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10 Ways to Jump Float in PUBG Mobile 2022: Tricks

How to Jump Float in PUBG Mobile – There are various ways and tips that you can do in the PUBG Mobile battle royale game. One of the most difficult things to do is how to jump hover in PUBG Mobile and here Ulingame will provide information as well as tips on how to do a floating jump.

PUBG Mobile is an online battle royale game known for its complex style of play. PUBG Mobile’s battle royale island is vast. With a large map that has its own complexity, you can find a variety of different arena fields on one map of each map.

With such conditions, PUBG Mobie players must be ready with the conditions that players find on the battlefield. Therefore mastering the ways and tricks becomes a basic skill that you guys have.

This floating jump is a combination of two positions, namely jumping and squatting. So simply this way makes the character float to the top. Here’s how to jump hover Ulingame version below.

How to Jump Float in PUBG Mobile

As you can see above, players can jump floating in a squat position. This method can be done while on the bridge. By using this jump method, you will shorten the time in jumping on the bridge. For more details, see the following reviews.

How to Do the Bridge Drifting Trick

How to do the floating jump trick in PUBG Mobile is actually quite easy, namely playing with friends to work together while doing this method. For more details about the floating trick below.

  1. Looking for a pot gun
    How to Jump Float Pan in PUBG Mobile
  2. After getting the pot then go near the bridge.
    Approaching the Bridge How to Jump Float in PUBG Mobile
  3. If you have arrived at the bridge, don’t forget to look at the situation first so that there are no distractions when you jump.
    Seeing Situation
  4. When it’s safe, climb the main small iron bridge.
    Riding Little Iron
  5. Next, ask your teammates to throw the pot at your character.
  6. If you have thrown the pot, the character will be thrown up and can climb the upper bridge.

How to Fly Over the Bridge

Climbing the bridge is one of the most appropriate things when you want to move islands and are afraid of being ambushed by your opponent. To climb over the Erangel PUBG Mobile map bridge, you can do the method below.

fly 1
  1. Looking for a 3-wheeled motorized vehicle.
  2. When approaching the bridge don’t forget to go full speed.
  3. Take the path next to the shore of the bridge, there you will find a wooden plank to throw over the bridge.
  4. When thrown on a bridge, tap exit to jump off the motorbike, making sure to land on the iron on the bridge correctly.

How to Do the Prone Jumping Trick

How to do the Prone Jumping trick is actually very easy, you just press two buttons at once, namely pressing the prone button and jumping. But before doing that, there are things you must prepare. Here’s how it’s below.

Jump Prone
  1. How to Specifications: Open the basic settings menu (Basic) then go to the Jump/Climb option after that select Separate
  2. The way the specifications above will make the jump and down buttons can be used simultaneously with ease.
  3. Enter the game, try to press the prone button and jump at the same time.

In order for the above method to run smoothly, players need serious and repeated practice. You have to try pressing the two buttons simultaneously until you get maximum results. The thing that must be understood again is that players must understand when, where and under what conditions to use the method above.

How to Jump High in PUBG Mobile

The way to jump high was once exemplified by youtubers whose aim was to celebrate the celebration when they got the Chicken Dinner. Then how to jump high in PUBG like a youtuber?

If you are a novice player, you don’t understand how to jump high in PUBG Mobile. You don’t need mods or cheats to jump high. Ulingame will share the method below.

  1. Open the PUBG Mobile app
  2. Enter into Classic or Arcade match mode.
  3. Looking for the ingredient that is Frag Grenade
  4. After that throw the Frag Grenade to the ground, then the character stands on it until the Grenade explodes.
    Throw Granande
  5. Then your character will be thrown flying very high.

The final word

That’s the information about the floating jump trick in PUBG Mobile as well as how to do it according to the version. Do you feel challenged by the above tricks to master it? Segoma can be useful and don’t forget to try the floating jump method while playing PUBG Mobile.