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11 Ways to Win Streak Mobile Legends Solo Rank Auto Top Global Rank 2022

How to Win Streak Mobile Legends Solo Rank – In playing games, of course, it is very fun when you win games continuously. This is what all players want, including mobile legends players. Winning matches continuously is usually called a win streak in the Mobile Legends game.

To win the match requires a high level of persistence and effort, especially in ranked. Because, to achieve it is not as easy as imagined. Especially if ranked in mythic, you will find tough opponents.

It’s different again, if your tier is still epic. Certainly not a little experience in playing will find players who put forward their own ego without thinking about how the condition of their team in battle.

Then the way to help you, Ulingame will provide several ways to win streak Mobile Legends solo rank useful for:
you apply when competing. Here are some ways that can be used as recommendations for you to play solo in ranked.

What is Win Streak Mobile Legends

What is Win Streak Mobile Legends

Win Streak in Mobile Legends is a continuous victory in rank and classic Mobile Legends modes. For players, if they get a Win Streak, they usually have achieved 5 match wins or more in solo or squad rank modes.

Later the Mobile Legends system will automatically record the wins that you have obtained by providing a Win Streak page after the completion of the match.

How to get a Win Streak in Mobile Legends solo rank is not easy, players should not experience defeat even when playing rank mode, if you lose once then the win streak that you have got will be lost or reset.

Later the win streak record will be recorded in the player’s account statistics. So that the player who has the most history of win streaks can be crowned as a pro or good player.

How to Win Streak Mobile Legends Solo Rank

After knowing the explanation of what Win Streak Mobile Legends is, then Ulingame has fully summarized how to easily win streak Mobile Legends Solo Rank below.

1. Mastering 3 Hero Roles

Mastering Role Hero Many Ways to Win Streak Mobile Legends Solo Rank

Playing solo automatically makes you get a team at random, and the role to be played is also obtained randomly. That’s why you have to master at least 3 heroes in each role. This gives flexibility to fit into any role in the team.

2. Pay attention to the Push Rank Clock

Pay attention to the Push Rank Clock

The second way to win streak is to pay attention to the time in play. Avoid hours where there are many noob players who are usually small so that they are not on the same team as you. For example, push rank at night, because at that time the child was already sleeping or during school hours.

3. Trusting 1 Team Members

Trusting 1 Team Friend

It’s a cliché to hear, but trusting team members will maximize the game. Avoid toxic words and don’t blame the members in 1 team too much. Encourage each other and don’t be selfish.

4. Warm up in Classic Mode

Warming up in Classic Mode How to Win Streak Mobile Legends Solo Rank

Warm up first in classic mode before entering ranked mode. This fourth method is trusted by players because it helps to prepare before fighting in rank mode.

5. Ensure Smooth connection

Smooth Connection

Another way that might sound cliché is this one. Signal and device conditions of course also affect and are no less important than sharpening skills. No matter how good you are, if you play without a supporting signal, you will definitely experience lag that disrupts concentration.

6. Updating Meta

Update Hero Meta

You need to know that meta is very important if you want to win streak solo rank. If you don’t follow the meta update, of course you will miss what hero is currently over power (OP) to play.

7. Don’t Lust Kill

Don't Lust Kill

Lust to kill will damage your gameplay, because it is too important to kill than the condition of a teammate. If you want to kill and then try to kill the enemy, but the conditions are not conducive it will be detrimental to the team. Because, the most important thing about playing Mobile Legends is to win the match, not kill a lot. If you have gotten a lot of kills, but there is a comeback match and then you lose? Of course that’s not a good way to do it.

8. Don’t be selfish

Don't be selfish 1 Way to Win Streak Mobile Legends Solo Rank

An easy way to get a win streak in Mobile Legends is not to be selfish. When playing solo rank, you have to understand the importance of winning your team, not ego.

Of course, readers often experience when playing Mobile Legends solo rank and then get a selfish team. Selfish is usually in the solo rank, like, not wanting to give in to being a tank. This must be avoided by Mobile Legends players because it will cause defeat, not Win streak solo rank.

9. Stop Playing Rank Mode If You Lose

Stop Playing Rank Mode If You Lose

When playing solo rank Mobile Legends and then losing 1 or 2 times, Ulingame recommends resting first or better playing classic or brawl mode to refresh your mind.

10. Don’t Die Too Much

Don't die a lot 1

The next way in order to increase the chances of winning in solo rank, try to avoid wars that will later cause death. Playing safe is definitely the best way to help users achieve their winning desires and make it easier to get a win streak.

11. Objective Play

Playing Objectively How to Win Streak Mobile Legends Solo Rank

During the match, the gameplay in solo rank mode must be maximally objective. You can objectively control the conditions of the game properly and correctly. This method can be applied, for example, such as destroying towers, eliminating turtles, lords and clear wafe minions. This method is done correctly, it will produce victory easily.

The final word

So much information that Ulingame can share about how to win streak Mobile Legends solo rank. Hopefully the above discussion can help players achieve the desire to get more Win Streaks and of course increase the rank by solo easily.