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12 Android Games That Are Not In Playstore Indonesia 2022

Android Games That Are Not On Playstore Indonesia – Talking about Android games, of course you are already familiar with Playstore. In order to find cool games, Android device users naturally look for them on the Playstore.

Because Playstore is a repository for game applications. All game themes are available in the Google Playstore on Android. But you need to know, quite a lot of the best Android games are not on the Playstore Indonesia platform.

There are several problem factors why some offline and online Android games are not available in the Indonesian Playstore. There is one factor that may be the cause of not being in the Playstore, which can be considered a violation of the ToS from Google or cannot be saved due to other factors.

Surely many of you are curious about what Android games are not on the Indonesian Playstore? Therefore, to answer curiosity, Ulingame has summarized several Android game applications that are not included in the Playstore, such as the following.

List of Android Games Not on Playstore Indonesia

Here, Ulingame has summarized several Android game applications that are not available in the Playstore Indonesia because there is violent or explicit content that is not included in the Google Playstore due to violations.

1. Fornite Mobile

Fornite Mobile

The first Android game that is not in the Playstore Indonesia is Fortnite Mobile. This game has the Battle Royale genre which successfully broke the PUBG record. Fornite is very popular all over the world, especially in the United States and Europe.

In order to be able to play the Fortnite game via Android, you can download it via a browser on the official Fornite Mobile website or click the download link below.

Game NameFornite Mobile
DeveloperEpic Games
Minimal OSAndroid 8.0 +
GenreBattle Royale

2. Gundam Battle

Gundam Battle

The next Android game is Gundam Battle which has been developed by Bandai Namco with the theme of Action RPG. Gundam Battle has graphics that can spoil the eye and the gameplay of the battle mechanics is very cool.

Besides being able to be played with friends, users can also play in campaign mode with a storyline. Of course, many Indonesian gamers want to play this game. Therefore, Ulingame has prepared the download link below.

Game NameGundam Battle
Minimal OSAndroid 4.4 +
GenreFighting, Real Time Battle

3. Battle Breakers

Battle Breakers Android Game Not Available in Playstore Indonesia

For RPG game lovers, you must try a game called Battle Breakers. The advantage of this Android game is that you can play with other players using PC devices.

Battle Breakers also asks players to complete dungeon missions in the game, defeat bosses and collect heroes to become the strongest team.

You can try the Battle Breakers game by downloading it via the link that Ulingame has prepared below.

Game NameBattle Breakers
DeveloperEpic Games
Minimal OSAndroid 5.0 +
Size3MB (APK Size)

4. PUBG Mobile Korea

PUBG Mobile Korea

This cool game is included in the list of Android games that are not in the Playstore Indonesia, namely PUBG Mobile Korea. This game is actually the same as PUBG Mobile, but there are only a few differences.

Based on the information that Ulingame got, PUBG M Korea will provide a great opportunity to get premium gacha. Users can play PUBG Mobile Korea by downloading it through the website. If you want to try it, please press the following download link.

Game NamePUBG Mobile Korea
Minimal OSAndroid 4.3 +
Size47 MB
GenreBattle Royale

5. PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite

When it first arrived in Indonesia, PUBG Mobile Lite was popular because it had a gameplay similar to PUBGM but in the PUBG Lite game application it had quite light specifications, different from PUBGM.

Users can no longer download PUBG Mobile Lite through the Google Playstore, because it has been removed from the Playstore. Until now there is no reason why this game is not played in Indonesia.

You can download and play PUBG Mobile Lite without having to use a VPN, please press the download link that Ulingame has provided.

Game NamePUBG Mobile Lite
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0.3 +
Size47 MB
GenreBattle Royale

6. Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird Android Game That Is Not On Playstore Indonesia

Flappy Bird is a simple arcade type game and this game also went viral in 2014. With its fun gameplay and faith, it’s very easy. The players just fly up or down to avoid the obstacles.

The higher the score you get, the higher the level of difficulty you will live. Of course, playing Flappy Bird will not bore users.

Game NameFlappy Bird
SizeAndroid 1 MB

7. FIFA 14

Fifa 14

The FIFA game is a sports association football simulation game that has been developed by EA. FIFA 14 has a very clean and lightweight graphics list. If you like football, you must try playing FIFA 14. This game has received positive reviews from users such as real controls, tactics and movements. FIFA 14 itself has an aggregate of 83% in metacentric.

Game NameFIFA 14
GenreSports Games
Minimal OSAndroid 2.3.3 +

8. Avatars

Android Game Avatars That Are Not On Playstore Indonesia

The next game that is not in the Playstore Indonesia is Avatar. This game has the Action Adventure genre and is adapted from the James Cameron film entitled Avatar.

This game, will take you on an adventure with the main character, Jake while exploring the beautiful and magical Planet Pandora. You can play this cool Avatar game by pressing the link that Ulingame has provided.

Game NameAvatars
Minimal OSAndroid 4.4 +
Size3 MB

9. N.OV.A 3 Freedom

Nova 3 Freedom

The NOVA game has presented missions that can expend energy and use fairly heavy artillery. Free edition of NOVA game released by Playstore. But unfortunately, this did not last long because it was not suitable between the two parties. Between Gameloft and Playstore. You don’t need to worry, because Ulingame has provided a download link so you can play this NOVA game.

10. Dead Space

Dead Space Android Game That Is Not On Playstore Indonesia

This one game has been developed by 4 developers who have been appreciated by many people. This appreciation is due to the cinematics and animations that are striking and of high quality.

In the game Dead Space, players are required to control the character Isaac Clarke. The character will fight his way through a spaceship filled with various alien creatures. One of them is Necromorphs.

You can play Dead Space via Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. As for the Android version, you need to download it via a browser or the link below.

11. Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Nukem 3d

Duke Nukem is a classic game, because it was released in 1996. In this game, you are asked to shoot your opponent anywhere. Players can damage the props displayed by Duke Nukem 3D. However, it is very unfortunate that Duke Nukem 3D has pornographic elements.

This is one of the reasons Duke Nukem 3D is not available in Playstore Indonesia. But you can download the Duke Nukem 3D game by pressing the link below.

12. CyberCorp

Cybercorp Android Games That Are Not On Playstore Indonesia

Finally, a game that carries the theme of fighting with a fairly simple gameplay. The players only need to aim left and right in order to attack the opponent.

You have to fulfill all the missions that CyberCorp has given you. A company that makes artificial human bodies. You can get the CyberCorp game by clicking the link below.

Game NameCybercorp
DeveloperIO Games Ltd

The final word

Here are some lists of Android games that are not in the Ulingame version of the Playstore Indonesia. Hopefully the game references above can entertain you and add the best game references.