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10 Ways to Overcome Lag Sausage Man 2022 100% Powerful Anti Slow

How to Overcome Lag Sausage Man – Who doesn’t get annoyed when playing the game Sausage Man suddenly there is a lag. Well, in this article, Ulingame will discuss how to overcome the Sausage Man game lag which is currently being played. The Sausage Man game is a battle royale game, many people call it the sausage game.

The Sausage Man game, which is called this exciting game, is unfortunately quite heavy if you are a 2GB RAM smartphone user. For those of you who experience problems like this, Ulingame will provide tips that you can follow and do.

The Sausage Man game is the same as any other battle royale game. Sausage Man is said to really eat up the performance of the smartphone device you are using. Problems or obstacles such as framed (broken), lag, until the connection is lost usually occurs when playing.

Device specifications also affect the occurrence of lag when playing Sausage Man. How to overcome the game lag Sausage Man will Ulingame explain below, please see.

How to Overcome Lag Sausage Man

1. Use 4G LTE / Wifi Network

Use 4G LTE Wifi Network How to Overcome Lag Sausage Man

Just like the PUBG game or all other battle royale games, to play the Sausage Man game it also requires a connection that must be smooth but must be stable until the end of the game. Ulingame recommends you to use the 4G LTE network or at least use wifi so that the game runs smoothly and more comfortably.

2. Clear Cache Files

Clear Cache Files

If you are diligent in cleaning cache files from this game, then your smartphone device will be lighter when playing. Players can go to the settings on the smartphone, then click on storage, and select clear cache. Players can also clear all cache files on your smartphone to make it lighter.

3. Stop Background Apps

Stop Background Apps

When you are about to play, first you can delete all the applications you previously opened in the background until they are empty. This method can also be used to overcome lag when playing Sausage Man.

4. Lower Graphic Settings

Lower the Graphic Settings How to Overcome Lag Sausage Man

If your main problem is that the smartphone you are using lacks support or has low specifications, then changing the game’s graphics settings to low is a way to overcome the lag. Here are the steps:

1) Go to Options menu
2) Then, select Settings
3) Next, open the Settings tab of the screen: select low Battlefield settings, select Battlefield Resolution to be low, and set free to low.

5. Ensure Enough Internal RAM

Ensure Enough Internal RAM

Players can delete games or other applications that are not too important so that they don’t lag when playing. Especially if the smartphone specifications are not yet high, this method is effective for overcoming lag when playing Sausage Man.

6. Restart Smartphone

Restart HP 1 Ways to Overcome Lag Sausage Man

A powerful way to overcome the next lag is to restart the cellphone before playing Sausage Man, because when restarting the cellphone, several applications will automatically start the start up program so that it can make it lighter considering there are no files piling up. This method is very effective for reducing the risk of lag when playing Sausage Man. If the files that have accumulated from an application will make RAM full can trigger lag.

7. Adding a Memory Card

Adding a Memory Card

The next way to overcome HP lag is to add an external memory or SD Card, this can help HP players in terms of storage and large files such as videos, photos or application data.

8. Update Android OS

Update Android OS How to Overcome Lag Sausage Man

If the HP lag is caused by a faulty HP system or a BUG that makes the cellphone slow and lags to play Sausage Man, to overcome this you have to update the system and the method.

  1. Open the settings or settings with a gear icon on the HP.
  2. Then look for About Phone.
  3. Later there will be a notification or notification about the system and then updated.

With a system update, of course, it will be better than before and can overcome bugs that make HP errors or lags.

9. Factory Reset

Factory Reset

This method is certainly very influential to overcome lag but this is the most extreme method to do, namely factory reset, the goal is to delete all data on the cellphone to make free storage space again which will not make the cellphone lag.

10. New HP Upgrade

New HP Upgrade How to Overcome Lag Sausage Man

For Sauasge Man players, there are interesting facts that you should know. That Android gets support for Android OS updates and support from the brand for a maximum of 2 years. Well, Ulingame recommends for you Sausage Man gamers to upgrade a new HP so you can play Sausage Man smoothly without any lag at all with a minimum of 3 RAM and above.

The final word

Those are some ways to overcome lag in Sausage Man from Ulingame that you can practice so that you don’t lag anymore and run normally and stable when playing Sausage Man. Hopefully some of the ways above can help you not get annoyed while playing, especially if you are having fun fighting and then there is a lag. Good luck.