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10 Fast Ways to Level Up Free Fire Proven Effective & Easy 2022

How to Quickly Level Up Free Fire – Free Fire Battlegrounds is the best survival shooter game available on Android & iPhone. One of the games that lasts 10 minutes will place you on a desert island where you fight against 49 other players.

Players will plunge into a deserted island by using a parachute to kill each other in order to win the game. However, usually newbies have difficulty at the beginning to level up.

Level is one part of this Free Fire Game. Levels come with challenges and prizes, this section is very important for every player.

For players who have difficulty leveling up, read this article to the end because Ulingame will tell you about how to quickly level up in Free Fire. Check out the following method.

how to quickly level up free fire

1. Get off in a quiet place

Descend a Lonely Place How To Quickly Level Up Free Fire

Not only crowded places, quiet places are also rarely visited, of course it has its own advantages. Most deserted places represent the favorite destination for most of the ways players are leveling up.

Because in a quiet place there are fewer enemies, so the goal of playing safe is easier to get and easier when playing ranked mode. In addition, usually quiet places are often used by new players or level up quickly.

2. Bring a lot of medKit

Bringing Medkit Many Fast Ways to Level Up Free Fire

MedKit items are used to add or restore your Health Points. The more MedKit you have brought, the better and the more likely you will get boosts and more experience to make the level go up.

3. Use Card 2x EXP

Exp Card

The use of a 50% or 100% exp card is one of the things that can be profitable to level up when playing Free Fire. After the match ends, the experience gained will increase by 50% or 100%.

By getting more exp and being able to level up quickly. How to use it is quite easy, if you have an exp card, you only need to play.

Later the exp can be obtained automatically by 50% or 100%, that way increasing the Free Fire level will be even easier. We recommend that when using this exp card play well, so that more bonuses will be obtained, the use is more effective.

4. Eat Mushrooms

Eating Mushrooms How To Quickly Level Up Free Fire

Mushrooms are items that can be found and mushroom items are scattered throughout the Free Fire map, these items can also be eaten. If you eat mushrooms, your energy points will increase slowly.

This is different from MedKit where this item will give HP instantly. These energy points will fill your HP slowly and without feeling it will reach the max.

If energy points don’t decrease anymore and will start to decrease if HP decreases too. You can use mushrooms instead of MedKit, if you don’t have one, but the weakness of this item can’t be included in the Inventory.

If you want to eat mushrooms, it will take 3 seconds to do so, the speed is 1 second faster than MedKit. Because mushrooms can only be eaten in different places and positions may be caught by the enemy.

5. Spam Clash Squad

Clash Squad

Clash Squad Challenge is a very simple game, even though it’s only for a short time, but you can get a lot of experience, let alone the more wins you keep, the more you will get. For those of you who are still confused or new to the Free Fire game and are not very good at solo, duo or squad. Ulingame recommends playing regular Clash Squad or Clash Squad ranked if you get low, it’s the same thing, the most important thing is how to quickly get exp to level up faster.

The final word

That’s the information that can provide about how to quickly level up Free Fire. Please try some of the ways above to play in ranked or classic mode and hopefully it will be useful.