. The ambition to become the strongest in the Land of Dawn led Yu Zhong to fall into a black magic that was forbidden to Oriental Fighters. Ambition has made his revenge not without reason, but in the past he was from the incarnation of the Black Dragon and was predicted to destroy the world.

Unfortunately, at that time the Great Dragon (leader of the Oriental Fighter) was in quite optimal condition to block any bad predictions that would destroy his territory. The Black Dragon was defeated and finally, centuries later, Yu Zhong was born.

The defeat in the past meant that the motivation for Yu Zhong to obtain the hidden power had been sealed in Dragon Altar. After Yu Zhong gains this power, he becomes even more evil and will plot revenge for his prophecy to destroy the world.

7. Miya

Miya Facts about Hero Mobile Legends

The fact that the hero Miya is one of the most respected figures for saving her people from the war between Orcs, Blood Demons, and Elf Moon. But, before that Miya had been haunted by the fear of the Orcs because they would be targeted for food. Even in the previous story, Miya’s parents disappeared while being imprisoned at the Temple of the Moon.

That the Orcs had captured Miya’s parents and then made Blood Moon food. However, Miya’s religious nature does not carry her with a grudge. He still clings to the power of the Moon God to save himself and the Moon Elves.

Although the area of ​​Miya is surrounded by green grass and magical forests, it is very beautiful, but this Miya grew up with fear throughout her life. In fact, until now, every time he goes into battle, Miya still can’t get rid of her fear of being hunted by the Orcs as a child.

8. Bane


The fact that the Mobile Legends hero Bane is a Black Pearl pirate captain, Bane also has an amazing reputation for winning every battle. Making Bane nicknamed a robber and a pirate made the King of the Seven Seas, Lord of The Seven Seas.

However, during his final voyage, Bane accidentally encounters pirates who are jealous of his accomplishments. This makes Bane’s ship surrounded by other pirate ships launch an attack and make Bane’s ship sink.

9. Claude

Claude Mobile Legends Hero Facts

The fact that Claude’s hero is a very popular reliable thief comes from the city of Tavern.

Claude’s reliability is often the topic of discussion at the Tavern. For Claude, stealing is an art for him rather than considering it as a criminal activity, even though it violates existing laws. Before committing his theft, Claude informs his victims that he is coming to steal.

Claude always manages to steal things from his target, Claude doesn’t care how fast and strong the target is facing. Claude did not work alone, Claude worked with his colleague named Dexter.

Dexter is a monkey Claude always accompanies him when he steals. Claude is reportedly monitoring the latest equipment from Dr Rooney which can be said to be used to move places with ease. In addition, the tool can create quite real illusions.

10. Alucard


The fact that Alucard’s hero is one of the Fighter heroes in Mobile Legends is favored by many players, the true story of Alucard is an orphan. The beginning of the story when Alucard was a child, his parents were killed by a monster.

Then Alucard was also captured before finally being rescued by the monster hunter groups. Until finally Alucard was rescued by a group of monster hunters who were trained to make himself a very strong monster hunter.

11. Johnson

Johnson Facts about Hero Mobile Legends

The fact that Johnson’s hero is a Rugby athlete, Johnson has a stocky and strong body makes Johnson a dream.

Johnson also has great talent in this sport, so many people admire Johnson.

However, Johnson’s misfortune has completely changed Johnson’s life. When Johnson was driving his sports car down the road at a fairly high speed, then Johnson saw a small child about to cross.

On a reflex, Johnson dodged the little boy and then Johnson crashed into a building, while Johnson was dying. Suddenly there was an appearance of strength in Johnson and his sports car.

12. Balmond

Balmond Mobile Legends Hero Facts

The fact that the hero Balmond from the Orc nation has been oppressed by the Blood Demon nation begins to feel that the Blood Demon nation is a noble of the Land of Dawn. The Orcs living around the Enchanted Forest ended up being slaves. For 30 years, no Orcs have tried to fight to be free from the occupation by the Blood Demons, but their efforts have always failed and only cost their lives.

Until finally Balmond was born during these difficult times. Balmond grew up in a harsh environment to form this one Fighter into a very fierce and very strong figure. Every battle with Elf Moon was always won by the Orcs as long as Balmond was at the forefront. Balmond’s tantrum is heard by his dying father and tells about his mother’s death. Since then, Balmond has planted a grudge to burn himself and become a big threat to the Blood Demons, war is inevitable and the Orcs are finally free from the power of the Bloods.

The final word

Those are 12 facts about Mobile Legends heroes in dark times that you don’t know yet, hopefully this information can help those of you who don’t know the facts about heroes. which hero do you think is the most impressive? Please share your experience in the comments below.