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11 Ways to Play Money Dolphin & Get Lots of Money

How to Play Money Dolphin – Before going to the discussion on how to play Money Dolphin, you must know what the Money Dolphin game is? For those who have just heard, money dolphin is an animal-themed smartphone game application. This game contains a group of animals, you are asked to string up the shortcomings of these animals.

The Money Dolphin game is not just a fun and exciting game to play. Along with the development, the game is no longer only to relieve boredom but can also make money. That’s how the Money Dolphin game was made. Only the capital to play games on the smartphone is used, you can increase your income.

The game that is being discussed, Money Dolphin, is indeed being the subject of much discussion. This fun game uniting animals aims to collect the power that can increase profits to make money.

because we live in an all-digital era, it’s no wonder that making money can be done by playing that easy. Then, how to play the game Money Dolphin? How to play make money from the game? Read this article to the end.

What is Money Dolphin

What is Money Dolphin

Money Dolphin is a simple game application available to play on smartphone devices. You can download the Money Dolphin application via the Playstore. The Money Dolphin application does not only offer simple games that can be played via smartphones.

However, Money Dolphin also offers its players a cash prize. It’s just that, there are still many users who don’t know how to play Money Dolphin. Now for players who are still confused about how to play Money Dolpin, see the summary below.

Register Money Dolphin

The most important thing is how to play, first you have to register as a member or new member first to join this Money Dolphin application. Registration is done free of charge without any charge. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the Money Dolphin application. This application is available on Android and iOS
  2. Open the application then click my menu, then click the profile icon.
  3. You will be on the profile settings page. Fill in the identity in the space provided.
  4. Open the invitation code menu, enter a friend’s referral code. Then you will get a big starting bonus.

How to Play Money Dolphin

How to Play Money Dolphin

Easy and very simple to earn money from the game DDolphin Money. Here’s a tutorial on how to play Money Dolphin that you can understand:

  1. At the beginning of the game, a video ad will appear, click the button to watch the video. You will earn coins from watching.
  2. Enter the game menu. A box will appear containing animals, match the animals by dragging to get money.
  3. If the animals are successfully combined, it will continue to play with the new animals. The more new animals the greater the chance to earn a lot of money.
  4. If all the animals are used up or the box is empty, click the level button in the middle of the blue color. Its function is to buy animals using the coins you have.
  5. To get coins, there are several ways to play, such as watching video ads, or doing spins.
  6. And, if you manage to invite friends to become Money Dolphin members using your referral code, you will also get extra money. The way to play is easy, click the invite menu then share the invitation code with the friends you want to invite to join.
  7. The money you have earned can be checked in your wallet on my menu page on the Money Dolphin application.

The final word

That’s a discussion about how to play Money Dolphin, which Ulingame has summarized above. Hopefully the above article can help new users find out how to play Money Dolphin and get a lot of money.