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10 Easiest Ways to Open Mic in Valorant and Good Results 2022

How to Open Mic in Valorant – Valorant is a game with a 5 vs 5 format which brings together two teams with different strategies. Of course, this strategy battle can be realized if there is intensive communication between team members in the form of an open mic.

The Valorant game is a PC game with the FPS genre made by Riot, which is currently one of the booming PC games and is in great demand. Because it requires intensive communication, the role of the mic and headset is very useful in the Valorant game. Players can use any headset to optimize communication while playing, both while listening or also when speaking open voice chat via the mic.

Even though you are not in the same party, communication is crucial considering that in the Valorant game, 1 vs 5 battles are very rare, so each team must have a strategy as quickly and effectively as possible.

How to open mic in Valorant? Here Ulingame will share several ways to open mic below.

What is the function of the Open Mic in Valorant

Open Mic Function

The mic function on the headset plays a very big role. The voices of players must be clearly heard by team members so that the strategy can run smoothly.

In addition to requiring a headset with a sensitive mic, players also have to adjust voice chat settings. Just like some other games, voice chat settings for the Valorant game can be done on a computer or in-game.

No matter how good the headset mic you have, it will not function optimally if the settings are not adjusted. It’s a pity, there are still some players who don’t know how to set it.

Factors Cause Can’t Open Mic

  1. Hardware installation, the headset is not right. For example, some players complain that the sound is not clear when using a headset. After checking, it turns out that the installation of the attached microphone headset is not right.
    Because it uses a removable mic, it must be perfect when installing it.
  2. Make sure the headset is detected by the computer soundcard which is marked by a notification appearing at the bottom right of the monitor screen when the headset is connected.
  3. Don’t forget to set the Valorant game. In-game settings are needed so that the game recognizes and allows game sound to come out via a headset or mic.

Easy Way to Open Mic

Of the three problems that often arise that cause unable to open mic in the Valorant game, players can find several ways to overcome them below.

Check Mic Function

Check Mic Function

The trick is to connect the headset to the PC and run a simple sound test to see if it’s in good condition or not. You can use the Voice Recorder application on every PC to test it.

Enable Mic Configuration on Computer

Enable Mic Configuration On Computer

Right-click on the volume icon at the bottom right of the monitor screen, click soundentered into Recording. Make sure you select the correct microphone as the default. After that try to speak into the microphone and see if the green indicator light moves or not while the player is speaking. If it moves, it means that the sound on the mic has successfully entered.

Enter Game Permissions

Enter Game Permissions

Enter the game Valorant and go to the settings menu on the top right. Navigate to Audio then select Voice Chat. Check the sound settings again to see if all the settings are correct.

The final word

Those are some ways to open mic on’s version of Valorant, starting from the open mic function, the reason why you can’t open the mic and easy ways to open mic that you can try while playing Valorant or are also looking for how to overcome not being able to open mic. Hopefully it can be useful and don’t forget to follow Ulingame, because there will be the latest information about online games.