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10 Latest PUBG No Recoil Sensitivity Layout Codes

PUBG No Recoil Sensitivity Layout Code – PUBG Mobile is one of the games that has the largest community in Indonesia and even in the world. In recent times, many Indonesian or foreign teams have continued to remodel their players in order to become international champions. As you know, the strongest team with the most complete title is Bigetron RA, which until now has not been matched in various National and International tournaments.

For those of you who want to become champions like Bigetron RA, you have to practice hard and don’t forget to set a sensitivity in the PUBG Mobile game. If you don’t set it, you will have difficulty shooting or aiming at the enemy because of the uneven recoil of the shot.

To get the right settings, players can also imitate the sensitivity of the best pro players, one of which is Bigetron RA players by entering the Sensitivity Layout code.

Well, on this very good occasion, Ulingame will share a list of the best pro player Sensitivity Layout codes and how to use them in PUBG Mobile below.

What is Layout Sensitivity Code

What is Pubg No Recoil Sensitivity Layout Code

Sensitivity can be said to be the response displayed on your smartphone screen giving commands such as shifting the point of view or crosshair, using a scope and others. The greater the sensitivity, the faster the movement or response given.

In the PUBG game there are 4 components in setting the sensitivity including:

  1. Sensitivity Camera (Free Look) functions when the player shifts the direction of view.
  2. Camera useful for adjusting the speed of the viewing angle when using the scope (without shooting).
  3. ADS (Aim Down Sight) increases recoil when shooting and helps to observe the surroundings using the scope and determine the shot on target.
  4. Gyroscope the point is to adjust the sensitivity of the smartphone movement used to movement when playing PUBG.

Interestingly in the PUBG game, it has made a feature that can imitate a number of sensitivity settings from someone easily by entering the PUBG sensitivity code. By inputting the Layout code which consists of 19 digits, the player can have the same sensitivity setting according to the Layout code that you get. By taking advantage of this feature, many pro players share their sensitivity layout codes such as BTR Ryzen, Zuxxy, Luxxy, Microboy and others.

PUBG No Recoil Sensitivity Layout Code

Pubg No Recoil Pro Player Layout Sensitivity Code

Following this, Ulingame has prepared some no recoil sensitivity Layout codes that PUBG players can use. But keep in mind, even if you use a PUBG pro player, it’s still not necessarily right for you to use. Therefore you can try first in training mode and adjust. Here are some code no recoil sensitivity Layout.

Names of playersCode Layout No Recoil
BTR Ryzen6893-3648-4261-5800-061
BTR Zuxxy6893-3663-7340-6737-453
BTR Uhigh6893-3770-1616-1634-549
TS Jumper6893-4192-5125-1021-596
Faze Beer116893-3716-3000-8403-767
BTR Luxxy6982-3912-5217-0322-193
Evos Microboy6893-3866-9084-8099-531
TS Fredo6893-3700-9709-3052-045
TS Madtoi6916-3243-9788-2540-122
Youtuber Levinho6893-4270-3727-5955-123

How to Use No Recoil Sensitivity Code

After you have chosen one of the no recoil sensitivity Layout codes above, the next step you have to enter the no recoil sensitivity Layout code. So how do you enter it? Now for players who are still confused about how to enter it, you can follow the steps below.

  1. The first step is to open and run PUBG Mobile on your smartphone.
    Open Pubg Mobile 1
  2. After that, please select the arrow at the bottom right of the screen. Like the image below.
    Click Arrow
  3. Then select menu Settings or Arrangement.
    Click Settings 1
  4. Next select Sensitivity then scroll down and press Layout Management.
    Select Sensitivity Then Layout Management
  5. Then press Search Method.
    Click Search Method
  6. Enter the sensitivity code that you have selected, then press Preview.
    Enter the PUBG Sensitivity Layout Code Layout Code No Recoil

The final word

Taking advantage of recoil when playing PUBG is sure to be a distinct advantage when shooting. Recoil that is too high causes the player to lose and the movement will be slow.

Maybe that’s the only explanation regarding the PUBG No recoil sensitivity Layout code from Ulingame that you can use. Players can also use the no recoil sensitivity code above to reduce shot vibration in PUBG Mobile.