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10 Ways to Restore Banned Free Fire Account

How to Restore Banned Free Fire Account – The Free Fire game is the most exciting game if all players play honestly. Many events in a game are left by players because more and more players are playing cheats by relying on cheat moves. Therefore, what Free Fire developers really care about is destroying cheaters from Free Fire.

So for those of you who like Free Fire, don’t try the same thing as a cheat. Besides being addicted, the Free Fire account will carry a fairly large and scary risk that can happen to those of you who like to use cheats, it can cause the account to be banned from Garena.

Starting from temporarily banned, banned device to permanently banned. If the account has been banned, you can no longer play Free Fire using that account or device.

This time Ulingame will share how to restore a Free Fire account that was banned by Garena. For more details, see the explanation of how to restore below.

Cause Free Fire Account Banned

Cause Banned

Before entering the discussion on how to return, you should understand what things can get your Free Fire account banned.

  1. Playing very badly and harming teammates.
  2. Speaks harshly while playing.
  3. Using cheats.
  4. Using third party applications.
  5. Too often AFK.
  6. Playing Free Fire games with Cheaters.

Term Banned

Term Banned

How long an account is banned really depends on the setting of the violation, generally as discussed below.

  1. Banned for one week if the violation is Minor for example Toxic while playing.
  2. Banned for one month if the violation is of a moderate nature, for example, harming a teammate.
  3. Permanently Banned if the violation using cheats is done while playing Free Fire, this is usually in the form of a banned device or account.

Can Free Fire Accounts That Have Been Banned Restore?

Well, this also really depends on the level of violation you commit, as in the example above.

So far, it is still possible to unban an account, meaning that players can return a Free Fire account that has been banned.

However, specifically for banned devices, the method is quite complicated.

How to Overcome Permanent Account Banned Devices

This Banned Device will make players unable to play Free Fire on smartphones that are usually used, the level is cooler than a banned account. If the banned account fails to return, then you have to be happy with it and create a new account again, for how to solve it, see the review below.

Prepare the Applications You Need

To do how to restore a banned device requires three applications, namely: File Manager (Can use the default application), Xposed Installer and Xposed IMEI Changer.

  1. Make sure you use the Xposed Installer and Xposed Imei Changer applications that are compatible with your smart phone device.
  2. If you use the wrong version of the application or it doesn’t match, the result can result in a Bootlop smartphone device.
  3. Next, the Xposed Installer application is installed and then open and select the Xposed Module option.
  4. After all the required applications then proceed to the next stage.

Rename OBB Free Fire File

Why should I rename the OBB file? Because later your smartphone device will be rebooted. By changing the OBB file later the file will not be lost.

To change the OBB file, the player requires a file manager application. Usually the Free Fire OBB file name is com.garena.msdk, please change it by adding one digit number behind the file name.

Clear Data & Cache

The third way is to clean the data and cache of the Free Fire game on smartphone devices.

The way is by going to settings Smartphone>Application>Free Fire>Storage.

IMEI Changing Process

One of the most important things and greatly affects the process of returning a banned Free Fire account will be successful or not.

  1. Open the Xposed Imei Changer application that you installed earlier.
  2. After the application is open, please follow the structure given in the Xposed application.
  3. Later players will find a row of numbers during the IMEI change process, players must be careful when doing this process.
  4. Replace the last digit of the number with the number six.

Rename OBB Files As Before

After completing the IMEI change, what you have to do next is to restore the Free Fire OBB file name as before.

  1. After that, players can open the Free Fire game again on a smartphone device and try to re-enter the account that was previously banned from Garena.
  2. If the player has taken the appropriate steps above, the Free Fire account should be back and can be used again.
  3. The problem of the device that must be returned has also been completed with the above method.

The final word

Those are some ways to restore Free Fire accounts that were banned because of cheaters, hacked or even hacked. Hopefully it can be useful and stay tuned for updated information about online games such as PUBG Mobile, MLBB, Valorant and many others