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10 Fast Ways to Rank Mobile Legends 2022: 100% Key to Win

How to Quickly Rank Mobile Legends – In the Mobile Legends game there are many game modes and several characters that players can try. In addition to game modes, currently there are 8 levels or ranks in Mobile Legends, namely Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, Mythic and Mythical Glory.

Playing Mobile Legends games at the tier or rank level is all adjusted to the abilities of each player. Call it players who are in the Epic tier and below are players who are still not reliable at playing Mobile Legends.

The main goal in the Mobile Legends game is to destroy the enemy base. This can be achieved quickly and easily if you are in a high rank or rank. As a novice player, you will be ranked Warrior. Next, you need the right strategy and method for Mobile Legends to get the highest rank quickly.

Well, if you feel that novice players want to quickly rank up, Ulingame has prepared a number of ways below.

How to Quickly Rank Mobile Legends

Of course, there are several ways to quickly rank up in Mobile Legends. Below, Ulingame has discussed in full about how to quickly rank up in the following Mobile Legends.

1. Ensure Smooth Connection

Smooth Internet

One of the most important ways when playing Mobile Legends is that a smooth internet connection is a quick way to rank up. Internet with a weak network or experiencing interference can result in defeat. For example, a sudden dropped connection causes an AFK.

If you have experienced lag, you can harm team members while playing and harm yourself because your credit score decreases and stars decrease. To quickly rise in rank even more difficult to achieve.

2. Understanding Hero Skills & Power

Understanding Hero Skills & Power

The second way is to use a favorite hero or hero power which is often used to be a quick way to rank up. Knowing the ability and strength of the hero you choose as a fighting icon. There are many heroes available in the Mobile Legends game and the number continues to grow every season. All heroes have different roles such as Assassin, Fighter, Marksman, Mage, Tank and Support. When facing opponents and the battlefield in the Land of Dawn, you must be skilled in choosing a reliable hero.

3. Don’t Play Solo Rank

Don't Play Solo Rank

The quick way to get to the next rank is not to play solo too often, otherwise you have trouble reaching the highest rank in Mobile Legends. Maybe only in the warrior tier you can still play solo. However, already in the Epic tier and above will find it difficult to play solo. Try every time you play Mobile Legends rank with friends as above, for example, it can make it easier to rank up.

4. Mabar With Friends

Mabar With Friends

The next way for you to quickly rank up is by playing rank with friends (party 5). The more often you play with friends, the easier it will be to rank up by coordinating with a team. So there is a division of hero roles used when playing matches.

If you find a friend who is suitable to play with and always increases in rank, you can try to make a squad with that player. By having a squad, players can continue to play together by building a squad in Mobile Legends.

5. Don’t be selfish

Don't be selfish, how to quickly rank up in Mobile Legends

Currently, the thing that is often questioned is being in a low rank, namely selfishness. Selfishness can certainly damage the Mobile Legends game. For example, many players want to use a marksman hero because marksman is one of the keys to victory. But Ulingame has explained that the composition of heroes in the team is very important.

Therefore, don’t play selfishly, you can play Mobile Legends by implementing a hero counter system to quickly increase the rank as below.

6. Understand Counter Pick

Counter Hero How to Quickly Rank Mobile Legends

Playing MOBA games that hone strategy there will be a Counter pick system for each hero for sure. For example, the enemy uses meta, you must use the counter pick meta. In this case it is very important because every hero in Mobile Legends has their own weaknesses. For example, if the enemy uses Fanny, the thing you have to do is use Khufra as Fanny’s counter pick.

7. Learn Hero OP (Over Power)

Hero Op How to Quickly Rank Mobile Legends

In every Mobile Legends patch, there must be an Over Powered hero. If you want to quickly rank up, you can try using OP heroes when playing Rank. To learn this, get in the habit of watching streaming pro players or top players.

8. Understand the Position of the Team and Opponent

In addition to choosing team members, another quick way to rank up that should not be missed is understanding the position of a friend or foe team. For the problem of team composition, you have to be able to give in by filling the required roles in the team.

9. Pay Attention to Map

Pay Attention to Map

Not a few novice players are more focused on fighting than developing the right strategy, even though both have to balance the game. One way that can be done is by looking at the mini map in the upper left corner of the smartphone screen.

The mini map is very important to get information, strategize attacks and avoid ganking.

10. Hire Jockey Services

Hire Jockey Services How to Quickly Rank Mobile Legends

If you are already frustrated in ranking up in the Mobile Legends game, this option can be a way out. However, you have to spend enough money to rent JOKI SERVICES to increase rank. The higher the desired rank, the higher the fee that must be issued.

The final word

Those are some quick ways to rank up in Mobile Legends that you can apply when playing rank. By following the method above, you can increase your rank more easily and quickly. Hopefully useful and don’t forget to follow Ulingame because there will be interesting information about online games.