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10 Ways to Move Garena Account Regions: Easy & No Root

How to Change Garena Account Region – Free Fire is one of the most popular online games in Indonesia. This FF game made by Garena is indeed very interesting to be played by all ages.

No wonder, if this one battle royale game can compete and beat other online games. With game play and specifications that are quite adequate, many people really like Free Fire.

Apart from being in the Indonesian region, Free Fire servers are also quite popular in the regions of Brazil, Thailand and the United States. In each region, of course, there are different events regarding.

Because of this, many Garena gamers are wondering about how to move regional FF accounts without changing accounts or using old accounts. Before discussing how to move a Garena account regional, it’s good to see a review about what a Garena account regional move is and the rules.

Is it possible to change Garena Account Regions?

Before getting into the topic of discussion, there are many reasons why players want to move regionally. One of them is that there are various events that do not exist in the Indonesian region but are already taking place in other regions (servers).

However, can it be done by FF Garena players? the answer”Can’t“. Garena’s FF account cannot switch regions or servers as you please.

When creating an account, players will automatically not be able to switch regions and can only play FF ​​Garena where the account that has been registered for the first time creates a new FF Garena account, you will be asked to fill in some data such as gender, nickname and region.

1. Log out FF Garena account

The first step is to log out of the Garena Free Fire account that is used.

2. Using a VPN app

Download and install the VPN application on your smartphone first. Open the VPN and make sure the internet connection and quota are adequate. Because when using a VPN application, the internet data quota will come out bigger.

3. Connect to the server of choice

From several servers in the VPN application, players can choose a US server. Then click connect, and wait for it to connect in a few seconds. Do not close the application because it will disconnect.

4. Delete data

Delete the ff account data on the smartphone. Deleting data is intended so that during the login process you can enter foreign servers.

5. Login FF with new account

It is mandatory to use a new account, because if you use an account that has already logged in, it will automatically go to the original server. After registering, in the select region option, please select the desired region. Later, you can still enter the region without using a VPN.

6. Participate in Outer Regional Tournaments

For certain problems, you can move regional or FF servers, such as participating in overseas tournaments that require players to play on foreign servers.

Players can apply for a FF account to Garena Customer Service so that it is easier to move to the regional tournament that you are participating in.

7. Using Friends’ FF Accounts Abroad

If you have game friends abroad, you can borrow accounts from friends who are abroad to play their accounts in foreign regions.

But this is just an example, before exchanging make sure you trust each other and know each other.

The final word

Those are some ways to move Garena account regions which are very easy without root and not complicated to try so you can play FF ​​Garena with other regional versions of Hopefully it can be useful and don’t forget to visit other Ulingame articles such as HOW TO DOWNLOAD FREE FIRE MAX & HOW TO HEADSHOT.