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11 Countries Noob Mobile Legends Quickly Push Rank 2022

Country Noob Mobile Legends – Being a player who gets the Top Global title in the Mobile Legends game is one of the most difficult things, especially for players who play in a country with a lot of pro players.

Even though there are actually several easy ways to get the top leaderboard title, one of them is by changing the country’s server which is famous for Mobile Legends noob or there are no users playing the Mobile Legends game.

In general, countries with few fans are the noob countries in Mobile Legends and most of the players have MMR heroes with low numbers, and vice versa.

Therefore, on this occasion Ulingame will share information that is very important for Mobile Legends players to know, namely the list of Mobile Legends noob countries. The benefits of knowing a noob country are certainly very important, because players can easily raise the rank or MMR hero to become the Top Leaderboard.

Benefits of Knowing the Noob Country List

The Mobile Legends player community in Indonesia is very large. Not a few regular players who have above average abilities. Raising the rank locally is sometimes difficult, due to meeting good opponents. In order to be able to fill positions in the Top Leaderboard, the players are certainly happy.

Therefore, many Mobile Legends players use ML AUTO WIN VPN to play in the country with the fewest Mobile Legends game users in the world. Its function is only one, which is to win easily and be able to top the Top Leaderboard of the Noob country.

Only knowing country information with a few Mobile Legends players is not enough, maybe because many players have used the method above. Surely some players decided to look for information about the current list of noob countries in Mobile Legends.

Here, Ulingame has summarized the list of the most noob countries in Mobile Legends as follows.

Noob ML Country List

Talking about Noob ML countries, actually all countries must have noob players. Although, it could be argued that the country likely only had a few pro players. Well, here is Ulingame present in full about the list of noob, feeder and weak countries below.

1. Country of India

India country

The first most noob country is India. If you play on the Indian server, the chance to win is very big because you will meet noob enemies.

However, there are times when you will meet a pro player opponent from India. Now for players who want to increase their rank or become a top global hero on the Top Leaderboard, you can try playing on the Indian server.

2. Myanmar

Country Myanmar Country Noob Mobile Legends

For fans of the old Mobile Legends game, of course you are no stranger to the country of Myanmar. Most users from Myanmar do have unreliable skills, like to use troll heroes and don’t know how to play in general.

In fact, most of the Indonesian players said that if they became a team with Myanmar players, they would auto lose or lose.

3. Country Vietnam

Vietnam country

Vietnam is also a Noob Mobile Legends country, because players from Vietnam don’t understand the basics of playing Mobile Legends, for example, choosing heroes, items and playing strategies.

4. Japan

Country Japan Country Noob Mobile Legends

Besides Vietnam, there are also countries that are famous for noob players. You can try playing on the Japanese server. Even though they fall into the noob category, Japanese players have a good attitude and don’t talk much and only show the best gameplay.

5. Thailand


Thailand is also included in the list of noob countries because the number of fans for the Mobile Legends game is quite small, making the player’s skills not develop, therefore it is a Noob country.

Similar to players from other noob countries, players from Thailand are often a burden to the team, trolls or feeders and often leave the game when the game starts.

Pro ML Country List

After you know several lists of Mobile Legends noob countries, of course you also need to know the list of the most pro countries playing Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who want to increase MMR or become a global top, don’t play on the server below.

1. Country of Indonesia

Indonesia Country Noob Mobile Legends

Indonesia is ranked number one as the most pro country, with many pro players from Indonesia having proven that Indonesia won the MSC and M1 International Mobile Legends tournament last year.

Even the toughest MMR competition is in Indonesia, precisely in the city of Jakarta, you will find it difficult to enter the Top Leaderboard in the city, let alone Top Global 1 from Indonesia. For the novice Mobile Legends players, make sure you don’t push rank on the Indonesian server.

2. The Philippines

Philippines, Country of Noob Mobile Legends

The second strongest country is the Philippines, the country has its own esport team and many pro players who play Mobile Legends. With high mechanical skills, many players from the Philippines are on the top of the top leaderboard.

3. Malaysia


The next list of pro countries is Malaysia, there are many lovers of Mobile Legends pro or esport games from Malaysia, such as Todak, RSG and many others.

4. Singapore

Country Singapore Country Noob Mobile Legends

The last pro country is Singapore, in Singapore there are also many pro players who can beat you if you play using the Singapore server.

Quick Tips to Increase Rank

Even though you have changed your location to a country that is mostly filled by Noob players, you can’t be arrogant. Even though the percentage is low, the country certainly has very good players. Even though when you do your push rank smoothly, Ulingame recommends that readers invite new friends so they don’t get friends from these noob countries.

Why should you play with friends? because it will be very difficult to rely on solo strength. Plus, if it turns out that you get a friend who is more noob than your opponent or gets a friend from a team feeder or AFK, of course you will have trouble.

Therefore, Ulingame recommends prioritizing team work playing with friends. In order to quickly increase the rank to Mytic Glory and become the Top Global Leaderboard.

To get auto win when playing Mobile Legends, you need a party game, because it will be difficult if you play solo when you are in ranked mode. One easy way to increase your rank or tier rank is to do a party game with your closest friends.

The final word

Maybe that’s the explanation about the noob countries in Mobile Legends from Ulingame along with the benefits of knowing the weakest countries and the order of the countries with the most pro players. Hopefully, the summary above can help players quickly increase the rank or MMR hero.