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12 Complete Mobile Legends Hero Pairs 2022

Mobile Legends Hero Couple – As a fan of the Mobile Legends game, of course you want to know who are the partner heroes in Mobile Legends who make you jealous because of their romance. Therefore, for Mobile Legends players who don’t know more about partner heroes in ML, Ulingame will convey complete information and the story behind the hero’s love story in Mobile Legends.

In the Mobile Legends game there are male and female heroes where there is a love story between the two heroes made by Mobile Legends made by Moonton. But there are also many players who match several heroes according to their own wishes because these heroes are compatible with each other.

In addition, there are various Mobile Legends heroes who have a sibling relationship, between Lancelot and Guinevere, where the heroes are brothers from the Baroque nation. The two brothers have a quite unique love story in Mobile Legends.

Besides you, who are the heroes in Mobile Legends who have romantic stories? Now on this very good opportunity, Ulingame will review what are the hero pairs in ML, no need to linger, just read the following in full.

Mobile Legends Hero Couple

Now on this occasion Ulingame has prepared 12 hero pairs in Mobile Legends and the story of their meeting. Just look at the following description.

1. Cecilion & Carmila

Cecilion Carmilla

A couple whose story is pulled straight from the telenovela, Cecilion has fallen in love with Carmilla at first sight, but is opposed by Carmilla’s parents. His father, Earl Anssac, ordered his men to lock up Cecilion. However, Carmilla does not accept being betrothed to Baron Tanwill, Carmilla chooses to commit suicide. Cecilion managed to escape and then revived Carmilla using the Blood Demon.

2. Gusion & Lesley

Gusion Lesley

The love story between Gusion and Lesley can actually be traced when Gusion still hopes for Guinevere. Initially the two heroes were intended to be matched, but Guinevere did not want them to end their relationship.

After that, what is the next story for Gusion? After Moonton released the latest skin couple between the heroes Gusion and Lesley, Mobile Legends fans have read it as a sign that Gusion has got a new heart partner.

3. Lancelot & Odette

Lancelot Odette Couple Hero Mobile Legends

The meeting between the heroes Lancelot and Odette begins when the Baroque knight lies down due to being attacked by an opponent. Odette finds Lancelot’s figure and treats him.

The meeting between Lancelot and Odette marked the beginning of their love relationship. To celebrate this couple, Moonton has released couple skins for Lancelot and Odette.

4. Hayabusa & Kagura

Hayabusa Kagura

The next couple is Hayabusa with Kagura where they both live in a small place from the same village. In a way, the story of this pair of friends who have become love has been proven when Kagura secretly took Seimei’s umbrella and helped Hayabusa’s mission.

5. Harith & Nana

Harith And Nana Couple Hero Mobile Legends

Not only do they have a lot in common, but Nana & Harith have become a complete couple. Both Harith and Nana are from the Leonin race beings.

The way the two complement each other is from magic abilities. Harith can train Nana to control the magic that is still lacking, while Nana can strengthen the magic possessed by Harith’s hero.

6. Khufra & Esmeralda

Khufra and Esmeralda

The next couple is Khufra and Esmeralda who have got a skin couple called Partner in Crime. Previously, many thought that Khufra and Esmeralda had a bad relationship, but with the Partner in Crime skin, it is not uncommon for players to conclude that Khufra and Esmeralda have a special relationship.

7. Alucard & Miya

Miya And Alucard Couple Hero Mobile Legends

Miya and Alucard are also the most romantic hero pair that Mobile Legends has created through the Valentine skin. The skin for the hero pair Alucard and Miya resembles a very matching wedding dress. But many players think that Alucard feels less suitable when paired with Miya, because Alucard is more compatible with Ruby.

8. Clint & Layla

Clint And Layla

Clint and Layla are the most romantic hero pair after Miya and Alucard in Mobile Legends. Now both of them have been given a skin couple that makes them look more harmonious with the wedding dresses and suits used.

9. Gusion & Guinevere

Gusion And Guinevere Couple Hero Mobile Legends

Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends has shared the story between the heroes Gusion and Guinevere. Gusion himself is a hero from the Paxley family, where the Paxley family is claimed to have quite strong magic.

So that the Baroque family wants to match the hero Gusion with Guinevere. But Guinevere did not want this matchmaking then the story of the second couple ended.

10. Leomord & Vexena

Leomord And Vexana

The next hero pair in Mobile Legends is Leomord and Vexana. Leomord and Vexena have a dark aura where the power of the two when combined, can produce enormous power. It is not uncommon to call this couple the queen and king of the dark.

11. Zilong & Chang’e

Zilong And Change Mobile Legends Hero Pair

Zilong and Chang’e were named Guardians of the Moon by Moonton as Mobile Legends developer. With the combination of both Mage and Assassin heroes, they can become a partner that makes opponents die quickly. Not unexpectedly, if the two fell in love and ended up becoming a very romantic couple in Mobile Legends.

12. Grock & Aurora

Aurora And Grock Couple Hero Mobile Legends

The last pair is the hero Aurora and Grock which you can tell from the animation of Aurora when she takes out a statue resembling Grock. Many players assumed that the statue would later become Grock’s skin.

The final word

That’s a discussion about the most complete information on hero pairs in Mobile Legends from Ulingame. Hopefully with the information above, it can add insight for Mobile Legends players to know more about romantic couples in ML