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11 Best Android Unreal Engine Games 2022

Best Android Unreal Engine Games – In the growing video game industry in 2022, many developers are competing to compete in releasing games with various features on offer. One of the most interesting things is the engine from Epic Games, the Unreal Engine. Because there are many of the most realistic Android games that use the Unreal Engine that you can play.

Unreal was created in 1998 and the first game that produced the best graphics engine was a First-person Shooter themed game. But as time goes by, many use applications that end up using the best Android Unreal Engine game developers, for example, the Fighting genre, RPG and many others.

Based on the information Ulingame has obtained, the best Android Unreal Engine game is known to have high video or graphic quality which is certainly the best and must have a fairly large application size. However, Android smartphone users still get a share to try the game.

Lots of games have developed graphics from the Unreal Engine that you can try on Android. Among them are some of the best Unreal Engine-based Android games that Ulingame will share below.

What is Unreal Engine

What is Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is an Engine Studio that has been designed to make Video Game First-person Shooter real games and has been around since 1998. Unreal Engine has been developed by Epic Games and you can use it for free or for free.

Although Unreal Engine was mainly developed for FPS genre games, it has now been successfully used in all other genre games other than FPS.

With the code written in C++, Unreal Engine has a high degree of portability and tools that can be used by all game developers. With the development of technology from year to year, a game can be said to be one of the guarantees that the game that joins the Unreal Engine has the best graphics.

With so many engines, the aim is to make a game able to produce the best graphics. One of them is the identical and attached Unreal Engine that will produce graphics that can spoil the eyes of its users. Lighting, shadows, details and others are one of the advantages of the games that have been made which have graphics that are almost close to PC games. Here, Ulingame has summarized the list of the best Unreal Engine Android games below.

1. Shurado


Shurado is an old game that has the best graphics quality, looks very stunning, certainly not inferior to other Android mobile games that are currently popular. This Shurado has a similar style of play like Dark Souls, Infinity Blade and Tekken have been combined into one. Where users can take control of a man falling to Shurado.

2. Blade 2

Blade 2

The next best graphic Android game, Blade 2, is an Action RPG genre game that has fantastic graphics thanks to technology from the Unreal Engine and has presented various interesting features that are much different from the first version.

Blade 2 has the best sortyline and added a variety of characters that are presented in the game on your Android device. Blade 2 is equipped with Vulkam API which can help players to improve 3D graphics performance on Android. Of course this will make the Blade 2 game special and more stable.

3. Bright Memory Mobile

Bright Memory Mobile

This game is a First-person Shooter genre game or better known as FPS, the Bright Memory Mobile Game has carried the theme of a futuristic world asking the players to control a special agent.

This game was actually developed for PC or computer devices, but the game developer Bright Memory Mobile also launched a Mobile version. The gameplay of the Bright Memory Mobile game is also perfect for Android devices. So that you can enjoy this game, you have to spend as much as IDR 28,000.

4. Icarus M

Icarus M

Icarus M is a Mobile game with the next best graphics has presented fantastic graphics with the help of the Unreal Engine, this game has managed to attract the attention of gamers.

Icarus M was developed by a developer from South Korea, namely Wemade and has been officially released on the Google Playstore which can be played on Android and iOS versions.

This game has brought an MMORPG that will give you endless adventures, with the really best graphics because it uses the Unreal Engine.

5. BoT


For gamers who are tired of playing MOBA games, maybe you can try a game called BoT Game Mobile which has been developed by Red Button and presents the same gameplay as the Mech Warrior game on PC. Where players can feel the sensation of fighting between robots and Third-person Shooter (TPS) elements. You can play this game for free through the Google Playstore, which means you can play it on Android devices and have the Microtransactions feature in it.

6. MAD8 : Raid Battle


This best Unreal Engine Android game has the Action RPG genre which has the best graphics for a Mobile Android version of the game. In the MAD8 game the players are asked to control a group of heroes who must pass each mission in order to fight the United Government Forces. Games made by Trypot Studios have microtransactions features in them and you can play them for free.

7. Hello Neighbor

Hello Neigbor Best Android Unreal Engine Game

Hello Neighbor may not be a new title, but tinyBuild has developed the Hello Neighbor game using graphics from the Unreal Engine. With 3D graphics and the best gameplay, you will be tasked with being a nuisance to people’s neighbors.

Your presence at a neighbor’s house is certainly not liked by the owner of the house, but you have to do various ways to solve the mission, one of which is the puzzle.

8. Overhit


Overhit is a mobile game that has an RPG genre made by Nexon which has been developed by Nat Games, the developer behind HIT is quite popular, because of the fantastic graphics. Overhit has amazing visual quality. Similar to HIT, this game is also developed using the best Unreal Engine. This game carries a unique genre, players call it a multi-hero RPG.

9. Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat Best Unreal Engine Android Game

Not a few people know the game Mortal Kombat? Yes, you can play fighting games on Android and iPhone devices. Although it has different gameplay from the PC version, the Mobile version has almost the same support for the best graphics. Where Mortal Kombat also uses the Unreal Engine so it is the same as the PC version.

10. Injustice 2


Injustice 2 is indeed an old game, but the developers of Injustice 2 have used the Unreal engine to make it special to play. Injustice 2 has presented fighting gameplay, where players will fight using DC super heroes. In addition to fighting similar to the PC version, in this Android version players can play with other players around the world (multiplayer).

11. Life is Strange

Life Is Strange The Best Android Unreal Engine Game

The last best Unreal Engine Android game, Life is Strage, is a game by Square Enix that tells the adventures of a teenage girl named Max Caulfield. The Android version of the game is no longer developed by Dontnod Entertainment, but has been taken over by the developer Black Wing Foundation. Unlike other Android games, which focus more on the action side, this game stands out for the strength of the story. Having a fairly simple control mechanism makes your playing experience in the Life is Strange game easier and more exciting.

The final word

Maybe that’s the discussion from Ulingame about the best Android Unreal Engine Game of the year. Hopefully, the above information can help readers find game references that have stunning graphic quality which can certainly spoil the eyes of Android users.