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10 Coolest Mobile Legends Hero Skins Must Have 2022

The Coolest Mobile Legends Hero Skins – Who doesn’t know the Mobile Legends game? This most exciting MOBA game is very popular with many people. Various groups can enjoy this one game, from children to adults.

Besides being able to enjoy ranked mode games, players can also collect various skins to make the hero look cooler than normal skins. There are also some skill effects from certain heroes that change when using the coolest skin in Mobile Legends.

To meet the satisfaction of Mobile Legends players, Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends game will continue to provide skins for each hero. With a cool look and varied skill effects, it’s a plus in itself from a skin.

Players can have more than 600 skins in Mobile Legends and the number can still increase every event or month. Now about this, Ulingame will share the 10 coolest hero skins in Mobile Legends below.

The Coolest Mobile Legends Hero Skins

Chou Dragon Boy

Chou Dragon Boy

The first coolest skin in the Ulingame version of Mobile Legends, Chou Dragon Boy, looks very cool with Japanese cultural characteristics. Chou Dragon Boy is one of the most popular Limited Shop skins for Mobile Legends players.

Selena Virus

Selena Virus

The next Epic Limited Shop skin has an Assassin Mage role, namely Selena Virus, which is one of the skins to look forward to because it is not always present in the Shop like other Epic Shop skins. You can buy the Selana Virus skin for 899 diamonds.

This Virus Skin is the coolest, you can say after the very beautiful STUN skin. Virus Skin is the best choice for players besides the two skins.

Wanwan Pixel Blast

Wanwan Pixel Blast

The Collector Showcase event has arrived a new skin, namely Wanwan Pixel Blast which has a super luxurious and coolest appearance. Wanwan himself is a very popular Marksman hero role lately to fill the goldlaner position. High agility and damage during lategame are the mainstay of players.

Hayabusa Shadow of Obscurity

Hayabusa Shadow Of Obscurity

This one hero who comes from the Assassin role has its own difficulties for its use, namely Hayabusa. Who doesn’t want to have the Epic Hayabusa Shadow of Obscurity skin.

From the animated video alone, it makes you excited, Hayabusa has a red and black gradient display. The Shadow of Obscurity skin is the coolest compared to other Hayabusa skins.

Yi Sun-shin Lone Destructor

Yi Sun Shin Lone Destructor

Mobile Legends has released a skin from the YSS hero in September 2022, namely Lone Destructor. Yi Sun-shin Lone Destructor has the coolest appearance of all other Marksman skins in Mobile Legends. If players are interested in buying Yi Sun-shin’s newest Epic Lone Destructor skin, prepare around 899 diamonds in Mobile Legends.

Cosmic Gleam

Cosmic Gleam 1 Coolest Mobile Legends Hero Skin

Skin Legend from hero Gusion has a quality that can’t be doubted. With a comparable price has skill effects, appearance and many others. Of course, every player has a dream to have this Legend Gusion skin.

Fanny Skylark

Fanny Skylark Skin Hero Mobile Legends Coolest

This Funny skin is dominated by a purple costume and on his head there is a hat like a cap, the skill animation effect will also show a super cool and amazing purple color.

So that when Fanny users use this Skylark skin, they will not get bored easily and the iron cable also looks cooler. This Skylark skin is a time limited event and you have to wait for the Lucky Box event to get the Skylark skin.

Kagura Soryu Maiden

The Coolest Soryu Maiden Skin Hero Mobile Legends

Queen Umbrella aka Kagura has an Epic skin that is no less cool than Skylar Fanny. Epic Soryu Maiden’s skin is dominated by navy blue and ocean backgrounds. On Kagura’s umbrella there is also a picture of a dragon.

Kagura looks so beautiful and elegant with this skin, her long black hair and loose make Kagura look more mature than her appearance when she doesn’t use the skin. You can’t buy the Soryu Maiden skin at the Mobile Legends Shop, because this skin is limited with a time limit that you can only get through the Lucky Box event.

Granger Agentz

The Coolest Agent Z Skin Hero Mobile Legends

One of the Marksman role heroes who has a rare skin, who else if not the Collector Granger skin who was present at the Epic Showcase event named Agentz with the Pixel game theme. Granger wears gamer glasses along with his armor depicting the characters in the rkt game.

The usual violin box is turned into a large gamepad and the weapons have the same color combination as his clothes, namely red, golden yellow and purplish blue, making Granger’s character more fun. Many players say that the Agentz skin needs to spend approximately 7,000 diamonds, to get the skin through the agency house event.

Guinevere Lady Crane

The Coolest Lady Crane Skin Hero Mobile Legends

One of the Fighter heroes with Magic damage who is a favorite of Mobile Legends players, especially if not Guinevere Lady Crane changing Guinevere’s appearance like a beautiful princess by carrying lotus flowers in her hands.

In addition to the appearance, this skin effect also looks very cool with the effects of blue and white sea flowers with a combination of dark blue, white and gold along with a transparent scarf, making this skin more beautiful and elegant. Now for players who want to get this skin, players must participate in the Lucky Box event.

The final word

That’s the list of the coolest Mobile Legends hero skins, the Ulingame version. Look forward to other latest information about online games, so you don’t miss other important information. Hopefully this discussion can help those of you who are confused about choosing the coolest hero skin in Mobile Legends.